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Fairy Tales
Illuminated statues of Peter Pan and Cinderella in the middle of two main squares of Salerno.

Chef Gennaro
Delicious fresh anchovies from Acqua Pazza in the town of Cetara.

Contrade di Taurasi
Aglianico reaches its highest expression in the form of Taurasi, one of Italy’s great red wines, which can age for many years.

122014 Digest

12012014 Luci d’Artista (Artist’s Lights) is a terrific event which takes place every year in Salerno, Campania, during Christmas holidays. Bringing a magic atmosphere into town, the performance of lights and colours gives visitors the chance to look at real artworks, by walking on the streets. This year’s theme is Aurora Borealis (Polar Lights) as well as the most famous Fairy Tales. Artist's Lights, the town of Salerno featuring the best light artworks | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper
12022014 From the outside the Cathedral of Salerno looks like a rather plain official building. But venture inside and you’ll find yourself in a treasure trove of fragrant incense, golden stones and embalmed saints. But it is the crypt that takes your breath away. The crypt is not as old as the foundation of the cathedral, but the decorations are highly original with marble in a thousand different colours used to design geometrical figures on the floor and the vaults. Light, candelabras and gilding give the room a golden glow that shrouds the tomb of the Apostle Matthew. The violent beauty of the Cathedral of Salerno | Italian Notes
12032014 If you have seen the ancient cities of Pompeii or Hercolaneum, Oplontis will complete your vision of the Roman World. Here you will really understand how ancient roman nobles spent a good time enjoying the weather, the climate and the products of the Bay of Naples. You will see the best preserved frescoes and mosaics, things that are unfortunately not available in Pompeii. Do not miss it! Oplontis: the Excavations of the Villa of Poppea | Leisure Italy
12042014 I had seen signs for Villa Oplontis many, many times while riding the ailing Circumvesuviana train between Sorrento and Napoli. The day I stepped off at Torre Annunziata was the day I stepped into a dream, the dream of Poppoea Sabina, thought to be the second wife of Nero. Wow, if she was the second wife, just imagine what the starter wife received? The archaeological site sits off the beaten path, about 5 miles west of Pompeii, and was buried by the infamous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in August 79 A.D. However, in my opinion, an amateur archaeology buff, this Villa is more well-preserved than its more famous ancient neighbor. A luxury Italian villa fit for a goddess! | Wanderlust Women Travel
12052014 Ischia is the largest island in the southern Italian region of Campania. Explore Ischia, one of Italy's lesser known destinations | The Globe and Mail
12062014 Capri town may be where the party scene is, but AnaCapri is the true sanctuary and the less pretentious part of the island, though equally charming. Mr. J and I stayed at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, which is indeed a “palace” with modern aesthetic. The art collection of its owner, Tonino Cacace is featured throughout the hotel and adorns Capri Palace with a personal touch. Exploring AnaCapri | white trinity
12072014 Once we arrived in Anacapri, we took a tour of Villa San Michele. The villa is off white with arches and staircases throughout, open air and had beautiful gardens that you can walk through. The villa had sculptures and busts about the rooms. San Michele’s gardens are adorned with numerous relics and works of art dating from ancient Egypt and other periods of antiquity. They now form part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani. Isle of Capri | 5 Wheels to 5 Star
12082014 I know, who writes postcards anymore? Well I do, better that than face matriarchal ire, mum loves a postcard. I wish I could say it's great to be home but it was so cold yesterday I wore gloves. Capri | Badinage
12092014 The walk down was of course much easier than up, so when I came to the fork in the road that Franco had suggested I take if I were not tired, I had revived. On to Grotta di Matermania. Andiamo! My continued energy was rewarded. An oasis within an oasis. Out of nowhere pops up Il Grottelle. I think I will! Ravioli Caprese per favore. giù per la montagna | Girl in Roam
12102014 "June, July, August? No,” says the concierge. “You go in May, September, October. You come now? Perfetto.” We’re sitting on a cushioned chaise longue at J.K. Place Capri, a boutique hotel on the island of Capri that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s a perfect sunny day, with a few clouds drifting over the summit of Mount Vesuvius, and I am receiving a crash course in Capri sightseeing from a gentleman who has worked in hotels all around the world, from Sorrento, Italy, to Sydney to San Francisco. Experience Italy’s most glamorous island during the off-season, when the crowds have long gone | RL Magazine
12112014 Italy is my dream. I dream it everyday of my life. And I am blessed to be able to come here every year. Dreams do come true. Greetings from Capri xo Italy Is A Dream... | Corinna B
12122014 I enjoyed lunch along Corso Vittorio Emanuele at the pretty Ristorante Giardiniello – here Gennaro Contaldo and I have a meeting of the minds: "Minori, Ancient Rheginna Minor, city of taste, is a small casket keeper of art, history, archeology and gastronomic traditions. In the maze of narrow streets the scent of earth and sea. At the Giardiniello restaurant, since 1955, thanks to the Di Bianco family that runs it with care, is always ready for the old recipe of Minori housewives. In the gorgeous garden, the triumph of the tastes of the sea of the Amalfi Coast, in the cool wine cellar prestigious regional and national labels." Minori | la vie boheme travel
12132014 Le Sirenuse, in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast, is the rare world-class property that manages to be at once patrician and utterly un-stuffy. Maybe it feels like a home because it was one—the original villa has been in the Sersale family for centuries. The Piranesi etchings and museum-quality antiques in the former chapel are family heirlooms, and the black-and-white photos in the spa chronicle the owner’s lifelong wanderlust. Gold List 2015: The Top Hotels in the World | Conde Nast Traveler
12142014 To explore the wider context, try Inntravel’s self-guided “Sorrento Peninsula” walking tour, a seven-night route for confident walkers which takes in the “Path of the Gods” high above Positano, a dramatic ridge walk to the peninsula’s southern tip, Punta Campanella, and a choice of routes on Capri, including one that links the Blue Grotto with Punta Carena lighthouse, via a series of British-built military forts from the Nelson era. Hiking in the Sorrento Peninsula | The Telegraph
12152014  Tanzio da Varallo, from Valsesia in Piedmont, came to Rome for the Jubilee of 1600. There he began to work with the man who was then most celebrated painter in the city, the “Knight of Arpino” (Giuseppe Cesari). But Tanzio also came into contact with Northern painters in the circle of Adam Elsheimer, and, above all, with the genius, Caravaggio. Tanzio then moved to Naples (thus his bond with the city!) and worked as a painter and perhaps also as a musician. It was in Naples that the Piedmontese master refined his stylistic language based on the naturalism of Caravaggio and his earliest disciples. In Naples: Tanzio's dialogue with Caravaggio | Italy24
12162014 The heir of Caesar had a special relationship with Nola and Campania in particular, where he died on 14 August, two thousand years ago. The Archaeological Museum and the Superintendent launch a full calendar to honor the "winner of the battle of Actium" with the event, multimedia movies, plays, debates, conferences and lectures  2014, year of Augustus: so Naples celebrates the first emperor of Rome | Charme tutto il bello di Napoli e della Campania
12172014 “Soave is the wind. Naples itineraries European music between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries” is the title of the first edition of the Festival created by the Foundation Pietà de ‘Turchini Naples, funded by the Campania Region: more than 35 events “spread” in 8 weekend of concerts, theater performances, international study days and conferences, film screenings copyright, meetings and conversations about literature, art itineraries and thematic initiatives for the little ones. Partenope embraces the “Early Music” | Charme tutto il bello di Napoli e della Campania
12182014 At the 27th edition of the European Film Awards Italy took home two important awards, one of which went to Pif in the category for Best Comedy and one to the animated feature film The Art of Happiness by Neapolitan director Alessandro Rak. Huge emotion was also expressed by Alessandro Rak, who dedicated his award to his city. The Art of Happiness was directed in Naples by 40 filmmakers, just 10 of whom are illustrators and animators for the Mad Entertainment studio, the leader in animated movies. Two Italian awards at the European "Oscar" night | Cineuropa
12192014 Cusano Mutri and Pietraroia are well into the Matese mountains (Pietraroia is the highest point in the province) and offer hiking, horseback riding, or just a wonderful drive through the mountains. After Pietraroia, it's a short drive to Bocca della Selva, a ski resort in winter and popular for its weekend market in summer. There's a wonderful restaurant there and in Cusano, where you will also find one of the best bakeries on earth, the Dolce Sosta. Five Day Trips through Benevento Province |
12202014 “Much Ado About Nothing” – and so marks our first day at the Villa La Groce at Amalfi, Italy. What a spectacular place. Amalfi sits on a cliff that stretches upwards 2,400’ from the sea and faces south. The Mediterranean Sea is very clear and blue, filled with small fishing boats to massive cruising yachts. To our left we see houses built into the side of cliffs and small mountains lining the curving coastline. It’s a scene from a painting! Amalfi Coast – Day 1 | The Dachner's Great Summer Adventure
12212014 The most popular dish in Avellino is minestra maritata con la pizza bionda (in dialect, 'a menesta maretata co' 'a pizza jonna) - literally, "married soup with blonde pizza." Every cook in Avellino makes it, although they make it only in wintertime. I had never made menesta. I was dreaming about it for two reasons: we are, without doubt, in wintertime! A week ago, Frank Fariello, author of “Memorie di Angelina”, the best Italian-American foodblog on the Web, posted an excellent recipe for minestra. (Angelina was from Apice, a town in the province of Benevento on the Avellinese border.) Married Soup with Blonde Pizza | Pensieri Meridionali
12222014 Piennolo DOP tomatoes on display on a local Vesuvian trattoria; it shows the way the tomatoes are placed on stalks for their cultivation and after harvest they need to be maintained on the same way for better conservation, this is according to an ancient tradition in Campania. Pompeii and Herculaneum, a walk on the roads of ash and wine | Montserrat Franco
12232014 Acqua Pazza restaurant is nestled in the heart of the tiny fishing village of Cetara, one of the only coastal towns which do not rely on tourism for their income, they still have their small fleets of fishing boats which go out each day…mainly for tuna and fresh anchovies, the town specialty. This is what Acqua Pazza do best, they actually have their own fishermen who fish exclusively for them and prepare some of the most mouth watering and sophisticated seafood dishes I have ever tried! Wonderful off the beaten track eateries on the Amalfi Coast! | My Amalfi Coast
12242014 Not many people seem to be familiar with a pasta dressing originating from the Amalfi Coast, specifically from the maritime village of Cetara: colatura di alici. Yet here, this sauce dating back to Roman times is part of the traditional meal prepared on Christmas eve, used as a sauce for spaghetti and linguine, which should be cooked in unsalted water since the colatura itself is quite salty. An Ancient Delicacy from the Amalfi Coast: Colatura di Alici | Italy Magazine
12252014 Taurasi 2009 “Contrade di Taurasi” 100% Aglianico Azienda Agricola Cantine Lonardo. The soil is of medium mixture with a strong presence of sedimentary rock composed mostly of volcanic ash, dry and rich in organic matter, formed by the disintegration of the rocks. The Aglianico Grape in Campania | Charles Scicolone on Wine
12262014 This year, the big news in Aglianico has been the granting of the DOCG to Benevento province’s Aglianico del Taburno, a promotion that many producers see as giving a boost to the prestige of Aglianico and its wines all through Campania. Such a lift would certainly be justified: Benevento has been producing lovely Aglianicos (and most at quite reasonable prices) for some time now. They have a different style from Avellino’s Aglianicos – softer, more giving, less austere in their youth, but with immediately recognizable Aglianico flavors. Campania Stories: Avellino | Tom's Wine Line
12272014 Casavecchia is an ancient grape from Campania’s Caserta province. Legend says that a single vine- 15 inches wide- was discovered in a walled garden of an old house (casa vecchia); a branch was planted, creating new vines. Former lawyer Peppe Mancini founded Terre del Principe in 2003. A native of Caserta, Mancini makes wine from Casavecchia as he recalls his grandfather doing. Explore Campania's unknown red wines | Star Ledger
12282014 Our favorite spot in Naples was the Pizzeria Di Matteo in Spaccanapoli. We sat down on a bench in the nearby Piazza San Gaetano and enjoyed our lunch. We were definitely full, all for 3€. The fried pizza didn’t have that much ricotta in it, but it was still really good for 1€. The margherita pizza, just like All the pizza we had in Naples had that amazing soft chewy crust. Yum. We actually came back here the next day and got more rice balls and the mac and cheese patties. Eating Cheap in Naples, Italy |
12292014 One azure morning in December, Laura Cozzolino arrived at her corner cafe in central Naples and ordered her usual: a dense espresso, which arrived steaming hot on the dark marble counter. She lingered over the aroma, then knocked it back in two quick sips. But instead of paying for one coffee, she paid for two, leaving the receipt for the other — a caffè sospeso, or suspended coffee — with the bartender for a stranger to enjoy. “It’s a simple, anonymous act of generosity,” said Ms. Cozzolino. Naples Journal: In Naples, Gift of Coffee to Strangers Never Seen | Nassau News Live
12302014 Anacapri is a very beautiful town with white washed villas and very narrow alleyways. How many engineers does it take to read a map and figure out how to get around this little island? Obviously three! As you can see from our outfits, the weather was crisp. Island of Capri - a sparkling gem | TheXtraSuitcase
12312014 As many Italians brushed away the snow to celebrate New Year's Eve Wednesday, even the normally sunny island playground of Capri suffered frozen pipes as temperatures dropped well below zero. Icy cold, snow blanket Italians celebrating New Year | Gazzetta del Sud

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The Mustilli Winery
A 400 year old cellar, an agriturismo and a wine bar in Sant'Agata dei Goti.

Christmas Alley
Alex visits an amazing market in Naples, which sells figurines.

UNESCO World Heritage 
  The Amalfi Coast is one of Europe’s most beautiful and premier 
destinations for yachting.

112014 Digest

11012014 It is local grapes all the way with the Mustilli’s – Falanghina and Aglianico perhaps more well-known than the Fiano, the Piedirosso and the Grifo di Rocca. All these wines shine brighter with food; and even expert palates struggle to appreciate this when faced with nothing more than a bread stick. Actually we didn’t even have those. We were offered some local apples after, the Annurca variety that only reveals its delicate red hue once picked and stored and turned regularly, we were told. In Photos – A Tasting at Mustilli Winery | Spittoon
11022014  Annurca apple is a Campanian cultivar native of Sant'Agata dei Goti (in the province of Benevento), medium-small in size and with a roundish, squashed shape. Its skin is smooth, thick and waxy, yellow-greenish in colour and bluse in red when exposed to sunlight. Its pulp is white and crunchy, its taste sweet and aromatic. This is a very ancient variety, developping in a typical mediterranean climate. It does not ripen on the tree: apples are harvested when still immature and green-yellowish in colour, and are then laid on straw beds where they reach maturation and their peculiar reddish hue. This cultivar gives its best when cultivated in extremely favourable pedoclimatic conditions, such as those of the area surrounding Sant'Agata dei Goti. Sant’Agata dei Goti Annurca Apple | Slow Food International
11032014 While most apples mature happily even in the dark, the annurca apple requires space, light and an added human touch. For this reason they are more expensive than other varieties. However the annurcha apples will keep through the entire winter. They are perfect for baking, jams and many extraordinary liqeurs. . . not bad for the ugly duckling of the apple world. From October to December Annurca apples are celebrated in local festivals at Benevento, Maddaloni and S. Agata dei Goti. Annurca Apples: Sweet Gift from the Earth | Savour the Sannio
11042014 Touring Club Italiano (Italy's major national tourist organization) nominated it one of the best small towns in Italy because “Historians assert that this picturesque town, hidden among the moss terrace between the two tributaries of the river Isclero and not far from Mount Taburno, rose up on the site of the Samnite city of Saticula in 313 B.C. Sant'Agata de' Goti and Bill de Blasio | i-ITALY
11052014 Procida was magical... beautiful.... and we did also eat rather well! We did the usual trusty googling / TripAdvisor (though we mostly use TripAdvisor to check out the really negative reviews and laugh at them!) and came across La Lampara on Marina Corricella. It looked pretty good, and apparently the views were lovely so we wandered down. And yes, the views are amazing. And the food ain't bad either. Procida, La Lampara Restaurant in Marina Corricella | Living in Sin
11062014 On a recent visit to Naples – the home of Pulcinella, whose like is every where, I came across the following recipe for Castagnaccio. Castagna (Chesnut) | pulcinellapasta
11072014 In Naples, it is usually part of a traditional Christmas (or Easter) lunch. As my family doesn’t do “traditional Christmas lunches”, I was tempted to order it when I saw it among the starters at Taverna Estia – minestra maritata “a modo mio” (my way), the menu said. As the chef, Francesco Sposito, is one of the rising stars of Italian cuisine, I was curious as to what “his way” was. When it arrived, it didn’t look like a soup: everything was arranged in a sort of millefeuille with layers of meats and vegetables. Taverna Estia, Brusciano (Napoli): tradition, invention. | More than you can lift
11082014 Just near the National Archeological Museum, over in Naples' historic centre, you'll find an equally cherished relic of the past: Lombardi, a pizzeria that's been run by that eponymous family since 1905. Brothers Nando and Gigi man the oven these days, and it's these guys who are known for their smoked provola pizza. Again, it's sensational. Where to find the best pizza in Naples | Traveller
11092014 Be warned – we’ve never met a single person who went to the Amalfi Coast and didn’t want to stay there and never come back. The place is… just amazing. Everywhere you turn, you’ll want to take a picture. Love is in the air. The food – we have no words. Can you get married there? Oh yes! But before you do, you’ll wonder whether to get married in Ravello, or maybe Positano, Sorrento or Capri? Top 12 Alternative Destinations for Weddings Abroad |
11102014 The road to the town twists and turns with ever widening glimpses of an impossibly blue sea. Our campsite was a little out of the town, like everything in Sorrento it was built on terraces down the cliff, affording sweeping views of Sorrento and the Bay of Naples. The city of Naples glittering in the background like a bridesmaid hiding behind the bride’s dress. Over the wine dark sea | The View From the Table
11112014 Each town had numerous cafes to explore, yummy gelato stands, and of course samplings of all of the freshest seafood. My suggestion is to get a driver and take a day or two to explore each town and be spontaneous. Whether you want to spend the day on the beach or out on the water exploring the grottos, the Amalfi Coastline is an adventure waiting to happen! A Drive Along The Amalfi Coast | Bon Traveler
11122014  Everyone has heard of the Amalfi Coast – Italy’s mountainous World Heritage littoral which grandstands its way south of the Sorrento Peninsula. The great finger of the peninsula is dramatic enough, terminating, as it does, the massive, blue, Vesuvius-dominated, sweep south of the Bay of Naples. But around the corner – around the massive limestone crags where the Sirens used to lure their sailor prey – you come to the vertiginous littoral that has been attracting mankind for millennia. Life on the Vertical in the Sorrento Peninsula | Ramblers Worldwide Holidays
11132014 All of Hotel Santa Caterina's rooms are spacious and filled with light, with floors in antique hand-painted majolica, marble bathrooms with brass fixtures, and balconies with views over the sea of Amalfi or the garden. Two glassed-in elevators descend to a private beach. What’s Your Dream Coastal Hotel? | Coastal Living
11142014 It was how we found the B & B Punta Civita, a slice of Shangri-La halfway up the hill from Amalfi to Ravello. Our pristine room included a large patio that was, for lack of a better word, phantasmagorical. We seemed to be hovering over the Mediterranean 500 feet below, our view framed by blooming bougainvillea, so resplendent that it would have seemed artificial if not for the hummingbird-like moths that fed on the flowers. New approach to Capri and the Amalfi Coast | Star Tribune
11152014 With a heavenly location overlooking the enchanting Faraglioni rocks and azure seas, Punta Tragara Capri encompasses the very essence of the timeless beauty of Capri. Originally conceived by legendary architect, Le Corbusier, and situated in the heart of the island, just a short walk from the Piazzetta, this 44 room and suite property offers panoramic views, a charming spa and two restaurants offering mouthwatering Mediterranean delicacies. The luxurious hotel Punta Tragara, Capri, Italy | Adelto
11162014 In the center of Capri's eponymous main town, she bypassed the Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana outposts, as well as some overrated local operations. She paused in the main piazza above the port for an aperitivo under the blue striped awning at Bar Tiberio. Soon, she was darting into narrow streets where few tourists (or anyone, really) ventured. Her favorite shops are run by locals, though they may not necessarily seem like finds at the door. "They all speak to me in some way - but not from the outside," Ms. Thun said. "You need to go in to discover." The Insider's Guide to Shopping in Capri | The Wall Street Journal
11172014 On the Italian island of Capri, the most beautiful view is found on one of the world's most beautiful footpaths.The zigzagging Via Krupp, which was carved into the island's south coast in 1902, reopened recently after being closed for 30 years and restored. 11 Spectacular Cliff Paths | The World Geography
11182014 As it turned out, Marie Curie, famous for her work with radioactivity, came to Ischia in the early 1900s to do a study of its thermal waters. Ischia is a volcanic island, home to many thermal pools and hot springs. Ischia, depending on the eras of history, attracted the nobility of its days, wallowed in decline, returned to popularity, only to eclipse one more time. In the modern era, it was the construction of the Regina Isabella that brought on the island’s most ballyhooed days of fame and fortune, when the jet-setters of the world came to play. Back in the early 1900s, there was a natural spring and “spa,” where the hotel is now, and it was here where Marie Curie did her work. So, there was always a structure on this piece of coast line in the town of Lacco Ameno. The Constant Traveler: Ischia island of Italy | East Valley Tribune
11192014 I met another inspirational businessman, Mauro Squillace, at his “factory” on the third floor of a dilapidated apartment building, where old ladies who have worked for his family for 60 years sit and stitch the 25 individual components that make up a proper glove. He makes gloves for all the couture houses and works out colours and trends for every season a year in advance. I did not resist temptation! Alex Polizzi's homage to secret Italy - Naples and Ravello | The Telegraph
11202014 Check out Naples’s aquarium (the oldest in Europe, with 200 different species of fish and marine plants) and the Museo Nazionale Ferroviario (National Railway Museum), which enthralls children with its old engines, cars, and railway equipment. 100 Places That Can Change Your Child's Life | National Geographic Travel
11212014 Visit one of the most popular squares in Naples – Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. The polygonal apse, stairs of the church, the sixteenth-century Palazzo Corigliano and palace Sangro Casacalenda Petrucci are the main attractions here. San Domenico Maggiore church was constructed at the end of the 14th century. It has baroque and gothic decorations with various splendid frescos of Caravaggio and other artists. Except amazing architecture you can come across many shops and exquisite restaurants. 7 Naples And Sorrento Destinations For A Memorable Car Trip! | Your Amazing Places
11222014 Recently I have started being more open with tailors I visit allowing them to select a cloth and style that they think will work for me. I went purely to get a Neapolitan style suit in navy, the colour which seems to best represent the city of Naples due to it’s maritime history. I was happy to let Gennaro recommend the best cloth and styling which he thought would work well for me. Allowing a tailor to select the fabric also ensures they are happy with the cloth and how it actually tailors. A Trip to Sartoria Solito and Caccioppoli, Naples. | Milan Style
11232014 I explained that I wanted a patch pocket because I loved the shape of the Neapolitan patches. They have so much more subtle style and swerve, such insouciant bounce, compared to their rather practical, square and hunting-related cousins in the UK. The patch outbreast pocket is the perfect distillation of that style. Reduced in size and slapped on the top of the jacket like a badge, it shows off all the best of Neapolitan style in miniature detail. It is small – you can barely get a handkerchief in it, certainly not a full-sized linen one. And it is cute. Elia Caliendo: final jacket | The Rake magazine
11242014 For a taste of this quintessentially Neapolitan lifestyle, head just northwest of the port, to the city's Spanish Quarter. Here, the streets -- laid out in the 16th century for the Spanish military barracks outside the city walls -- are unbelievably narrow (and cool in summer), and the buildings rise five stories high. Wave to someone on a balcony lining the walls of the urban canyon high above. Naples: Italy in your face | Chicago Tribune
11252014 Charming homes with balconies and flowerpots. Lots to see in this city, comfortable bars to sit and drink an aperitivo before dinner, and lots of ceramics. Elvio Sagnella will be happy to show you around his workshop and bottegas. Some of the best ceramics in the area! Cerreto Sannita |
11262014 Once favoured by the kings of Italy and Spain as a hunting lodge where they took pot-shots at wild boar and quail, it's also the home and ancestral seat of the Prince of Belmonte. He is an affable gentleman who welcomes guests with all the effortless style you'd expect from an Italian aristo. He has quite a bloodline, with three popes, three saints and one King of Sicily in the family tree. The exquisite palazzo does his pedigree justice. Sweeping gravel drive, grand stone arched entrance and there you are in the courtyard of the original palace, now part of the hotel, where swags of jasmine, honeysuckle and roses scent the air. Move over Amalfi: Why the Cilento Coast is Italy's true beauty - not to mention quieter and cheaper than Positano and Sorrento | DailyMail
11272014 The rugged Amalfi Coast creates many natural, beautiful – and above all, well protected harbours; these secluded bays of shining azure waters that are just waiting for you to drop anchor. The mild and warm year round climate and consistently pleasant sailing conditions means that chartering here is almost always suitable, providing you with a stress free and relaxing experience. This stretch of coast is steeped in the tradition of sailing, and these magnificent waters are sprinkled with charming traditional fishing ports that provided sheltered havens for luxury yacht charters. The Freedom of the Amalfi Coast | Luxury Travel Guide
11282014 As we wandered back to town, we passed a greengrocer that sold lemons the size of my E cups. The old Italian papa was on the steps sweeping out the front of the shop and was whistling away to himself. I thought I recognised the tune, and realised it was Ravel's Boléro. You should go to Positano before you die - you can't get it wrong. Italians do it better! | Tatler
11292014 Crystal-clear waters, scenic vistas, and -- most importantly -- incredible cuisine: We think the Amalfi Coast is just about the perfect travel destination. Win a Culinary Trip of a Lifetime to the Amalfi Coast | Fathom
11302014 There is undoubtedly an air of magnificence about the procession of Sant' Andrea, and it moves me to think of it happening here in this very spot surrounded by the people of Amalfi for so many centuries now. The sunlight catches on the 18th-century silver and gold statue, and you can feel the significance of this event for the people of Amalfi. Festival of Sant' Andrea in Amalfi | Ciao Amalfi

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Getting to Capri

British Airways and EasyJet both fly to Naples. Ferries
and hydrofoils sail regularly from Naples to Capri.

The passeggiata on the waterfront

When I dream of Italy, i’m wandering
along the shimmering Bay of Naples.

Cascata Capelli di Venere

pools, streams and 
sparkling waterfalls 

102014 Digest

10012014 Any visit to Capri is likely to start and finish in Marina Grande which, as already mentioned, can be a grim experience in high season. So entrust your suitcase to the local porters' cooperative and grab a taxi or join the queue for the trundling 1907 funicolare and you will be up the hill in Capri town before you can say 'granita'. Rock steady: Capri | Condé Nast Traveller
10022014 We chose a tour that took just over an hour. The tour guide was so funny with his descriptions of the sights we saw. The tour guide made sure the boat ducked into caves along the coast, sited houses on the cliff that belonged to people like Sofia Loren, spotted a road that was called “Mamamia Road” which hung onto the side of a cliff, hence the name and went through archways and around small islands!! Isle of Capri and Amalfi Coast Italy | Travel Blog
10032014  The gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta are another attraction that I first discovered through Monty Don’s Great Gardens of Italy series. The images of the Bath of Venus in the English Garden had especially enchanted me. So on a recent visit to Campania I made sure that Caserta was on the itinerary. The turquoise and emerald hues of Caserta’s English Garden | Italian Gems
10042014 The Royal Palace was constructed between 1752 until 1780 by Luigi Vanvitelli for the Bourbon kings of Naples.  It was inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France.  It has 1,200 rooms, 40 of which are monumental and richly decorated with frescoes and 120 hectares of garden.  Like with Versailles, it needed water taken directly to the palace, thus the Aqueduct of Vanvitelli was built.  It was intended to display the grandeur of the Bourbon monarchy. Pear and Warm Caramelized Grape Salad with Gorgonzola Sauce and Caserta, Italy | Apron and Sneakers
10052014 Caserta's La Reggia palace and grounds could bring new energy and a sense of ownership to citizens of a tourist destination—if only it wasn't so hard to get in. La Reggia is a bit like the National Mall in Washington, D.C., or a kind of elongated and extended Central Park. But this park is sealed at the perimeter. What if the grounds of La Reggia were opened up, inviting the inhabitants of the city to populate the space instead of shutting them out? Why Is Italy's 'National Mall' so Unwelcoming? | CityLab
10062014 The fishponds in the gardens of the Royal Palace, the Royal Silk Factory and the planned new town all required large amounts of water, and so the Carolino Aqueduct was built (completed in 1769) to bring water from the Fizo spring over a distance of 38 km to the top of Montebriano. In 1744 Charles III acquired the rich Carditello estate. The hunting lodge there was built in 1784, as part of a complex of rural houses and roads radiating fanwise from the main building. This had the royal apartments in the centre and rooms for agricultural and stock-rearing activities on either side. Italy, 18th-Century Royal Palace at Caserta with the Park, the Aqueduct of Vanvitelli, and the San Leucio Complex | Unesco Postcards
10072014 Obviously, Italy offers an abundance of cultural options, but what if you just want to kick back, drink wine, and knock a few years off your face? For that, there’s Ischia. Good For: Couples, groups of friends, and families who are looking for long stretches of sandy beach (a rarity in Italy) and the equivalent of adult water parks in the form of thermal spas. Joan Rivers should wisen up and sub Ischia for her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Ischia is known to be the Fountain of Youth. Ischia – Italians Know Best |
10082014 First stop was the thermal spring of Sorgeto, a cove where the water is warmed to a near boiling temperature by volcanic activity. The nearest bus stop to this natural wonder is in Panza, a small town a 20 minute walk away. To get to Sorgeto you descend the steepest hill I have ever seen paved with road, and on my walk I tried to forget that what goes down must go up. The cove is a really neat natural wonder. But it’s also a small area, and, despite the lousy weather, was packed with people. This is the ocean after all, and just as I would relax in the warm soothing waters, a wave would come bringing in a stream of cold water or sending my body hurling into the nearby young couple attempting to have a romantic afternoon. Sorry to crash your party. Desperately Lost on the Island of Ischia | Something In Her Ramblings
10092014 The smallest and most authentic of the three Parthenopean islands, less crowded than Ischia and less famous and sophisticated than Capri, Procida is a little jewel. With its secret bays, small fishers hamlets and brightly colored Mediterranean architecture, the island is a little photographer’s paradise. The many testimonies by Roman poets and historians who praised the island show that it was as famous as Capri and Ischia in ancient times. It was cited by Virgilius who called it “high” and by Statius who defined it as “aspera” (steep). The 3 poets’ islands in the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia and Procida | Slow Italy
10102014 It stands on the highest promontory of the island of Procida, about 91 meters above sea level. Murata became the residential area of the island of Procida by taking the known Earth House. The core construction of the original Earth House looks oval, interlaced with streets that bear witness, even today, everyday life that developed around the Abbey. The only example of aristocratic architecture in the Earth House, is the Palazzo De Iorio, considered the home of Giovanni da Procida, the first feudal lord of the island and hero of the Sicilian Vespers. Terra Murata: The heart of the island of Procida | Turismo in Italia
10112014 As owner of her agriturismo located near the beautiful ancient ruins in Paestum, Cecilia Bellelli Baratta teaches guests about the flavors of Campania in her manor kitchen. Fall in Campania with Cecilia Bellelli Baratta | Eataly
10122014 Head east from Morigerati towards the town of Casaletto Spartano, to see the Cascata Capelli di Venere, a waterfall named the “Hair of Venus”, made up of delicate cascades. This is a truly spectacular spot to swim, so plunge in and cool down under the fast-flowing rivulets of the small waterfall, which flows over a cave covered with moss. From the car park another path goes further downstream, leading to a bend with other beautiful pools to explore. There are quiet places where you can pitch a tent. If you walk up the slope of the hill above the pool, you will find a picnic area. Top 10 wild swimming locations in Italy | The Guardian
10132014 Bruno De Conciliis espoused his winemaking philosophy as he drove toward Cilento. From the back seat, I scrambled to write down what he was saying: “Wine needs to be both brains and soul,” he said. “A perfect wine is not as important. That’s not what wine is.  Wine must be the mirror of a vintage. We can play with it in soft ways, but we must be faithful to the vintage. Wine isn’t just black and white. It has layers of grays, pinks, and reds. If you force wine in a particular direction, wine will become angry with you. You lose its life if you control it too much. I don’t want to make Coca-Cola.” Bruno may have more of a philosophical outlook than other winemakers, but reading over his quote today still accurately sums up what makes Italy’s best wines so special. It Started in Naples | A Modern Meal Maker
10142014 As every year the most important antiques exhibition of Cilento traditionally takes place at Castello Macchiaroli. The ancient building in the old town of Teggiano gives this fair the wright atmosphere. Here aficionados as well as professionell salesmen can admire furniture from the 18th century, precious paintings and prints, sculptures, jewellery, classy porcelain and choice carpeting. Teggiano Antiquaria - Antiques fair | Cilentano
10152014 Archaeological finds old and new are on show at Paestum’s Museo Nazionale Archeologico, during the exhibition of Immaginando Città, running till October 30th and highlighting the foundations, form and functions of Campania’s cities. The exhibition is a discovery of prehistoric communities, three antique villages and urban centers, parts preserved and parts destroyed in time, given the various eruptions of Mr. Vesuvius during the Bronze Age (1800 to 1400 B.C.E.). “Imagining the City” in Paestum |
10162014 However Paestum is also renowned for its tombs decorated with painted scenes. This style of tomb decoration blossomed under the Lucanians, a native people from mainland Italy who took over the city around 400 B.C. The scenes depict funerary games and rituals; the deceased on his/her deathbed, chariot racing, hunting scenes and duals between men. The Painted Tombs of Paestum | Following Hadrian
10172014 The magnificent Doric temples of Paestum open early, so beat the crowds and delight in the grassy archaeological site of the ancient city. You’re now in wine country and can easily get to whichever of the nearby wineries takes your fancy: Luigi Maffini, San Giovanni or San Salvatore are recommended. Never turn up without an appointment: you may be disappointed as these are small, family farms without full-time guides – but that’s what makes them so great to visit. Make sure to sample the southern Campanian wine highlights: Fiano, Greco and Aglianico. My perfect day in Cilento | Decanter
10182014 'It has to be Southern Italy. Campania is the centre of the universe for buffalo mozzarella, Puglia for olive oil and Amalfi for lemons so sweet you can eat them like oranges. All winter I dream about spaghetti vongole at a beach bar with a cold bottle of white wine.' Top food destination | Condé Nast Traveller UK
10192014 ‘Frittatina di maccheroni’ and ‘Crocchè’. These are two typical examples of Neapolitan street food. The former consists of a mountain of pasta dressed with béchamel, peas and a meat sauce.  The pasta is then topped with pancetta, coated in bread crumbs and fried. On the contrary, ‘Crocchè di Patate’ or potato croquettes are made with boiled potatoes to which eggs and parsley are added. The potatoes are rolled by hand to form a long, cigar-like shape, also known in Neapolitan as a ‘Panzarotto’. According to tradition, no milk or cheese is added and the ‘Crocchè’ are not crumbed. Street food. A roller coaster of Neapolitan taste | Where Naples
10202014 Gourmet cuisine in Naples using locally produced mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Photo Album | Cellar Tours
10212014 Ok, as you may have seen over the last few posts, we ate a lot of pizza whilst on honeymoon! And we went to the Mecca of pizza a.k.a. Naples, where pizza is meant to have been created originally. And oh my does Naples know how to make awesome pizza! Pizza pizza pizza everywhere! My idea of heaven even though Naples is maybe not everyone's idea of heaven as it is rather chaotic! I would call this "The Top 5 pizzas in Naples" but that might be cheating as we only went to 5 pizzerias in Naples, and one of them we went twice. We had a hard time picking an overall winner as they were all good and for different reasons. The best pizzas in Naples and why we liked them! | Living in Sin
10222014 The pizzas they produce reflect the country's traditionally minimalist style, shunning the unusual toppings that were once fashionable there. And recognition of the quality of Japanese pies is growing. Japan has 54 pizzerias certified as authentically Neapolitan by the Association for Genuine Neapolitan Pizza, the Italian group that sets the rigorous standards governing authentic pies. In Japan, Traditional Italian Pizza Is Tops | The Wall Street Journal
10232014 Experiencing the city’s street life is something unique: much drama and beauty go on in timeless Naples. The city also unveils a mysterious subterranean network of ancient passageways, catacombs and ancient ruins you shall not miss when visiting. Naples during autumn means also  enjoying gorgeous sunny days on the city’s bay: the Mediterranean climate combines with the safety of the bay to create a mild climate enjoyed in history by a series of Roman emperors. 5 reasons to go to Naples before Christmas |
10242014 There are four rooms at Casa D'Anna, each named after the islands in the Bay of Naples: Capri, Ischia, Procida and Nisida. The former three are off a corridor where large artworks of female nudes, painted by one of the owners, line the walls. Each of the rooms has a small balcony and individual touches – a high-backed sofa here, some plum-coloured bedclothes there – plus Etro toiletries throughout. Casa D'Anna, Naples: B&B and beyond | The Independent
10252014 When I dream of Italy, i’m wandering along the shimmering Bay of Naples. The mountainous backdrop rises up to meet a baby blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. A faint smell of citrus drifts on the breeze and tugs at my hair as I watch several white boats skim the water’s surface, leaving a bubbling trail behind them. An old castle fortress stands high on a hilltop, its many levels adding dimension to the landscape. Why I Love Southern Italy | timelessitaly
10262014 The Festa della Castagna, or Chestnut Autumn colors at the Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Ravello160pxFestival, takes place each year in Scala – a quiet village located high in the mountains above Amalfi. An autumn favourite, this food festival celebrates the harvest with traditional games, music, a lively donkey race through the village streets and, of course, roasted chestnuts, local specialties and desserts prepared with chestnut themes. Autumn has arrived on the tables of the Amalfi Coast. From Here to There: Autumn in Amalfi | Italia! magazine
10272014 But even without the Ferrari do not get there any other way apart from driving – rent the best convertible you can afford from Hertz, get ready to get lost (it’s impossible to navigate there first go) and enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. The link between these worlds is Strada Statale 163 – the ‘road of 1,000 bends’ – commissioned by King Ferdinand II of Naples and completed in 1852. Amalfi Coast | The Travel Guru
10282014 Albori (Amalfi Coast) Near Sorrento you'll discover this little corner of paradise. You'll visit and no doubt have to leave but your heart will always stay here, lost for ever in the narrow lanes and merry jumble of bougainvillea bedecked cottages. The Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy | My Italy
10292014 La Sponda is the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant that plays up the beauty of Amalfi just perfectly. The entire restaurant is lit by candlelight – more than 400 candles to be precise, giving it a romantic glow. Ivy and plants twine up the walls and large windows open up to the outside giving you beautiful views of Positano’s mountains by night. Travel Guide: Positano’s La Sponda | Bellavita Style
10302014 Guests can enjoy in 20 metres, outdoor, heated pool, Rossellinis – 1 Michelin star restaurant, Caffé dell’Arte, Terrazza Belvedere, Spa/Beauty centre and Beach Club Club House by the Sea, 15 minute drive from Ravello. Perched 1000 feet above the Gulf of Salerno, 20 minutes from the crowded Positano, this hotel is the heaven on earth. Palazzo Avino – Deluxe Hotel on Italy’s famed Amalfi coast | Extravaganzi
10312014 Rossellinis, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant offers an unforgettable and authentic Italian meal paired with handpicked regional wines in an intimate, candlelit setting. Or, for something more casual, there’s the Terrazza Belvedere, which features a terrace perched over the property, where guests can enjoy an assortment of small bites and fresh pastas, while overlooking magnificent views of the coastline. The hotel also offers a unique Lobster & Martini Bar, which offers the freshest local lobster paired with Champagne, Prosecco or 65 different Martini’s, crafted with seasonal fruit. We Imagine This Is What Heaven Looks Like : Palazzo Avino | Celebzter