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A TINY WORKSHOP Although the fitting process for a pair of Ambrosi Napoli trousers is said to take just 30 seconds, the result is a pair of trousers so well-fitted that men have flown Ambrosi - all expenses included - around the globe in order to acquire made-to-measure pairs. Ambrosi Napoli Makes the Most Exclusive Trousers in the World | Robb Report

Thursday, August 17, 2017

BAG AND BOTTLE THEIR MAGIC  “Southern Italy is a great reference for us thanks to its colours, perfumes and atmospheres,” says Domenico Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana. The designers are constantly inspired by the fabrics, prints and colours of the coastline. “Napoli, Capri, Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento are all places that represent the Italian spirit at its best.” Positano chic: why fashion fell for the Amalfi coast | Financial Times

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THE CHIC 39-ROOM HOTEL We revel in the amore with our stay at Casa Angelina. It's in Praiano, Positano twinkles in the distance at night. We sit by the pool on the terrace under the shade of lemon trees and drink cocktails brought by attentive staff. Fellow guests loll in the sun. Everybody seems to be in love. Romance is easy in Positano, an apprehensive honeymooner finds | FinancialReview

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A DESTINATIONS IN ITSELF For our stay we checked in to the a deluxe superior sea view room, which really is just a fancy name for a beautifully white and bright interior, ample space, and an unrivalled view of Positano and the sea. Absolutely no attention to detail is overlooked, with a lush corner plant, colourful mosaic tiles, art work throughout the room and a beautiful terrace lined with flowers and overlooking the sea. Checking In: Le Sirenuse Positano | World of Wanderlust

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AUTHENTIC PART OF CAMPANIA Here you can live as a local, staying in an organic farmhouse and tasting amazing local products accompanied by a glass of Aglianico, the local wine. Perhaps what is most incredible of the Regional Park Taburno Camposauro is the village of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, an ancient city perched on the plateau of a tuff hill. Getting here is exciting and its streets, its roofs, the monuments will leave you breathless. And from here an interesting itinerary begins, to discover the beautiful landscapes of Benevento region. Taburno Camposauro Regional Park: the less known Campania | Ecobnb

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FACING MOUNT TABURNO A fresh new mural in Airola. At the location of the wall a lot of people of all ages come and relax in the afternoon (mostly elderly), so I wanted to depict something very common to everyone… Preparation of a dinner. In Airola, onion is one of the most popular ingredients in cooking (as it is in Greece). “Preparing dinner” by Dimitris Taxis in Airola, Italy | StreetArtNews

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ADVERTISING OUT TO THE SEA Legend has it that mermaids sunned themselves on the rocks of Sorrento, and lured sailors to their deaths with their siren songs. Many centuries later, the famous song Come Back to Sorrento was written in 1902 and performed by everyone from Luciano Pavarotti to Frank Sinatra. Take Me Away: Sorrento, Italy’s paradise by the sea | USA TODAY

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WHERE TO EAT Forget the Vespa. You’re taking a boat to lunch. Da Adolfo, a casual awning-covered seafood shack that opened in 1966 (and hasn’t changed much in the decades since), sits right on Laurito Beach, and is a five-minute ride from the Positano pier (the boat with the red fish sign on its mast acts as a free shuttle). “I love the sea urchin, and the view is so beautiful,” says Bidermann. A Guide to Positano’s Quiet Side | Condé Nast Traveler

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BACKDROP FOR SUNBATHERS AND SWIMMERS The palazzo is closed to public, but the nearby beach offers daily rentals of lounge chairs and umbrellas. With the Palazzo Donn’Anna (Via Posillipo, Naples) to one side and Mt. Vesuvius to the other, its hard to imagine a stretch of sand with a more interesting backdrop. Palazzo Donn’Anna in Naples | An American In Rome

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VENUS BATHING The Royal Palace of Caserta is considered the last great expression of Italian Baroque. Along the park's central alleyway, which is three kilometers long, visitors can take in a series of magnificent fountains with mythological inspirations. Its "English Gardens" one of the largest and oldest picturesque gardens created in Europe. Royal Gardens of Europe: Fountains And Waterfalls at The Royal Palace of Caserta | News18

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WEEKLONG TOUR Our trip to the Amalfi Coast provided the perfect blend of eating, cooking, wine, and culture in settings that were off the beaten path. Thanks to Carol's exquisite taste, we experienced the best of the Amalfi Coast from the picturesque villa where we stayed, to the cooking and eating experiences, to the tours of coastal towns, to family-run vineyards, lemon orchards, and restaurants. Culinary Trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy | Delectable Destinations

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TOUR & TASTING Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano just east of Naples, and the organically farmed vineyards of Villa Dora are on the lower slopes of the volcano, inside the national park that surrounds it. The soil, ground-up pumice really, looks like black Grape-Nuts, and the wines are strikingly flavorful and distinctive. There is no known scientific reason why certain minerals in the soil would affect the flavors of the wines grown in that soil, but I have to think there's a connection. Villa Dora | Oliver McCrumWines

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WINE LAND In Campania, expect wines made of Aglianico, a red grape introduced to the region millennia ago by the Greeks; Fiano, a white grape planted in the region for hundreds of years and first mentioned by name in the 13th century; the white Greco di Tufo, a light-shaded grape introduced by the Greeks to southern Italy 2,500 years ago; Coda di Volpe, also grown in the Campania region since ancient times; and other “new” grapes. Campania’s Ancient Grape Varieties | Global Traveler

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A WINDOW INTO SUMMER Sitting proudly on the coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula, overlooking the most irresistible shades of blue skies that melt into the Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi Coast has a kind of elegance about it that never goes out of style. From the colorful homes carved into the dizzying cliffs of Positano to the natural beauty of Ravello, it’s easy to see why its postcard-perfect backdrop is one of Italy’s most beloved little gems. Spur your wanderlust on the Amalfi Coast | Travelspective

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PICTURESQUE COASTLINE The Amalfi Coast - a place you have to see to believe, and even then it still seems unreal - is prized for its beautiful beaches and relaxed ambiance, as well as its proximity to the island of Capri, and there’s an air of poshness that comes with the hazy, sunny days. Women saunter around in delicate, flowy dresses while men sport their finest linen and loafers—it’s an attractive place in every sense. Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre: Which Italian Coast Should You Visit? | Vogue

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AMALFI COAST EVENTS Plus, if you book a Fireworks Cruise with Exclusive Cruises, we’ll get you an unforgettable front row seat to enjoy the fireworks shows on the Amalfi Coast. Here’s a look at the best summer festivals and how to experience them like a local! The Best Amalfi Coast Summer Festivals | Exclusive Cruises

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THE EKKLESIA MEETING I choose to continue my walk following the eastern street which leads to the agora space of Poseidonia, a meeting place devoted to commercial and political activities. After five more minutes I pass the remains of a particular circular building to my left, made of concentric steps completely carved out by the natural limestone, which housed the meetings of the ekklesia (assembly) of all adult male citizens entitled to participate in political life. Paestum: Where nature, ancient history and art come together | Campania Coast to Coast

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MEDITERRANEAN DIET The menu at Cantina del Marchese was perhaps based on an even older local gastronomic tradition. Just off the main square of Marina di Camerota, this was a feast of salumi, cheeses, cavatelli pasta, porcini mushrooms and sott'olio. But also rare dishes even for us: lagana, 'ciaurella' (bean soup) and the rediscovered 'maraccucciata' or dark polenta. A Grand Amalfi Coast and Cilento Blog Tour | Delicious Italy

JULY 2017


07012017In the new film "Wonder Woman" the dark and moody setting of World War I Europe is mercifully contrasted with the gorgeous and lush island nation of Themyscira. After considering more than 47 locations around the world, the production team settled on Italy's famed Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site that stretches some 25 miles along the Mediterranean. "Italy had beautiful weather, a beautiful blue-green sea, not too much tide, not too much wave," Bonetto added. "Our effects team added some cliffs in post, and it was the perfect way to go." The 'Wonder Woman' scenery that took your breath away? That's Italy's Amalfi Coast | Mother Nature Network
07022017 Housed in a former 13th-century convent, this 43-room hotel at Amalfi is dripping with historic charm from head to toe. The open-air courtyard, which sets the mood with lovely potted plants and flowers, cushioned chairs and tables for drinks, makes it an even more relaxing retreat. Relax in these charming hotel courtyards | Usa Today
07032017 In to the village of Ravello another five-star property of the Vuilleumier family called Hotel Palumbo. Palumbo is a hodge-podge of Moorish buildings that somehow blend into one of the most incredible mixture of nooks and crannies that lead to majestic views beyond imagination. Ravello: Italy’s mountainside treasure has a view for every occasion | Communities Digital News
07042017 Not a shopaholic? Make an exception for the local tradition of handcrafted leather sandals… customised while you wait. 10 minutes and you walk out in a pair with straps and diamantes of your choice. Craving coffee, sandwiches and tiramisu with the most picturesque views of Positano? Spend an hour at Cafe La Zagara… its the place you’re looking for. Sweet dreams are made of picturesque Positano | 100cobbledroads
07052017 It’s the colours that attract lovers from around the world to tie the know on the Amalfi Coast. And the textures. At Ravello the uneven grey stone of cliffs and buildings is the incarnation of history, but the vivid bursts of pink Bouganvilla creeping up pergolas are life and love. The natural beauty of the area has inspired both religious and artistic minds and the two come together in the local churches. Half a day in Ravello, Italy | Euronews
07062017 Depending on elevation and soil composition it can have a range of textures, tannins, and intensity of aroma. Like Falanghina, it is best when young and fresh. Coda di Volpe is another historic variety, its name referring to the grape cluster’s resemblance to a foxtail. It is adaptable to different natural conditions but only does well in Campania. In the interior hills of Benevento and Avellino, small amounts are allowed in the two DOCG wines mentioned. Campania whites from southern Italy reach full fruition | Italian-American News Herald
07072017 We had a 10:30 appointment at the Mastroberardino Winery in the small town of Atripalda, to met Virgina in hospitality and Daniela in winemaking.  They were both ultimate professionals, providing us with a tour of the winemaking facilities, the ancient cellar with a treasure trove of old Taurasi wines, a video overview, and then a sit down tasting. The King of Aglianico – Piero at Mastroberardino Winery | Wine Travel Stories
07082017 There are places you go to get away from it all. And then there’s Sant’Angelo. Is almost entirely dominated by a mix of local and “regulars"–Italian and German tourists who develop a relationship with the town and return, year after year. Fishing boats in the harbor of Sant'Angelo supply the village's charming restaurants with sublime seafood. The Incredible Italian Island You've Never Heard Of | National Geographic Travel
07092017 The archeological site of Pompeii will be opened to visitors also at night time every Tuesday and Thursday from July 8 until Sept. 2, 2017. Italy Pompeii |
07102017 If you bypass Naples enroute to the comparatively flashy Amalfi Coast, be warned you are missing one of the most intriguing historic centres and cultural hubs in Italy. Stroll Spaccanapoli – the narrow, cobbled street that splits the old city – and take in artisan shops, museums and churches as you eat a folded street pizza that costs 3 euro. Stop in a bar for a caffe corretto (with a dash of liquor) and baba (rum-soaked cake) or sfogliatella (a ricotta-filled pastry). Naples, Italy: Wildly fun in every way | Newcastle Herald
07112017 There are a few stabilimenti balneari con bar – ristorante which are also open to breakfast. Like the one operated by Fratelli Grassi, the family offering the white boat bringing in people from Positano… When you arrive here in the morning, the water is too good not to take a swim. So breakfast consists of cappuccino and latte di mandorla (almond milk, with a few ice-cubes)… How to start a day on the Beach in Positano | Costiera Lookbook
07122017 Pepella grapes are very peculiar: near the biggest grapes you can find some very small ones, like pepper grains (that’s why the grapevine is called “Pepella”: pepe means pepper in Italian). This grapevine is endemic and mainly unknown also to the most passionate experts. It is a complementary grapevine that is part of guaranteed origin “Costa D’Amalfi” (subzones Tramonti and Ravello) but the production’s level is very low because there are only a few available plants. The best wines of Amalfi Coast | Lloyd's Baia Hotel
07132017 Falanghina is one of the oldest cultivated grape varieties in Italy. It thrives in the Irpinian Hills of Campania in southern Italy and produces vibrant, easy drinking wines with distinctive apple, orange peel and vanilla characteristics that compliment a wide variety of dishes. Terredora Di Paolo Falanghina Irpinia 2012 | cara rutherford
07142017 The summer tableau of Italy’s sublime island of Capri pulsates in a kaleidoscope of high fashion, high style and astronomical wealth. Where else does the town square nightly become the vortex of social interaction? The cognoscenti understand that table reservations in the square are a must, particularly at the terribly chic Gran Caffè. Inside the Rich, Young and Wild Scene of Capri | Paper City
07152017 Artecard is the name of the passes to visit Napoli. You can chose the general one for 21 euros that lasts 3 days, or thematic cards like the one dedicate to the holy places of the city’s Patron Saint. Save money visiting an art city: buy a museum pass! | The Italian Blog
07162017 The next day, Wilkinson was off to the beautiful Amalfi Coast on a road trip from Naples. Driving in Italy can be a shock to the system for anyone, but the route to the Amalfi Coast is particularly hair-raising with narrow, winding streets and mountain roads with little to no visibility. Lisa Wilkinson continues stunning holiday on the Amalfi Coast | Starts at 60
07172017 The performance lasts for two hours, then the population of the village above the Certosa is invited on a procession lit by fire torches to enter the Certosa. At the entrance, villagers are given a white long cloth to wear and occupy the main courtyard of the Certosa. Padula Charterhouse, is a large Carthusian monastery, located in the town of Padula, in the Cilento National Park. Vanessa Beecroft VB82, Venerdi 14 luglio 2017 | MondoRaro Foundation
07182017 The winds blow northerly as we head straight into them on our way to the isle of Capri after sailing around Ischia and Procida in the Bay of Naples. I feel like we’ve been on a sea-fari. Our captain reads the weather like a book, knowing when and where to go. It’s like being in the hands of a magician. Reading the Invisible | Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures
07192017 Right before you hit the main square in Capri there is a cute little lemon granita kiosk. The granita is absolutely delicious. The Insider’s Epicurean Guide to Capri and the Amalfi Coast | Vogue
07202017 Ischia is totally worth going to if you catch the boat from Naples or Capri. You have to check out their desserts. Some of the best that I have eaten on this coast. Ischia |
07212017 Ischia (Porto & Ponte) is the busiest of the communes, a popular tourist spot where most private yachts and ferries dock. It is filled with tiny shops, original artists producing one-of-a-kind pieces, delicious Neapolitan foods, spices, and the typical Ischitan liqueurs: Rucolino (a liqueur based on Arugula) and Limoncello. Ischia: Island of natural beauty | Panoram Italia Magazine
07222017 Naples hosts about 7 million international tourists' overnight stays* with an increase of 9% over last year. We want to highlight that the overall appeal of the city, coming from the analysis of online tourists' reviews, is over 80%, ranking Naples as the second Italian city for online reputation. If you do not have a specific destination you can lose yourself in the alleys of the old town, that includes 27 centuries of history and it is the most extended old town of Europe and a Unesco heritage. Naples is not a stereotype | Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli
07232017 One of the highlights of my trip to Naples was visiting the Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte museum, which houses a gallery of 19th century art, porcelain, ceramics, an armory and historical apartments. I took pictures mostly of the royal apartments, which included the stunning Ballroom. The crystal chandeliers, the Neoclassical divans and the marble floor featuring geometric designs all enthralled me. Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte Diary | Tracy's Travels
07242017 A trip to Sorrento isn't complete without a stroll down the narrow character-filled lane known as Via San Cesareo. It is the heart of the old town, a street filled with artisan shops, restaurants and limoncello makers. Stop in and taste the fresh-made liqueur in its hometown. There are local-made leather crafts, ceramics and wood inlay, along with food stores, wine bars and vegetable stands. Via San Cesareo | Summer In Italy
07252017 First stop was the thermal spring of Sorgeto, a cove where the water is warmed to a near boiling temperature by volcanic activity. The nearest bus stop to this natural wonder is in Panza, within the commune of Forio d'Ischia, a small town a 20 minute walk away. To get to Sorgeto you descend the steepest hill I have ever seen paved with road, and on my walk I tried to forget that what goes down must go up. Desperately Lost on the Island of Ischia | Something In Her Ramblings
07262017 The Negombo Thermal Gardens provide a more lavish way to experience Ischia’s heated water. The hydrothermal park is good for couples and families, and a visit there can easily take an entire day. More than dozen pools and showers are scattered throughout extensive gardens; there’s also a hammam, which is similar to a Turkish bath; beauty treatment rooms and a small hotel. A long, shallow beach means adults and kids can wade far out into the ocean. Ischia, the setting for 'My Brilliant Friend,' is also a brilliant choice for a respite | Los Angeles Times Travel
07272017 The Picariello family, whose cantina lies high up among the Irpinian hills at Summonte, close to Avellino. Ciro is an architect by training who turned winemaker once he met his wife Rita (Guerriero), owner of the land! Together with their daughter Emma (a biotecnico with green fingers) and son Bruno, a viticultural school graduate, they make approximately 50,000 bottles/year from 7hectares, principally of Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. Introducing Ciro Picariello, producer of fine Campanian whites… | Berry Bros. & Rudd
07282017 The winemaking philosophy at Lonardo in Taurasi is one of "enlightened traditionalism". So, macerations are long, and aging is done in 600 liter tonneaux, with only a small percentage of new as to not "mark" the aromas of the wines. The resulting wines are pure expressions of Aglianico, in the old and soulful sense. They are big, deep, powerful and tannic, and unabashedly so. Perhaps not for everyone, but then again you could always lay them down for 40 years... Lonardo | Polaner
07292017 I had done my typical research prior to visiting Positano and I knew about La Tagliata, but I wrote it off because it is slightly a trek from the center of town so when we walked past it after 3 hours of hiking, I was thrilled, to say the least. We were hungry, but this meal was truly the best meal of our trip, quite possibly one of the best meals we’ve had in Italy! It is a family-operated restaurant and the menu depends on what’s available in the garden. The Bite-Sized Baker's Adventures : Positano, Italy | thebitesizedbaker
07302017 This is a color story.  ...which is basically how I experienced the Amalfi Coast. It's a land of blues and greens, providing the perfect backdrop for the citrus groves that dot its hillsides. Triple lemon baba cake and the Amalfi Coast | Desserts for Breakfast
07312017 I am not exaggerating when I say that there is no silence in Naples. The streets of the crumbling Quartieri Spagnoli are so narrow that from any balcony, you can see into ten different homes on five different floors. Because of the heat, windows remain open, so not only do you watch other people’s business, you hear and smell it, too. It usually smells like garlic and charred pizza crust. Why You Should Love Naples: An Ode to a Frenetic City | Food & Wine

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JUNE 2017


06012017 I was tickled pink when I realized I would on holiday in Amalfi when the annual event took over the town. The boat race is preceded by a spectacular Medieval Pageant of the Ancient Italian Maritime Republics; the pace of the parade is beat out by the sound of drums and clarions, amid waving banners and flags, all in a joyful triumph of colours and flowers, as well as lavish costumes and accessories reflecting the styles of the period. Step Back in Time at the Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics | dobbernationLOVES
06022017 Blonde, bubbly and often outfitted in a flowing peasant blouse, Teresa Iorio isn’t your traditional Neapolitan pizza maker. She is the first woman to win the Trofeo Caputo Pizza Championship, earning her the title of Worldwide Champion Pizzaiola - an achievement that is proudly documented in photos hanging on the walls of her pizzeria. Meet the female pizza makers shaking up Naples' food scene | The Independent
06032017 After several changes in ownership and a period of residence in Sorrento by Benedetto Croce, the room which is presently the study would play host to the signing into power of the first Italian government post WWII. The current owners, an Italian family, have held the space since the '70s, and finally opened its doors to guests of Le Collectionist. Le Collectionist's Italian Villa Giulia | Cool Hunting
06042017 Annurca apples, Amalfi lemons, and Vesuvian apricots: these typical products from the Campania region and the coastline are being used as bases in luxury cosmetics. Through a deal between a company that specializes in preparing natural cosmetics, and Palazzo Avino di Ravello, a five-star luxury organization, apples, lemons, and apricots are being used for a professional cosmetics line. From apples to Amalfi lemons, foods are being used in Italian cosmetics | Italy 24
06052017 Other than three twosomes, all were complete strangers who'd signed on to take a tour of the Amalfi Coast designated as a trip for solo travellers. Some strangers shared hotel rooms. Others opted for single accommodations. But the group seemed to jell early on, hence the hoots and hollers from the back of the bus on the first full day. Travelling solo, but not alone, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Waterloo Region Record
06062017 Stay at the pleasant and popular 3-star Hotel Residence Sant’Angelo. The hotel has a large roof terrace with a panoramic view of the coastline and an al fresco thermal pool, there’s another indoors. It’s mainly B & B – continental breakfast with freshly baked croissants and Neapolitan specialities, which Pepe is delighted to personally serve his guests. Discovering the Treasures of Ischia, Italy | Philip and Nina Saville, The
06072017 Lo Scoglio, located on the Via Cava Ruffano 58, Sant'Angelo. This restaurant is dramatically located jutting out over the sea beside a picture -perfect cove. This is a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy its fresh seafood. Isola d'Ischia | La Gazzetta Italiana
06082017 The six-course tasting menu by head chef Gianpaolo Zoccola is dedicated to tomatoes, fresh San Marzano tomatoes. And a scoop of tomato ice-cream reminds us that the tomato is first and foremost a fruit, tasting almost tropical - here atop a yolk-coloured slab of rum-soaked baba. In search of Naples' perfect tomatoes | Australian Gourmet Traveller
06092017 Southern club Benevento beat Carpi 1-0 in a playoff Thursday to win promotion into Serie A for the first time in its 88-year history. Benevento beats Carpi 1-0 to win promotion to Serie A | USA Today
06102017 Best of the Campanian whites is Fiano, normally seen as Fiano di Avellino. The Fiano grape is the biggest and most interesting of the whites. It is produced in several forms, including natural organic wines that are aromatic and tasty. Cantina Giardino offers an organic Fiano called Gaia that has been taken by some of Europe’s best restaurants. Italian Wines by Region: Campania | Wineloverspage
06112017 Antonio Caggiano Greco di Tufo "Devon," Campania: Creamy and rich for a white wine, with peach-like fruit accented by hazelnut; fine acidity for a clipped finish. Two Italian wine regions you need to learn | Chicago Tribune
06122017 The wines can be tough, dry, tannic and austere in their youth, especially those from the most revered, cooler sub-region of Taurasi. Instead of fruit, you often find liquorice, tobacco and dried spices. Try the uncharted wine regions of southern Italy | Irish Times
06132017 Awestruck, we gaze up at Capri’s vertiginous limestone massifs. Across the Bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius watches and waits, imperious one minute, sullen the next. Other options are culinary visits to the Campanian countryside. From Amalfi, excursions to picture-book Positano and the hill town of Ravello are essential. The world’s best cruising regions | The Australian
06142017 On the south side of the bay, the rugged Sorrento Peninsula juts out towards the romantic island of Capri, whose cliffs soar far above the rich blue sea. Off the north arm of the bay are two more islands, tiny Procida and much larger Ischia with its soothing subtropical vibes. Cruising Campania: Exploring Italy’s south west coastline | Motor Boat & Yachting
06152017 Where people enjoy a longer life of good health, regions known as Blue zones. Acciaroli is one such region. It is part of what is known as the Cilento Coast of Italy, situated 140 km south of Naples. It has a high concentration of centenarians living there. This Mediterranean region has become known for good health supplemented by diet rich in fresh produce, pasta, olive oil, and rosemary. Longevity: Journey into the blue zone | Al Jazeera
06162017 It started last week when we went with Fernando, Katiuscia and Fabio to Santa Maria di Castellabate, the seaside village below our favorite hill town, for the Festa del Pescato, a festival celebrating the local fishing industry.  Basically a good excuse to gorge on some of the freshest seafood you can imagine for not very much money. Hangin' with the Wine and Cheese Crowd Again | Dave and Sandy's Excellent Adventure
06172017 Start in Salerno! Then, visit the town of Castellabate, which is a good base for exploring the rest of the region. Move on to what is my favourite cultural site, Paestum, just a few kilometres away. For a relaxing afternoon, I like to go to the seaside resorts of Palinuro or Marina di Camerota, which have some of the best beaches in Italy. Cilento: Italy's untouched gem | The Straits Times
06182017 Diego Maradona fans have another reason to make a pilgrimage to Naples: a new mural of the Argentine legend has gone up to mark 30 years since he led local club Napoli to its first Italian title. Painted by artist Jorit Agoch, the giant, head-and-shoulders depiction of a middle-aged Maradona with grey-flecked hair and beard adorns the side of a building. Maradona mural celebrates Naples 'Saint Diego' | The Sun
06192017 Diners view for tables on the terrace overlooking the port of Procida when the weather is fine. The menu and catch of the day vary, but fortunate travelers will enjoy the excellent octopus salad or the rigatoni sauced with tomato and succulent spiny lobster. Go on a Culinary Island-Hopping Trip in the Bay of Naples | Robb Report
06202017 Vietri sul Mare is the ceramics capital of Campania - even the royal court of Naples was its client. It's still packed with decorative tile shopfronts selling ceramics of all shapes and sizes. Vietri sul Mare: The undiscovered Amalfi Coast | CNN Travel
06212017 “O'gnostro is a local, Neapolitan dialect term for wine, which literally means ‘ink,'” he said. “The central concept behind my ‘Ognostro' is striving to bottle a unique territory - Irpinia - a terroir unlike any other. Natural fermentation, the use of terracotta and polyethylene vats, are essential factors in maintaining Aglianico's varietal characteristics.” Ognostro: Marco Tinessa’s Aglianico varietal and the power of terroir | ItalyEurope24
06222017 We began our southern jaunt on the terraced vineyards of Capri, where only indigenous grape varieties are cultivated. Scala Fenicia, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the island's only active vineyard. We tasted Scala Fenicia Capri Bianco DOC 2013 (12%) €18, an elegant white with citrus and thyme aromas. Serve it with a fried fish appetizer or try it with mozzarella di bufala. Campania awakens, I |
06232017 The wines of Cilento are also very interesting, even though perhaps less well known than in other parts of Campania. With our mixed seafood salad we tried a bottle of Fiano, more precisely Kratos IGT Paestum Fiano from the local producer Luigi Maffini. The Maffini winery is family owned and started its activity in the 1970s, but they say that it was only with the wine Kratos in the mid-1990s that the winery established itself as a more goal oriented winery. Sun, seafood and wine in Cilento | VinoVagando – chat about wine and food
06242017 The name of the restaurant refers to the fact that this small cove, Marina di Conca, was, until 1956, the site of the only tuna fishery on the Amalfi Coast. Obviously it’s all about the fish here. We started off with antipasti. Although we had several different pastas, the main event – and what most folks order – was Lo Spaghetto di Jacqueline. ristorante la tonnarella {amalfi coast} | Elizabeth Minchilli
06252017 Some would say hiking any summit that towers above the boundless blue of the Mediterranean Sea is a spiritual experience. But many make the trek to the Santuario dell’Avvocata in Maiori, Italy, as a religious pilgrimage. From the convent’s lofty vista, the sea spreads out like an azure sheet. Distant boat wakes look like chalk marks on the blue expanse. Trek to sanctuary offers lofty Amalfi Coast views | Stars and Stripes
06262017 HBO and the Italian state broadcaster RAI caught the Ferrante Fever and are producing an eight-episode mini-series inspired by that first book, introducing international viewers to the complicated relationship of two remarkably gifted girls, Lila (“that terrible, dazzling girl”) and Lenú (“I liked pleasing everyone”), as they grow up and apart in a violent, vivid Naples neighborhood in the lean postwar years. Ferrante Casting Call in Naples Lets Children Dream, if for a Day | The New York Times
06272017 The most elegant and exclusive 5 Stars Hotel of the island of Ischia with with its beautiful parklike grounds overlooking the sea, a private thermal source, an outdoor pool, a spa, and two restaurants. Mezza Torre has excellent classic Neapolitan cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood from the pristine local waters. The panoramic terrace is ideal for watching the sunset. This is the perfect place to recharge body and soul. Golden Palate Italia Partner: Mezza Torre Resort and Spa (Ischia/Napoli) | Fred Bollaci Enterprises
06282017 These include the quaint little restaurant, Il Pirata, partially-built into the cliffside in the little cove of Marina di Praia, and the shabby-chic Da Adolfo on Laurito Beach. Both of these restaurants serve up fresh fish and authentic Amalfi dishes in relaxed and romantic settings, and are a 10-minute boat ride from Positano. Don't miss: a sunny, post-lunch slumber on a lettino, or sunbed next to Da Adolfo, or a breezy walk around the winding cliff path by Il Pirata, from Praiano to Saracen Tower. Our Honeymoon: Positano's Hidden Gems | Follow Your Sunshine
06292017 Where to start… Our favourite place to eat in Positano, Da Vincenzo truly is a restaurant that dreams are made of. Family run and set at the halfway point on the town’s winding main road, the view is spectacular. The chef serves up fresh, delicious and authentic Italian cuisine from creamy mozzarella to fresh mussels, mixed seafood linguine and chargrilled langoustines — exactly what you would imagine when thinking of the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Eat | The Adventures of Us
06302017 Whether it's a picture of you standing in an infinity pool, gazing out along the white sandy beach of Tulum, Mexico at sunset, or perched on a balcony in the Amalfi Coast, as the sun kisses your freckled shoulders before you head down the cobbled steps to dine at Ristorante Chez Black in Positano, Italy, you always needs a willing Instagram husband/girlfriend/accomplice to take several shots of you for your carefully curated Instagram holiday album. 6 Of The Most Luxurious Hotels In The World To Drag Your Instagram Husband To | Elle

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MAY 2017


05012017 For our final day in Naples we visited another ruinous site called Herculaneum. In some ways, it was even more fascinating than Pompeii. It was also a lot quieter. It has been better preserved due to the different composition of fallout from the volcano. There are complex structures and detailed murals everywhere, and even organic material like wood has been preserved. What’s amazing is you can smell the scorched wood to this day, nearly 2000 years after the eruption. Naples, the City of Pompeii and Herculaneum | Peter Buncombe Photography
05022017 Surprisingly, despite the volcano’s tremendous power and the passage of nearly 2,000 years, some bone and teeth do survive as part of the casts. Ongoing studies have demonstrated that the ancient Pompeians had a diet low in sugar and had excellent teeth. Family History | Archaeology
05032017 Back in Naples, we walk the ragged length of La Pignasecca, the city's oldest street market. Lining the street are old-style vendors - tripe sellers, specialist grocers and pastry shops - so we have a chance to assess the region's best produce in a single location. Everywhere are tomatoes: golden explosions of spunzillo, clusters of dark red piennolo from Nocera, and knobbly oxhearts streaked with green and red often used for Caprese salad. In search of Naples' perfect tomatoes | Gourmet Traveller
05042017 The unmistakable outline of Totò, stylised and impressed in a sculpture entitled Monolite by sculptor Giuseppe Desiato in Largo Vita, is the new gateway to the Rione Sanità district in Naples and the great urban reclamation project carried out by its inhabitants. Naples, Rione Sanità: two piazzas restored to Beauty |
05052017 As you’ll easily see from these 10 photos that will make you want to travel to Capri, during the summer the scenery is simply amazing. The blue water is impressive, and you have many places you can admire it from different angles. 10 photos that will make you want to travel to Capri, Italy | Earth's Attractions
05062017 Italy's Amalfi Coast is a magical destination in itself, but there's even more reason to make the trip. A dolphin-shaped island called Li Galli is a small, private archipelago made up of three atolls between Capri and Positano. This Gorgeous Island Off the Amalfi Coast Looks Like a Dolphin — and You Can Visit! | PopSugar Celebrity
05072017 Ten miles from Alife, she traveled to a new pizzeria, Pepe In Grani, where she met the pizzaiolo, whom she knew preferred local ingredients. Franco Pepe was overjoyed when he heard about the resurgence of the Alife onions. Ever since, the two have been partners in crime with Franco using Antonietta’s signature onion cream as a spread on several of his creations. Discovering the World’s Best Pizza (and Onions) in Caiazzo, Italy | The Daily Meal
05082017 Gaetano Petrillo is an excellent driver, which is fortunate, because his small business, the Wine Bus, offers the sort of access to Campania’s wineries and restaurants which no authority seems bothered to provide. Sipping the wines that grew from molten lava | New Statesman
05092017 Another beach town near us and just south of Marina Casal Velino is Ascea. Ascea has beautiful beaches as well. There are rocks by the water but they are beautiful. They have a dark grey color with white stripes running through them. The clubs offer umbrellas, lounge chairs and a table for your admission. The food you can order is wonderful. Ascea, Italy | Travel in Italy Blog
05102017 I always considered Ravello’s Palazzo Avino to be one of the finest hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and the service is some of the best I’ve experienced – let’s just say a crisis that involved a full camera disc and at least three more days of photo-shooting was sorted out beautifully. Then there’s the Michelin-starred restaurant Rossellini’s, with its fabulous wine cellar. Ravello | Jan Fuscoe
05112017 Earthy, volcanic and sensual, characteristics bought out by the generous time in the bottle. Not an intellectual wine but a visceral wine of the rugged hills of Campania washed by the Mediterranean sun. 10 Great White Wines Under $20 To Drink Tonight | Forbes
05122017 Ravellian scenes are sketched out in a short story by Forster, the famous author of Room with a View. In Ravello David Herbert Lawrence wrote numerous chapters of Lady Chatterley’s Lover and, Andre’ Gide set a part of his novel The Immoralist. Naples and the Amalfi Coast | Enrico Massetti
05132017 Of all the stunning places along the Amalfi Coast, Ravello arguably claims the most panoramic vistas for photos or just watching the day go by. Ravello: Italy’s mountainside treasure has a view for every occasion | Communities Digital News
05142017 Consider the Monastero Santa Rosa: formerly a 17th-century convent, built as if defying the laws of gravity, perched on the edge of the dramatic promontory of Conca dei Marini. Bianca Sharma bought the property, then spent a decade renovating the building and its terraced gardens, finally opening the Monastero as a small hotel and spa in 2012. Amalfi coast guide | Harper's Bazaar UK
05152017 The landscape is now under threat, with competition from cheaper, less aromatic lemons from abroad driving prices down and forcing Amalfi’s farmers to abandon terraces that their families have cultivated for generations. 'Flying' lemon farmers face land erosion on Italy's Amalfi Coast | The Telegraph
05162017 Kara likes to cook. Her food genre of choice? Italian, which might have something to do with the fact she was born in Naples, Italy. Kara McCullough: Everything You Need To Know About Miss USA 2017 | Hollywood Life
05172017 On why they chose that particular venue for their wedding, the bride said: "Jonathan and his family have been going to the same place in southern Italy since he was six months old. When we started going out 15 years ago, he took me there and I loved it instantly. We have a lot of friends in Maiori and we don't have huge families so we thought it made sense to do it there, in a place we love." Check out photos from this romantic Italian wedding |
05182017 I realised there are no absolutes in the world of wine; that context is everything. Sure, pinot noir may well be a great, classic grape in Burgundy, but in the warmer, volcanic soils of Campania it is an ordinary grape in comparison to the clearly majestic aglianico. Journey begins with first bottle | The Australian
05192017 Stabia Main Port is situated in the city centre with a pier of 270 metres long and a draft of 7 metres, featuring water and power banks customised for superyachts, free wi-fi network and tennis court, gym and all services facilitating a modern city center. New dock for superyachts between Pompeii and Sorrento |
05202017 Coins are laid on top of the skulls by those looking for a change in fortune. Inside Naples’ terrifying Fontanelle cemetery where locals ask human Skulls known as ‘little wretches’ to grant miracles | The Sun
05212017 From the glorious 13th century cathedral in Amalfi to the historic little town of Atrani, you will be able to soak up as much Italian culture as possible during your trip. The Amalfi Coast is also a great place to explore other parts of Italy from. Pompeii is just a bus journey away and Naples is very accessible on public transport. 6 reasons the Amalfi Coast should be at the top of your bucket list |
05222017 Sorrento’s main appeal is the independence it offers travellers. There’s an easy to navigate rail service to Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as boats to neighbouring islands (over which the uber glamorous Capri reigns supreme). And you can be back in time for a wonderful dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants. Review: Sorrento, Italy | Northern Soul
05232017 The water in the sea cave was a glowing, brilliant azure. Beautiful. As he rowed, he explained that sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and creates the blue reflection. He gave us some history, going back to Roman times, with another rower sang a chorus of “O Sole Mio,” rowed us one more time around the cavern, ordered us flat again and rowed us out. Blue Grotto or Bust | The Republican Journal
05242017 Take Don Alfonso 1890 in the Italian town of Sant’Agata, overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Started over a century ago by two young couples, the family run business has grown into a culinary favorite thanks to the Iaccarino family’s philosophy. This is where the two Michelin star restaurant’s signature sweet San Marzano tomatoes - a staple in its pasta sauces - are grown. Jet Set Bohemian: Foodie-Focused Hotels | Paste
05252017 The sky was immensely blue, the waters impossibly turquoise and the heat unbearable when we reached the island of Capri, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and off the Sorrentine peninsula of Italy. As a school girl, Capri had often occupied my imagination. Crystal blue persuasion | The Indian Express
05262017 In the remote but charming village of Vallesaccarda rewards the detour with superb dishes from the hills of Irpinia, an aptly named oasis of antique flavours. There are delicious and original specialities conjured with home-produced olive oil, soups, pasta and bread, such as an amazing ravioli with burnt garlic and walnut filling, with seasonal variations bringing truffles, mushrooms, baccalà (battered salt cod) and locally sourced meats including rabbit and boar, rich cheeses and expertly chosen wines. 10 of the best restaurants in Italy: readers’ tips | The Guardian
05272017 As the plane cruised into Naples at 09:30, we were greeted by the majestic sight of Mount Vesuvius. It was almost humbling to sense the fragility and resilience of the human race in the face of the unpredictable power of Nature. Who would imagine that seemingly benign mountain can wipe out entire cities … Naples – Capri – Positano – Everywhere in between: First Jot | The Meanderer Jots
05282017 I have too many memories of the little sights and sounds of Capri to be able to capture them in prose and to Capri I will return. Not once but every year. World Traveller: Why Capri Is A Pilgrimage | NDTV
05292017 The artist himself, acquired a lifelong culinary experience thanks to his family restaurant in Sorrento,  An expert fisherman and specialized in seafood cuisine, Salvatore often produces his own ingredients to cook his guests gourmet meals. Prawns, olive oil, fleshy tomatoes, and super smelling lemons will mix together to entertain the palate of even the most demanding. MasterChef expert. Yacht Charter Insight: Creating a Taste for Adventure | KK Superyachts
05302017 When traveling to chic Capri, join the glitterati jet-set in my boho Aime is reversible 8-way Zoe Dress in Fleur / Bold Blue to match the Azure sea! And don our reversible Audrey Turban a la Audrey Hepburn and soak in the sun. Below I’ve shared my picks of how to go from day to night in the reversible Zoe. Wear it with the deep-V in the front over your favorite bikini with jeweled flats (or get a pair of Capri sandals custom-made by one of the local artisans). Capri: A Reputation of Beauty |
05312017 Italy is an obvious choice for couples, but cities such as Rome and Florence are typical options when it comes to romantic getaways. So we recomended somewhere a little less known for foreigners: the Amalfi Coast. Unconventional honeymoon getaways for summer | ArabianBusiness

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APRIL 2017


04012017 We hiked up to Giardino della Minerva, a multi-level outdoor garden that grows plants with medicinal properties. The centuries old property boasts beautiful panoramic views of Salerno, and also serves a refreshing lemon granita and sweet ginger cookies at the cafe on site. We later walked down to the beachside promenade and shady park. Amalfi Coast: Tasting The Sweet Life | Peace, Love and Adventures in Italy
04022017 Virtuoso notes that an exhilarating way to explore Amalfi’s iconic cliff-hugging coastline is by car. Advisors can map out custom adventures that might include flying into Naples, heading for Amalfi and Ravello, then fitting in Salerno before departing. What Are Your Top Ten Travel Dreams? | Travel Pulse
04032017 Excellent Neapolitan cuisine focuses on simplicity, on substance and not form. An exemplar of this is Mangia e Bevi (the aptly named “Eat and Drink”), our ideal place for eating out in Naples. No frills, all substance. Mangia e Bevi | Culinary Backstreets
04042017 Let’s try to live like locals, so we booked a room at the top-rated B&B Villa Monica, atop a hill in Sorrento. As our host opens the balcony door for us, a vast stretch of the Campania region unfolds its quiet beauty. The gulf of Naples lies below, Napoli marking its presence from far away with a string of lights. We can spend endless hours sitting here. Sun-kissed tales from the Amalfi coast | Hindustan Times
04052017 Located at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the new Marina d'Arechi in Salerno boasts 340,000 square metres of water basin dedicated to yachts with a scenic backdrop and an eco-friendly design. 9 New Superyacht Marinas To Discover Around The World | Boat International
04062017 Afterward, pause at Pasticceria Pansa, a classic cafe in the shadow of the cathedral that is popular among Amalfitani as much for the prime people-watching as for the delizie al limone, a domed, lemon-scented confection. 36 Hours on the Amalfi Coast | The New York Times
04072017 The palazzo - mostly an 18th century construction but dating in some parts back to the 12th - is not the only one to house a high-end hotel on this stretch of coast, but it must rank as one of the finest and most spectacularly set. Is the Amalfi Coast the perfect honeymoon destination? Stay at Palazzo Avino and it won't be far off (just don't get married in July) | DailyMail
04082017 If you are planning on checking out its museums, further savings can be made with the Campania Artecard Napoli, which costs €21 for three days and covers admission to more than 40 different sites, including Naples’ Castel Nuovo, a medieval fortress overlooking the ocean. Italy and France: Naples | Travel Weekly UK
04092017 La Brace is a big, jolly pizzeria with a friendly, laid-back feel, with wooden tables and red-and-white checked tablecloths. They do pretty much every wood-fired pizza under the sun. Cheap restaurants on the Amalfi Coast | Italy (Condé Nast Traveller)
04102017 Salvatore Molettieri, the talented owner of the estate, comes from an old farming family and manages his estate together with his son Giovanni, a trained oenologist. Salvatore Molettieri produces Taurasi of a grandeur to rival the greatest wines of Piedmont and Tuscany. Irpinia Aglianico | Marc de Grazia Selections
04112017 We spent the rest of our time walking around the city, visiting the small shops, enjoying the views, and drinking more wine of course. We left a little piece of our hearts in Positano and can’t wait to return someday! 3 Days in Positano | Aloha & Arrivederci
04122017 Calling it Italy’s chardonnay might be oversimplifying things, but there are many similarities between these grapes. Both make table wines that are textured, mineral and nuanced, and they produce fantastic sparkling. Fiano makes very good wine throughout Campania, but it’s in the sand, stone and clay around Avellino that it reaches the next level. Bill Zacharkiw: Campania white wine one of Italy's best-kept secrets | Montreal Gazette
04132017 Some of the cuisine of Campania includes shellfish and seafood. Combine mussels with the white wine within the pot. Bring to a boil and cover until mussels open. We enjoyed these mussels as an appetizer, but you can combine them with pasta. Campania Food & Wine Pairing; Mussels with Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina | Vino Travels
04142017 Coppery body and white and pink striated soul, the Onion of Montoro is beautiful at the sight, perfumed, sweet, tasty, delicately aromatic and persistent, raw or cooked is one of the special products of Irpinia, not to be missed, with the great white wines of the Province. The irresistible Ramata of Montoro | Insolita Italia
04152017 There were several interesting guests at this party. One of them was Alfonso Cuomo, sales director of Pasta Cuomo, a pasta-making company founded in 1840 in Gragnano, the worldwide capital of pasta-making. (Gragnano is to pasta as San Marzano sul Sarno is to tomatoes.) Pasta Cuomo | Pensieri Meridionali
04162017 I always look forward to coming here though as the region, known as Irpinia, is very famous for its viticulture, in part due to the temperature changes made possible by its mountainous location. According to my research, this old school place is the best restaurant in town. I came for a blowout Sunday lunch and really enjoyed it. Having a good time in Avellino | The Gannet
04172017 Irpinia is best discovered gradually, on a journey through the wilderness that whispers of ancient times, when this land was inhabited by Samnites, Romans and Longobards. Ancient villages are nestled in the green of the valleys that begin at the feet of the Partenio and Terminio Mountains. covered by beech, fir, oak and chestnut. Province of Avellino | Made in South Italy
04182017 Situated on the border of Basilicata and Campania, 'Tenuta Le Cascine' is an agriturismo in the true sense of the word. Pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese are bred for meat and cheese. Vegetables and fruit are grown and all the food is made on site for the large, rustic restaurant where fresh, local dishes are served. Tenuta Le Cascine | Understanding Italy
04192017 La Campania had ricotta di bufala Campana DOP on the pizza dough, topped with marinated heirloom tomatoes and zucchini flowers. It was finished with grated caciocavallo Silano, a stretched-curd cheese made from sheep or cows milk produced in the province of Avellino. Le Pizze Regionali at Don Antonio by Starita | Charles Scicolone on Wine
04202017 Grown on the volcanic soils around Mt. Vesuvius, this wine is made from 100% Pallagrello Bianco grapes. The grape is native to Campania and was an important grape prior to the phylloxera epidemic, then it declined and was thought to be extinct only to be rediscovered in a vineyard in 1990. Neapolitan Pork Chops & Autochthonous Grapes of Campania | foodwineclick
04212017 Naples is not for the faint of heart. At first, the relentless disorder is overwhelming. But, by my fourth day, the vibrant, gritty city began to grow on me. From archeological ruins and ancient catacombs to the planet’s best pizza and world-class art, Naples has something for even the most discerning traveller. Naples showing signs of shaking bad reputation | The Globe and Mail
04222017 This lovely wine poured a beautiful golden yellow into the glass and met the nose with an array of aromas from stone and orchard fruit, with white floral notes and minerality. On the palate this crisp wine crafted of 100% Greco Bianco grapes offered flavors of apples, pear, fresh herbs, minerality and a touch of spice notes and honey. Exploring Campania with #ItalianFWT | Rockin Red Blog
04232017 I suggest a stay on Vomero Hill, an upscale part of Naples where you’ll not only have plenty to see and do (and shop for), but you’ll also be looking down on all creation. Do you know what is very interesting about staying on Vomero Hill? Nearly every hotel or B&B is rated very highly by visitors. It seems to be a non dud zone. Naples Vomero Hill: Looking Down on Creation | Wandering Italy
04242017 All my dishes represent a different area of Italy, but especially the Campania region, which is where I’m from. I am now based in a territory – The Amalfi Coast – where the mountains blend into the sea, so I feel it’s important to have dishes that represent these ‘two souls’, too. Interview: Chef Raffaele of Belmond Hotel Caruso | Elite Traveler
04252017 Rachel had booked a two-bedroom apartment for us near the main town Ischia Porto, where our ferry from Naples had docked. It was hidden off a winding sidewalk draped with bougainvillea and a short distance from Spiaggia degli Inglesi, a small beach at the base of a craggy set of stairs. Ischia, the setting for 'My Brilliant Friend,' is also a brilliant choice for a respite | Los Angeles Times
04262017 The entire underwater park offers the wonder of wandering through submerged roads decorated with columns and mosaics crystallised by the water. Tourists can explore the underwater park through tours with some local diving centres, including the Centro Sub Flegreo. 'Underwater Pompeii' of Baia featured in documentary | AnsaMED
04272017 Rumor has it that Poppaea, wife of the infamous Roman emperor Nero, spent her days in extravagant luxury in the Villa Oplontis, a Unesco World Heritage site located on the shores of the Bay of Naples. Excavations that continue to this day have unearthed a Roman estate that boasted an Olympic-sized swimming pool, lavish  baths, and more than 100 rooms filled with sumptuous frescoes. 10Best Finds Romance Along Italy's Bay of Naples | Usa Today
04282017 And so to Sorrento, the good man and I, and the thrill of finally revisiting our own honeymoon destination. Little had changed in the intervening years: the pastel-washed houses still clung like limpets to their teetering cliffs; bus and taxi drivers still zoomed like maniacs around vertiginous mountain bends; and the air was still thick with lemons the size of turnips. Sorrento's such a gorgeous setting for a family wedding | The Irish Times
04292017 If visiting Naples, be sure to visit Sorrento even if its for a day of shopping and dining.  The foods of the region are fresh vegetables, wines, seafood, lemon/orange citrus, limoncello liquers, pastas, Margherita pizza, mozzarella, tomatoes and of course the olive oil. Seeing Serene Sorrento | Ciaotraveler
04302017 Katie and Ian were married at Villa Fondi, a quiet secluded garden, surrounded by their closest family. Their intimate service followed through in to the late afternoon zipping around the coastline in a vintage Volkswagen beetle. They eventually finished the day at The Foreigners Club for a yummy 5 course meal and of course a meal in Sorrento wouldn’t be complete without Limoncello. Intimate Italian Wedding Villa Fondi Sorrento | Sarah Beth Photo

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MARCH 2017


03012017 You really can’t go wrong doing anything in this picture postcard town. In Positano we came across many different places such as an amazing lemon granita stand, handmade ceramic shops, custom made sandal shops, the best gelato, cute winding pathways, kayaks for rent, and so much more. A Teenager's Guide to Positano, Italy: 5 Best Things To Do | Foodie Goes Healthy
03022017 My favorite way to explore a new city is to get lost running the first morning I’m there. The soles were cushioned and delivered a smooth and natural ride while running through (dodging tourists!) this cute Italian city on the Amalfi Coast. Runnin' Around: Positano | the risky jackal
03032017 It is our contemporary tradition: we kept the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring but we are adding a lot of contemporary elements: new fabrics, colors, models, technology, and advertising. Also, Isaia is the brand known for its color. The Decadent Neapolitan Style Of Gianluca
03042017 It is a beautiful little town, and the beach is charming. When we went it was basically empty, presumably because all of the others tourists died of an overdose of steps. Positano: Land of a Thousand F*cking Stairs | The Everywhereist
03052017 Here you can see the glories of ancient Rome, which was preserved in ash by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius centuries ago. It is one of the world’s most absorbing archaeological experiences. A Sensory Italy – the Five Senses | Italian Special Occasions DMC
03062017 The tourist trail of the archeological heritage in Italy's southern Campania region now begins at Naples airport. The exhibition at Capodichino features original artefacts and copies of famous pieces on display in local museums. Archeological tour of Naples begins at airport | AnsaMED
03072017 The city is still filled with ancient graffiti, advertising (among other things) houses of prostitution, using a picture menu. Our guide kept explaining that Pompeii had been a trading port before it was destroyed, as if that alone should explain the local sex trade. Exploring Middle Earth | Sierra Vista Herald
03082017 It’s Italy, so we don’t really need to sell you on the pasta, the seafood, the pizza, or pretty much anything on an Amalfi menu. But when you sit down to eat that authentic Italian pasta, you're going to do so while soaking in some of the world's most spectacular backdrops; whether on a black sand beach at Ristorante Le Arcate in Atrani or at the helm of a galleon that's been carved into a mountainside (at Il Pirata in Praiano). Europe's Most Picturesque Coast (That's Actually Affordable) | Thrillist
03092017 If you’re headed to Amalfi’s main square, track down Cuoppo d’Amalfi to try the local street food. I found it after seeing several Italians walking around with fried seafood cones in hand. After navigating a maze of tiny streets, you’ll find this small eatery on Supportico dei Ferrari. Ignore its dingy appearance - sampling their fresh seafood is a must. A Guide to the Amalfi Coast’s Best Eateries | The Huffington Post
03102017 Many of the dishes on our menu are inspired by Jamie’s visits to Italy and the stories of Gennaro's upbringing on the Amalfi coast. Gennaro’s stories have added substance to what is now the essence of Jamie’s Italian – tradition combined with current, innovative ideas and a Jamie twist! Our Story | Jamie's Italian UK
03112017 Like many towns in southern Italy, Naples is rich with historically significant landmarks. An extraordinary, and lesser known, example of Roman architecture is the archeological and natural reserve of the Pausilypon. As such, the property was enlarged and modified over the years. One of the most interesting aspects of the site is the 770 meter long tunnel that was dug out into the hillside of Posillipo. Pausilypon: Sunset Concert Series in Naples | The Italian Concierge
03122017 The village is known to be a cheerful place, the name Corricella actually comes from the Greek “kora Cale” which means nice neighborhood. The colorful houses of the island offer a breathtaking view, especially when the sun is fully shining on them. The fact that they enjoy so much sunshine makes it possible to have some of the islands delicious cuisine while sitting outside even in the cold months of winter. Procida island in Naples Italy is absolutely breathtaking | Travelwith2ofus
03132017 Carving out a moment of evasion means finding refuge where the masses don’t arrive, and one doesn’t always have to pass endless hours in flight to reach isolated islands and atolls. Li Galli demonstrate this well, thanks to the unique combination of luxury and privacy, the watchwords for the new mega-rich. Li Galli: the Magical Suggestions of a Natural Paradise | All About Italy
03142017 Lemons are an indispensable part of life on the Amalfi Coast, where the fruits grow in abundance in beautiful terraced groves. The lemons in this region are world famous for their low acidic levels, sweetness and delicate flavour. Refreshing Lemon Based Recipes from the Amalfi coast! | Panoram Italia Magazine
03152017 Nestled between the sea and the Lattari Mountains, with altitude that varies from zero to 1200 feet, Praiano offers an ideal terrain for cultivating olive trees, citrus groves, vineyards, citrus vegetable gardens. Our tomatoes, traditionally brought to maturity with an almost total absence of water, can be as sweet as candy. Tomatoes as Sweet as Candy | Amalfi Coasting
03162017 A luxurious seaside oasis bathed in fresh white paint, the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa draws a following from local and international celebrities alike for its signature Capri Beauty Farm. 8 Amazing Wellness Retreats to Recharge for the New Year | Hong Kong Tatler
03172017 What meal or food is unique to the Amalfi coast? Here, each village cooks their own traditional dish. In Minori, they make aubergines with chocolate. It sounds odd but it’s great. Gennaro Contaldo on growing up in Minori on the Amalfi Coast: "The sea was my swimming pool" | Radio Times
03182017 What is the one local food you feel travellers can’t leave the Amalfi Coast without trying? You must try the local seafood dishes and the best buffalo mozzarella and san marzano tomatoes. Amalfi Coast Travel Tips from Gennaro Contaldo, the Grandfather of Italian Cooking | Suk Yi
03192017 In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia and Oplontis. For archaeologists, these rare catastrophic burials are an incredible time capsule that transport you back to a very precise moment in time. It’s the closest thing there is to time travel… Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii | An Archaeologist's Diary
03202017 Instead of creating digital dystopian landscapes where you can imagine shooting bad guys, Clarke and company used 3-D technology to show what you would have seen walking through highly decorated atriums and beside swimming pools in the villas of Oplontis, a seaside resort town near the famous Pompeii. High-tech preserves 2,000-year-old Roman villas of Oplontis | Bozeman Daily Chronicle
03212017 Eat a delicious sfogliatella (typical Neapolitan cake made of a shortcrust or layered “shell” filled with ricotta, sugar, semolina and candied citrus) fresh out of the oven. 29 Things You Must Do In Naples | ItalyMagazine
03222017 This time around we decided to make the trip purely about exploring the historic center of Naples. Just a 5 minutes walk, we chose B&B Neapolis Bellini as it was situated in the center, making it easy for us to visit the main sights on foot. Weekend Getaway in Naples, Italy | BrowsingItaly
03232017 The oldest form of the dish is the pizza marinara; with toppings of oregano, garlic and extra virgin oil. It is named marinara as it was the traditional food prepared by "la marinara" (the seaman's wife) for their husbands after a long day of fishing in the Bay of Naples. Outbound Adventures: For proper pizza, go to Napoli | Ahram Online
03242017 Monte di Procida, an exclusive seaside village, on a bolstering hilltop, with 360 degree views of the Bay of Naples and Surrounding Islands. It is a dream destination and this Italian-American couple who met there years ago knew exactly where they wanted to celebrate their nuptials, in the same “Piazza,” towns-square where it all began. A Formal Destination Wedding in Naples, Italy |  jet fete
03252017 The Amalfi Lemon Experience is a must stop on your visit to the Amalfi Coast. And I will tell you why: from April to October, visitors can expect to get the ultimate VIP treatment as Salvatore personally guides you through the historic organic lemon orchards. Travel: A Look Inside the Amalfi Coast’s Best Kept Family Lemon Grove | Press Pass L.A.
03262017 The discovery of a monumental building and priceless ceramics imported from Greece in excavations at Poseidonia shows for the first time how rich its Greek founders were when establishing the city in Italy in the 6th century B.C.E. The quantity of Attic red-figure pottery and other luxuries attest to fabulous wealth the city’s Greek inhabitants made, apparently from pilgrims coming to worship at its temples. Archaeologists Uncover Stunning Town Built by Greeks in Italy 2,500 Years Ago | Haaretz
03272017 Constantinopoli 104 has a pool just big enough for two, and pastel rooms with wrought-iron beds. Where to spend a seductive weekend in Naples | The Times
03282017 In Naples, the neighborhood is everything. The city is made up of villages – villages within villages. The city breaks down into concentric circles that decrease in size until you are left with little hamlets, each with their own grocer, fruit seller, fishmonger, butcher and baker. Naples: State of the Stomach | Culinary Backstreets
03292017 House of the Bear is a private residents that stands on the Via Augustali. This colorful Pompeii residence gets its name from a mosaic of a wounded bear. It was one of the first decorations discovered in the House of the Bear, yet it was not the last. The resident has some of the most splendid mosaics that adore walls and floors. House of the Bear | Ermak Travel Guide
03302017 A fortress on Monte Aureo that overlooks the town of Amalfi and Atrani. Not far from the Tower of Ziro is the Grotto of the Saints. It is a small natural cave that opens onto a terrace with lemon trees. Atrani Travel Guide | Tour Italy Now
03312017 The Koh-I-Noor of the Mediterranean is located between Capri and Positano and is accessible by only boat and helicopter. This magnificent private island of the Amalfi Coast, formally owned by the legendary Russian ballet star Rudolf Nureyev, was purchased, restored and developed over the last 15 years by its current owner. The Koh-I-Noor of the Mediterranean | World Real Estate Immobiliare

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02012017 Between towering Ancient Greek temples and the pristine Mediterranean Sea lies the vast Piana del Sele Paestum. Known for millennia as the “plain of the gods,” this region of Campania in southern Italy is also home to the water buffalo that produce some of the world’s most heavenly mozzarella. Mozzarella di bufala paradise in Paestum | Luxeat
02022017 Campania stands 2nd in the ranking of regions with the number of visitors. Archaeological heritage has a lion’s share on the increase. In the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine, the Archaeological Museum of Naples and the archaeological park of Paestum and Pompeii 11 million ticket sales had been registered in the past year. Italian museum registered record number of visitors in 2016 |
02032017 The cobra-like steel structure plans o interlink Naples to Rome. London bases architect, Zaha Hadid, leads the design and hopes that it would be more than just a train station. The Napoli-Afragola will also house public spaces, cafes, promenades and more. Five Beautiful Buildings And Museums To Open This 2017 | Travelers Today
02042017 Cash should be reserved for food, drink, day trips and the small ticket price you’ll pay for a sun lounger on a deck in Sorrento. In terms of eating out- while there are certainly many high-end options available throughout the bay - there are plenty of low-key alternatives, serving brilliant Italian food for a good price. Cheap Trips: The Bay of Naples | Redbrick
02052017 Right in the historic center of Naples, in a Palace of the XVII century. A balcony over the roofs and the cupolas that leads to the sea. Just in the street that leads to our house there is one of the most famous fish shop of the city (Pescheria Azzurra). Here we buy the fish for our dinners or lunch, always fresh! Seafood in the historic center of Naples! | BonAppetour
02062017 Among the many friggitorie which sell potato croquettes, fried rice balls, deep-fried zucchini flowers or eggplant slices, found at every turn in Naples, Friggitoria Vomero has a reputation for being the best in town. It also has the added advantage of being located in Vomero, the most hip and fashionable neighborhood in the city. The Top 10 Places To Eat In Napoli | Culture Trip
02072017 Thanks to Vespa expert and friendly driver guide, Naples best places, buildings, breath-taking views, and legends will be at your fingertips in a day. Naples Italy Tour on Vespa | Lookals
02082017 Napoli is a microcosm of everything that Italy has to offer. Its ancient quarter, for example, is older than Rome’s – and it’s the closest Italian city to Mt. Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii. Is also a great spot for beach goers!  An Amazing Itinerary for Three Weeks in Italy | Leave Your Daily Hell
02092017 The trip took them high into the mountains overlooking the Amalfi Coast stopping on the way in Sorrento. Both Podge & Tubbs felt that this town was an absolute delight to discover. Naples | PodgeThePuffer's World
02102017 At first mist obscured the views of the sea but it was still a gorgeous hike past towering limestone mountains, colourful wildflowers, and ancient abandoned stone houses, through forests and meadows of long grasses. Eventually the mist burned away and the deep blue sea revealed itself far below, with views of Positano, its houses clinging to the cliff. Hiking the Path of the Gods (And the Amalfi Coast on a Budget) | Never Ending Voyage
02112017 Napoli are surging. They've gone the last 13 matches undefeated, they recently ravaged Bologna 7-1, and former sub Dries Mertens is playing arguably better than any other striker in Serie A. Surely, if there's a good time to play Champions League juggernauts Real Madrid, then that time is now? Can Napoli get Real? | Football Italia
02122017 It’s a rare chance to view over 150 little known works of art, paintings and sculptures, from the mid-1200s to our days, which belong to foundations, banking institutions and private collections. These are works of great artistic value, steeped in the reality of the very heart of Naples - Spaccanapoli. A treasure chest of formidable artwork in the ancient heart of Naples | ItalyEurope24
02132017 Our room was also wonderful - a nice, big bed, little sitting area and an gorgeous terrace with a day bed overlooking the water, Mount Vesuvius and the castle. The hotel also had an indoor pool and a spa, both of which we did not get a chance to experience, but we were able to check out their rooftop area with a few jet tubs, day beds, etc. Honeymoon Recap: Ischia | Burpees to Bubbly
02142017 We opted for the ‘standard’ tour of the Bourbon Tunnel. First we descended 30m below ground into 17th century water cisterns carved directly into the tuff stone. Mariarosaria showed us the footholds in the rock which the pozzari (maintenance man) for the cisterns would have used to climb in and out through the well shaft. Underground Naples | two year trip
02152017 Many are made with leather and are adorned with beads and stones.  I windowshopped several locations until I found a store that had designs that I liked, the shop of Vincenzo Faiella. Vincenzo's family has been making sandals for generations. I left wearing a pair, and with another pair in a bag! The Best Things to Buy When Shopping in Capri | Tourissimo
02162017 For over two millennia, scrolls from the ancient town of Herculaneum eluded analysis. Left buried under the ashes when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the scrolls were preserved -- but in a charred and illegible state. 2,000 years later, scientists finally know what's in these charred Roman scrolls | CNN
02172017 Among the wines I tasted and drank was the Gragnano 2015 “Otto uve” Penisola Sorrentina from Salvatore Martusciello. It is made from Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso. This is a red sparkling wine that is a favorite in the Naples area with pizza. Gragnano OttoUve | Charles Scicolone on Wine
02182017 But one of the most remarkable expressions of volcanic wine-growing is to be found on the Island of Ischia, right in front of Naples, where the vine planted terraces, perched on slopes overlooking the sea, assume a fairytale look. The volcanic effect of Italian wines | FineDiningLovers
02192017 U' fusillu made in Felitto, close to Salerno, is a hollow pasta cilinder, 18 to 22 cm long, handmade with eggs, flour, salt, water, olive oil and a 4 faced iron tool. Famous restaurant in Paestum have to order them straight from the ladies of Felitto to include them in their menus. Fusillo di Felitto | Made in South Italy
02202017 Holly and Gianluca on their wedding day in Capri. Three stories of finding love in Italy that will restore your faith in romance | The Local
02212017 I had been to Capri with my mother almost 10 years ago, so seeing it now with Tony was a dream come true. All of the memories came flooding back the instant we stepped onto the ferry. It is hands down one of my most favorite places on this earth, and seeing it in the winter without a bunch of tourists running around just made it that much more true. Capri + Anacapri, Italy - Our Italian Honeymoon | Costola Photography
02222017 Escape to Naples, Italy’s third-largest city, where culture is informed by centuries-old artistry and a devotion to quality cuisine. Start by exploring the open-air markets and make a pitstop for wood-fired pizza - it’s where it was invented, after all. A Day in Naples, Italy | Condé Nast Traveler
02232017 After lunch we'll visit the ancient Samnite ruins at Aeclanum (pre-Roman!) and then Quintodecimo for a wine tasting with master winemaker Professor Luigi Moio. Discover Irpinia Food & Wine Tour | Feast on History
02242017 The area is full of beautiful towns, villages and islands to visit, with Sorrento being the biggest of these beyond Naples, which is considered to be the gateway to the Amalfi. However Sorrento is not a sleepy resort town that only comes to life in the summer, as many locals live here and the town is much more sizeable in comparison to its neighbours. A Weekend in Sorrento | World of Wanderlust
02252017 What you find when you arrive is transparent aquamarine water, a narrow beach of white pebbles and a wooden jetty over the water set with chars and umbrellas. On a large terrace above is the restaurant and views over Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni. Next to the kitchen are shallow saltwater fed pools that are filled with live oysters, clams and more varieties of lobster than I knew existed. Torre Saracena - Capri {Best Beach Clubs in Italy} | Gillian's Lists
02262017 This 5-star hotel has 43 rooms and suites, a wellness center with a wide range of treatments and a gourmet restaurant that will delight lovers of Mediterranean cuisine with the chef of assorted recipes. A panoramic lift connects the hotel to the beach, the best to complete the experience of living. Casa Angelina on Amalfi coast - Travel to the dream place | Italian Style in Kuwait
02272017 It was the views of this fortress, with Vesuvius a blur in the distance, that seduced a retired Neapolitan banker who lives in London to purchase a pied-à-terre in his hometown. Studio Peregalli Revives a Romantic Apartment in Italy | Architectural Digest
02282017 We ended our walk in Nocelle from where you can catch a bus down to Positano (our desk-legs couldn’t take much more). After a well-earned coffee and cake in Positano we caught the ferry back at sunset. Italy: Walk of the Gods | Ben and Viv's Travels

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01012017 The famous fresco appears: Priapos compeers on the weight between prosperity of family and money – “nude as the roman goods him created”. The fruit basket tells from the abundance of the owners of the home of the Vettii in Pompeii, as well as the two boxes for the money and the families documents. Pompeii/Italy - House of the Vettii – Grand Reopening after decades |
01022017 The following day the group trekked up Mount Vesuvius where they marvelled at the stunning views over the Bay of Naples. Amelia added: “Nothing will ever beat standing on top of Vesuvius and seeing all of the Bay of Naples.” Roedean girls get classical in Italy | The Argus
01032017 La Paranza Cooperative is bringing Naples' ancient catacombs back to life. These teen tour guides are united by their desire to help their city and their love of the catacombs, which they reopened to the public. The Greatest Teen Job in the World Might Be Reopening Italian Catacombs | Atlas Obscura
01042017 While visiting the ancient mountaintop stronghold of Ravello we happened to follow a group of local teens around a corner and down a long steep staircase. At the bottom was a stone path, followed by another steep staircase. Amalfi Coast Hiking: Ravello to Minori | Wanderlust Duo
01052017 The best restaurant in Sorrento for its seafood is Caruso, a veritable museum devoted to the maestro and an enchanting and romantic place to dine in any of the small, cozy rooms. Its langoustines are fat and sweet, its pasta with vongole clams superb. The Rugged Beauty of the Amalfi Coast | The Huffington Post
01062017 But the more I read about it and saw photos of the incredible views from 2000 feet above sea level on the Amalfi Coast, I reconsidered and decided to go for it while I was in Positano to write. It would be only one of two excursions I did while spending two weeks relaxing and writing. My Adventure on the Path of the Gods | Margie Miklas/ Author
01072017 Called NaturArte Project, it lines Praiano’s streets with ceramic plaques and sculptures, creating a kind of open-air museum that unfolds along eight different routes. Like many towns along the coast, Praiano has a tradition of ceramic decorations, including a network of centuries-old small religious shrines made of majolica tiles. By the Sea Where the Sirens Called, an Italian Town Beckons Tourists With Art | The New York Times
01082017 Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels are putting the biggest city in southern Italy firmly on the visitor map. Young Neapolitans’ favourite place to unwind with an aperitif is bar-lined Piazza Bellini. Things to do in Naples: where to stay, eat and drink | London Evening Standard
01092017 The capital of Campania, birthplace of pizza and largest city in Southern Italy, Naples is without a doubt one of the most fascinating places in the country. The 10 Best Hotels In Naples, Italy | The Culture Trip
01102017 "The three Greek temples at Paestum, south of Naples, are considered the finest in the Greek world – finer even than those of Greece itself," he says. More places in Italy you never thought to visit (but really should) |The Telegraph
01112017 In Paestum Hera was not only the Goddess of fertility, but also of childbirth.  An elaborate pool was built for Hera where women who were trying to conceive could bathe and sit, but also where women would come to ask Hera for an easy childbirth. Discover The Ancient Greek temples Of Paestum | Corinna B's World
01122017 Jaime’s co-workers arranged a weekend outing to Caserta to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta. Luckily for me, not only did I get to see a beautiful palace, but I also got to cross off another place off of our UNESCO list. The Palace of Caserta | My Napoleon Complex
01132017 Lake Matese, Hell's Valley, and the Quirino Gorges are just a few of the places to see when you take one of the walking trails here. Plenty of activities are on offer for sport enthusiasts, including walking and horse riding, rock climbing, hang gliding, and paragliding. The area around the Matese is dotted with fortified little villages that virtually encircle the mountain chain. Matese - Campania - Italy | Easyvoyage
01142017 It was the vino, Ischia Bianco to be precise, according to Andrea D’Ambra. Andrea is the heir to Ischia’s oldest winery, Casa D’Ambra, and is on a crusade to preserve the winemaking culture in Ischia. As with the Greeks before him, the grapes are hand-picked on the side of the volcanic peak where a teetering monorail train transports both grapes and pickers to safety. Hot springs eternal: Finding love in Nonna’s beloved Ischia | Boston Globe
01152017 Ischia’s most famous and largest beach is the Spiaggia dei Maronti. The 1.5 mile-long beach offers the use of a natural thermal spring at Cava Scura. Compared to the other beaches on Ischia, it is relatively empty. Ischia – Isola Verde | Islandology
01162017 The Mastroberardino winery, dating back to the 1870s, more than any other in Campania is responsible for developing and popularising Taurasi (and the region’s two DOCG whites Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino). Taurasi Wine – Campania’s Crowning Glory |  Italy Chronicles
01172017 Naples has changed her in other ways too. “I've learned to be calmer, to be more patient, to connect more with the people here: the vendors, the baristas, the bus drivers - everyone is so chatty and wants to wish you ‘buongiorno.” How I fell in love with Naples, a city full of contrasts | The Local
01182017 The country’s subterranean tracts could be a new frontier for Italian tourism. Their first stop (BBC One) on the peninsula was Naples, which boasts 200 kilometres of tunnelling under its labyrinthine streets. Italy’s Invisible Cities: a gripping adventure let down by flimflammery | The Telegraph
01192017 Italy's first capsule hotel, Benbo, was inaugurated on Wednesday morning inside the international Capodichino airport in Naples. The hotel has 42 rooms of four and a half meters each to sleep for 25 euros for a night or for a couple of hours before a flight. Tourism: first Italian capsule hotel opens in Naples | ANSAmed
01202017 In Taurasi the volcanic soils and altitude make a wine of extraordinary power, complexity and freshness. The Lonardo family makes one of the best examples of Taurasi I have drunk, cleanly made but complex, intriguing and fine. Contrade di Taurasi | Oliver McCrum Wines
01212017 Suddenly we were engulfed by Mediterranean light, and over the canopies of all the many tall trees we could see the town and harbour of Forio d'Ischia. The water element is omnipresent in the upper garden, this time with a much larger pond and a mass of impressive Nymphaea lotus with their characteristic huge round leaves floating on the water like plates. Annual General Meeting 2015, Ischia: the Main Programme | Mediterranean Garden Society
01222017 When I stayed with my friend Valeria and her family for three days in Naples, they showed me the underfolds of the city and brought me - forced me, really - to love it too. And pretty soon I was seeing Naples in a whole different light. The Essence of Naples and Neapolitan Slang | A Thing For Wor(l)ds
01232017 While I wait for the first signs of spring to arrive, there’s only one place my mind wanders if I let it float off down the Amalfi Coast for awhile. It ends up high above Positano doing yoga with a wonderful group of people in the most breathtaking of places. Get Your Move On in Positano with a Yoga Retreat! | Ciao Amalfi
01242017 Amalfi itself might be my favorite. The town seems more like a real city than a village, with colorful Arab influences in the architecture left over from when the town was a major maritime republic, paper-making center and trading partner with the Middle East. The Amalfi Coast: It's made for walking | Travels with Carol Pucci
01252017 Place it on a terrace that clings to the cliff in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, however, and you have a seagull’s perch from which to gaze over vertiginous rooftops and church domes, cupped between mighty cliffs and gazing out onto a Mediterranean that laps the coast in peacock shades. The perfect 10 hotel pools: Positano, LA, Rio, Rome, Hong Kong | The Australian
01262017 We drive uphill to Anacapri and catch the slightly dodgy chairlift to Mt Solaro. The lookout provides spectacular 360 degrees views of the island and the limoncello, made not too far from here, goes down a treat. Ten days in Italy |
01272016 Oasis Variconi is one of the most important fresh-water stopping places for migratory birds coming from Africa to Europe. Time it right and you’ll be able to see everything from swifts and swallows to owls, many types of ducks and rare sea birds. Oasis Variconi & A Little Serendipity | Hiking Campania
01282017 The hotel’s spa, Le Terme della Regina Isabella, is quite extensive in its offerings and well known for its effectiveness. Here you’ll find mineral-rich mud bath treatments and thermal spring water immersions, circulatory and osteopathic treatments, various massages, cellulite or leg treatments, facials, thermal pools, a fitness room, hair and nail treatments, dermatological treatments. Italy's Enchanting Ischia and L'Albergo della Regina Isabella | Beauty  News NYC
01292017 They're geographic marvels that boast everything from mountains to acres of green land. Ischia is one such island, and it's the perfect summer getaway. We've traveled all over the world, and Ischians are some of the kindest people on the planet. 9 Reasons Ischia Should Be Your Summer Vacation Destination | Allure
01302017 Il Cancelliere grows only Aglianico grapes and produces approximately 20,000 bottles /year of both Irpinia Aglianico and Taurasi wines. The hillside vineyards were very well kept and Claudio explained Il Cancelliere's philosophy of organic grape production and winemaking. None of Il Cancelliere's wines are subjected to filtration or clarification. Il Cancelliere – A Romano Family Winery | Wine Lovers Page
01312017 Ercolino family established Feudi San Gregorio with a vision to create exceptional, modern wines from indigenous Campania grapes. The winery (today owned by Antonio Capaldo) welcomes visitors with a tasting room, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a luxury guest house. Terlato Wines Welcomes Leading Campania Brand Feudi San Gregorio to Luxury Wine Portfolio | PR Newswire