Tuesday, February 21, 2017

THE ENTIRE ISLAND TO OURSELVES I had been to Capri with my mother almost 10 years ago, so seeing it now with Tony was a dream come true. All of the memories came flooding back the instant we stepped onto the ferry. It is hands down one of my most favorite places on this earth, and seeing it in the winter without a bunch of tourists running around just made it that much more true. Capri + Anacapri, Italy - Our Italian Honeymoon | Costola Photography

Sunday, February 19, 2017

HOMEMADE PASTA U' fusillu made in Felitto, close to Salerno, is a hollow pasta cilinder, 18 to 22 cm long, handmade with eggs, flour, salt, water, olive oil and a 4 faced iron tool. Famous restaurant in Paestum have to order them straight from the ladies of Felitto to include them in their menus. Fusillo di Felitto | Made in South Italy Today.com

Saturday, February 18, 2017

FRESHY CITRUSY NOTES But one of the most remarkable expressions of volcanic wine-growing is to be found on the Island of Ischia, right in front of Naples, where the vine planted terraces, perched on slopes overlooking the sea, assume a fairytale look. The volcanic effect of Italian wines | FineDiningLovers

Friday, February 17, 2017

PERFECT WITH THE PIZZA! Among the wines I tasted and drank was the Gragnano 2015 “Otto uve” Penisola Sorrentina from Salvatore Martusciello. It is made from Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso. This is a red sparkling wine that is a favorite in the Naples area with pizza. Gragnano OttoUve | Charles Scicolone on Wine

Thursday, February 16, 2017

WHAT'S ON THE SCROLLS! For over two millennia, scrolls from the ancient town of Herculaneum eluded analysis. Left buried under the ashes when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the scrolls were preserved -- but in a charred and illegible state. 2,000 years later, scientists finally know what's in these charred Roman scrolls | CNN

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CAPRI SANDALS Many are made with leather and are adorned with beads and stones.  I windowshopped several locations until I found a store that had designs that I liked, the shop of Vincenzo Faiella. Vincenzo's family has been making sandals for generations. I left wearing a pair, and with another pair in a bag! The Best Things to Buy When Shopping in Capri | Tourissimo

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ESCAPE ROUTE We opted for the ‘standard’ tour of the Bourbon Tunnel. First we descended 30m below ground into 17th century water cisterns carved directly into the tuff stone. Mariarosaria showed us the footholds in the rock which the pozzari (maintenance man) for the cisterns would have used to climb in and out through the well shaft. Underground Naples | two year trip

Monday, February 13, 2017

CHARMING POSITION Our room was also wonderful - a nice, big bed, little sitting area and an gorgeous terrace with a day bed overlooking the water, Mount Vesuvius and the castle. The hotel also had an indoor pool and a spa, both of which we did not get a chance to experience, but we were able to check out their rooftop area with a few jet tubs, day beds, etc. Honeymoon Recap: Ischia | Burpees to Bubbly

Sunday, February 12, 2017

HIDDEN TREASURES It’s a rare chance to view over 150 little known works of art, paintings and sculptures, from the mid-1200s to our days, which belong to foundations, banking institutions and private collections. These are works of great artistic value, steeped in the reality of the very heart of Naples - Spaccanapoli. A treasure chest of formidable artwork in the ancient heart of Naples | ItalyEurope24 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

HOLDING POSSESSION Napoli are surging. They've gone the last 13 matches undefeated, they recently ravaged Bologna 7-1, and former sub Dries Mertens is playing arguably better than any other striker in Serie A. Surely, if there's a good time to play Champions League juggernauts Real Madrid, then that time is now? Can Napoli get Real? | Football Italia

Friday, February 10, 2017

AVOID THE CROWDS! At first mist obscured the views of the sea but it was still a gorgeous hike past towering limestone mountains, colourful wildflowers, and ancient abandoned stone houses, through forests and meadows of long grasses. Eventually the mist burned away and the deep blue sea revealed itself far below, with views of Positano, its houses clinging to the cliff. Hiking the Path of the Gods (And the Amalfi Coast on a Budget) | Never Ending Voyage

Thursday, February 9, 2017

GRANTURISMO DRIVE THE COAST The trip took them high into the mountains overlooking the Amalfi Coast stopping on the way in Sorrento. Both Podge & Tubbs felt that this town was an absolute delight to discover. Naples | PodgeThePuffer's World

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

NAPLES AND AMALFI COAST Napoli is a microcosm of everything that Italy has to offer. Its ancient quarter, for example, is older than Rome’s – and it’s the closest Italian city to Mt. Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii. Is also a great spot for beach goers!  An Amazing Itinerary for Three Weeks in Italy | Leave Your Daily Hell

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SIGHTSEEING TOUR Thanks to Vespa expert and friendly driver guide, Naples best places, buildings, breath-taking views, and legends will be at your fingertips in a day. Naples Italy Tour on Vespa | Lookals

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MAMMA MIA! Among the many friggitorie which sell potato croquettes, fried rice balls, deep-fried zucchini flowers or eggplant slices, found at every turn in Naples, Friggitoria Vomero has a reputation for being the best in town. It also has the added advantage of being located in Vomero, the most hip and fashionable neighborhood in the city. The Top 10 Places To Eat In Napoli | Culture Trip

Sunday, February 5, 2017

DINING EXPERIENCE Right in the historic center of Naples, in a Palace of the XVII century. A balcony over the roofs and the cupolas that leads to the sea. Just in the street that leads to our house there is one of the most famous fish shop of the city (Pescheria Azzurra). Here we buy the fish for our dinners or lunch, always fresh! Seafood in the historic center of Naples! | BonAppetour

Saturday, February 4, 2017

STUDENT ACCESSIBILITY Cash should be reserved for food, drink, day trips and the small ticket price you’ll pay for a sun lounger on a deck in Sorrento. In terms of eating out- while there are certainly many high-end options available throughout the bay - there are plenty of low-key alternatives, serving brilliant Italian food for a good price. Cheap Trips: The Bay of Naples | Redbrick

Friday, February 3, 2017

HIGH-SPEED TRAIN STATION The cobra-like steel structure plans o interlink Naples to Rome. London bases architect, Zaha Hadid, leads the design and hopes that it would be more than just a train station. The Napoli-Afragola will also house public spaces, cafes, promenades and more. Five Beautiful Buildings And Museums To Open This 2017 | Travelers Today

Thursday, February 2, 2017

HERITAGE TRAVEL AND TOURISM Campania stands 2nd in the ranking of regions with the number of visitors. Archaeological heritage has a lion’s share on the increase. In the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine, the Archaeological Museum of Naples and the archaeological park of Paestum and Pompeii 11 million ticket sales had been registered in the past year. Italian museum registered record number of visitors in 2016 | Tourism-review.com

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

MOZZARELLA HIGHWAY Between towering Ancient Greek temples and the pristine Mediterranean Sea lies the vast Piana del Sele Paestum. Known for millennia as the “plain of the gods,” this region of Campania in southern Italy is also home to the water buffalo that produce some of the world’s most heavenly mozzarella. Mozzarella di bufala paradise in Paestum | Luxeat 



01012017 The famous fresco appears: Priapos compeers on the weight between prosperity of family and money – “nude as the roman goods him created”. The fruit basket tells from the abundance of the owners of the home of the Vettii in Pompeii, as well as the two boxes for the money and the families documents. Pompeii/Italy - House of the Vettii – Grand Reopening after decades | Capritravelguide.com
01022017 The following day the group trekked up Mount Vesuvius where they marvelled at the stunning views over the Bay of Naples. Amelia added: “Nothing will ever beat standing on top of Vesuvius and seeing all of the Bay of Naples.” Roedean girls get classical in Italy | The Argus
01032017 La Paranza Cooperative is bringing Naples' ancient catacombs back to life. These teen tour guides are united by their desire to help their city and their love of the catacombs, which they reopened to the public. The Greatest Teen Job in the World Might Be Reopening Italian Catacombs | Atlas Obscura
01042017 While visiting the ancient mountaintop stronghold of Ravello we happened to follow a group of local teens around a corner and down a long steep staircase. At the bottom was a stone path, followed by another steep staircase. Amalfi Coast Hiking: Ravello to Minori | Wanderlust Duo
01052017 The best restaurant in Sorrento for its seafood is Caruso, a veritable museum devoted to the maestro and an enchanting and romantic place to dine in any of the small, cozy rooms. Its langoustines are fat and sweet, its pasta with vongole clams superb. The Rugged Beauty of the Amalfi Coast | The Huffington Post
01062017 But the more I read about it and saw photos of the incredible views from 2000 feet above sea level on the Amalfi Coast, I reconsidered and decided to go for it while I was in Positano to write. It would be only one of two excursions I did while spending two weeks relaxing and writing. My Adventure on the Path of the Gods | Margie Miklas/ Author
01072017 Called NaturArte Project, it lines Praiano’s streets with ceramic plaques and sculptures, creating a kind of open-air museum that unfolds along eight different routes. Like many towns along the coast, Praiano has a tradition of ceramic decorations, including a network of centuries-old small religious shrines made of majolica tiles. By the Sea Where the Sirens Called, an Italian Town Beckons Tourists With Art | The New York Times
01082017 Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels are putting the biggest city in southern Italy firmly on the visitor map. Young Neapolitans’ favourite place to unwind with an aperitif is bar-lined Piazza Bellini. Things to do in Naples: where to stay, eat and drink | London Evening Standard
01092017 The capital of Campania, birthplace of pizza and largest city in Southern Italy, Naples is without a doubt one of the most fascinating places in the country. The 10 Best Hotels In Naples, Italy | The Culture Trip
01102017 "The three Greek temples at Paestum, south of Naples, are considered the finest in the Greek world – finer even than those of Greece itself," he says. More places in Italy you never thought to visit (but really should) |The Telegraph
01112017 In Paestum Hera was not only the Goddess of fertility, but also of childbirth.  An elaborate pool was built for Hera where women who were trying to conceive could bathe and sit, but also where women would come to ask Hera for an easy childbirth. Discover The Ancient Greek temples Of Paestum | Corinna B's World
01122017 Jaime’s co-workers arranged a weekend outing to Caserta to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta. Luckily for me, not only did I get to see a beautiful palace, but I also got to cross off another place off of our UNESCO list. The Palace of Caserta | My Napoleon Complex
01132017 Lake Matese, Hell's Valley, and the Quirino Gorges are just a few of the places to see when you take one of the walking trails here. Plenty of activities are on offer for sport enthusiasts, including walking and horse riding, rock climbing, hang gliding, and paragliding. The area around the Matese is dotted with fortified little villages that virtually encircle the mountain chain. Matese - Campania - Italy | Easyvoyage
01142017 It was the vino, Ischia Bianco to be precise, according to Andrea D’Ambra. Andrea is the heir to Ischia’s oldest winery, Casa D’Ambra, and is on a crusade to preserve the winemaking culture in Ischia. As with the Greeks before him, the grapes are hand-picked on the side of the volcanic peak where a teetering monorail train transports both grapes and pickers to safety. Hot springs eternal: Finding love in Nonna’s beloved Ischia | Boston Globe
01152017 Ischia’s most famous and largest beach is the Spiaggia dei Maronti. The 1.5 mile-long beach offers the use of a natural thermal spring at Cava Scura. Compared to the other beaches on Ischia, it is relatively empty. Ischia – Isola Verde | Islandology
01162017 The Mastroberardino winery, dating back to the 1870s, more than any other in Campania is responsible for developing and popularising Taurasi (and the region’s two DOCG whites Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino). Taurasi Wine – Campania’s Crowning Glory |  Italy Chronicles
01172017 Naples has changed her in other ways too. “I've learned to be calmer, to be more patient, to connect more with the people here: the vendors, the baristas, the bus drivers - everyone is so chatty and wants to wish you ‘buongiorno.” How I fell in love with Naples, a city full of contrasts | The Local
01182017 The country’s subterranean tracts could be a new frontier for Italian tourism. Their first stop (BBC One) on the peninsula was Naples, which boasts 200 kilometres of tunnelling under its labyrinthine streets. Italy’s Invisible Cities: a gripping adventure let down by flimflammery | The Telegraph
01192017 Italy's first capsule hotel, Benbo, was inaugurated on Wednesday morning inside the international Capodichino airport in Naples. The hotel has 42 rooms of four and a half meters each to sleep for 25 euros for a night or for a couple of hours before a flight. Tourism: first Italian capsule hotel opens in Naples | ANSAmed
01202017 In Taurasi the volcanic soils and altitude make a wine of extraordinary power, complexity and freshness. The Lonardo family makes one of the best examples of Taurasi I have drunk, cleanly made but complex, intriguing and fine. Contrade di Taurasi | Oliver McCrum Wines
01212017 Suddenly we were engulfed by Mediterranean light, and over the canopies of all the many tall trees we could see the town and harbour of Forio d'Ischia. The water element is omnipresent in the upper garden, this time with a much larger pond and a mass of impressive Nymphaea lotus with their characteristic huge round leaves floating on the water like plates. Annual General Meeting 2015, Ischia: the Main Programme | Mediterranean Garden Society
01222017 When I stayed with my friend Valeria and her family for three days in Naples, they showed me the underfolds of the city and brought me - forced me, really - to love it too. And pretty soon I was seeing Naples in a whole different light. The Essence of Naples and Neapolitan Slang | A Thing For Wor(l)ds
01232017 While I wait for the first signs of spring to arrive, there’s only one place my mind wanders if I let it float off down the Amalfi Coast for awhile. It ends up high above Positano doing yoga with a wonderful group of people in the most breathtaking of places. Get Your Move On in Positano with a Yoga Retreat! | Ciao Amalfi
01242017 Amalfi itself might be my favorite. The town seems more like a real city than a village, with colorful Arab influences in the architecture left over from when the town was a major maritime republic, paper-making center and trading partner with the Middle East. The Amalfi Coast: It's made for walking | Travels with Carol Pucci
01252017 Place it on a terrace that clings to the cliff in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, however, and you have a seagull’s perch from which to gaze over vertiginous rooftops and church domes, cupped between mighty cliffs and gazing out onto a Mediterranean that laps the coast in peacock shades. The perfect 10 hotel pools: Positano, LA, Rio, Rome, Hong Kong | The Australian
01262017 We drive uphill to Anacapri and catch the slightly dodgy chairlift to Mt Solaro. The lookout provides spectacular 360 degrees views of the island and the limoncello, made not too far from here, goes down a treat. Ten days in Italy | Stuff.co.nz
01272016 Oasis Variconi is one of the most important fresh-water stopping places for migratory birds coming from Africa to Europe. Time it right and you’ll be able to see everything from swifts and swallows to owls, many types of ducks and rare sea birds. Oasis Variconi & A Little Serendipity | Hiking Campania
01282017 The hotel’s spa, Le Terme della Regina Isabella, is quite extensive in its offerings and well known for its effectiveness. Here you’ll find mineral-rich mud bath treatments and thermal spring water immersions, circulatory and osteopathic treatments, various massages, cellulite or leg treatments, facials, thermal pools, a fitness room, hair and nail treatments, dermatological treatments. Italy's Enchanting Ischia and L'Albergo della Regina Isabella | Beauty  News NYC
01292017 They're geographic marvels that boast everything from mountains to acres of green land. Ischia is one such island, and it's the perfect summer getaway. We've traveled all over the world, and Ischians are some of the kindest people on the planet. 9 Reasons Ischia Should Be Your Summer Vacation Destination | Allure
01302017 Il Cancelliere grows only Aglianico grapes and produces approximately 20,000 bottles /year of both Irpinia Aglianico and Taurasi wines. The hillside vineyards were very well kept and Claudio explained Il Cancelliere's philosophy of organic grape production and winemaking. None of Il Cancelliere's wines are subjected to filtration or clarification. Il Cancelliere – A Romano Family Winery | Wine Lovers Page
01312017 Ercolino family established Feudi San Gregorio with a vision to create exceptional, modern wines from indigenous Campania grapes. The winery (today owned by Antonio Capaldo) welcomes visitors with a tasting room, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a luxury guest house. Terlato Wines Welcomes Leading Campania Brand Feudi San Gregorio to Luxury Wine Portfolio | PR Newswire

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12012016 It was only when Richard Wagner arrived in Ravello, perched above the Amalfi Coast, that he decided that the gardens of the Villa Rufolo here resembled what his imagination told him Klingsor’s garden looked like. In the Footsteps of Wagner: Writing 'Parsifal' in Italy | WQXR
12022016 An Agriturismo is a farm or vineyard in Italy where you stay on the property and have wonderful meals made from the products of the farm .. Villa Maria on the Amalfi Coast is primarily a Lemon Farm, but Vincenzo has Olive Trees (Olive Oil), Fruit Trees (Peaches, Pears, Apples), and Grapevines. My Trip Capri Positano Napoli The Amalfi Coast | Daniel Bellino Zwicke
12032016 Maison Cilento 1780 is known for its “special” ties, which pay tribute to the Neapolitan tradition and history. The company is preparing to launch a new perfume line. “There are five fragrances inspired by some of our products like the seven-fold tie, or important places for us like Passeggio di Chiaia.  Maison Cilento 1780 launching five Naples-inspired artisanal fragrances | ItalyEurope24
12042016 Travellers flying into Naples with EasyJet can visit the archaeological museum in Naples and the archaeological area at Paestum for half the usual ticket price under a joint initiative of the Italian culture ministry and the low-cost carrier. 'Culture flies' to Naples with EasyJet-ministry initiative | ANSAmed
12052016 The planet’s top pie-making school in Naples teaches 300 years of Italian technique. The normal course of study at Coccia’s Pizza Consulting school in Naples lasts for a month. Learning to Make the Best Pizza in the World | Bloomberg
12062016 Pasta con patate e cozze – pasta with potatoes and mussels – is a dish typical of Ischia, a small, volcanic island in the gulf of Naples. This way of cooking pasta is similar to that of risotto – in fact, it is called risottare la pasta. A mouthwatering mussels with potato and pasta recipe from southern Italy | The Guardian
12072016 Q. How would you describe your style of cooking? A. Experimental. I take whatever knowledge I have gained during my travels and applied it to my food. For example, I took inspiration from Asian cuisine and fused it with Neapolitan style and created a Neapolitan sushi! Q&A: Italian Michelin chef Paolo Gramaglia on what inspires him and the food he loves | The National
12082016 Wall paintings at an old brothel in Pompeii have revealed some raunchy secrets. The numerous paintings depict group sex as well as other acts. Pornographic Pompeii wall paints reveal the raunchy services offered in ancient Roman brothels 2,000 years ago | The Sun
12092016 The Monastero Santa Rosa is far less glammed out than most of the Amalfi Coast’s luxury hotels. When A-listers come to stay, they usually request the Citrus Suite - the hotel’s most expensive room, and the only one with a private terrace. The Most Expensive Suite at Monastero Santa Rosa on the Amalfi Coast | Architectural Digest
12102016 Pozzuoli is a beautiful city of Naples located in the Campania region and also the main city of the Phlegrean Peninsula. This fabulous old town was created in 530 BC and was the first harbor of the Roman Empire. Naples Yacht Charter Guide – All You Need to Know | Cruising Sea
12112016 Returning back in the direction of the Solfatara volcano, fishermen work their nets in boats and sell live fish and octopus at the port town of Pozzuoli. Restaurants along the water provide a perfect stop for lunch or dinner. Spaghetti Vongole (pasta with clams) is a classic regional dish on most menus. The Phlegraean Fields: A Family Excursion to the Gates of Hell | GoNOMAD.com Travel
12122016 The day was finished off in style as we were fed a lavish dinner in the evening at Gli Ulivi restaurant. Having explored the Ischia’s mountains, spas and town centre, the final full day of the trip took us out on the Tyrrhenian sea, as we boarded the Gioia boat for a six-hour trip around the island. Ischia – an Italian island steeped in history, luxury and Limoncello | The Jewish News
12132016 The 2014 Terredora di Paolo Irpinia Falanghina is forcefully persistent in sexy aromas and rich, sensuous notes of honeysuckle, ripe pineapple, red apple and peach marmalade, along with a hint of forest pine - but it’s the very bright acidity of young mango and accents of green olive, white pepper and bitter citrus rind on the finish that really gives it a kick and extra thrust. Great Wine: Terredora di Paolo Irpinia Falanghina | The Corkscrewer Report
12142016 A good introduction to Italy’s best white wines is fiano, which hails mostly from southern Italy’s Campania region. Its lemony acidity and medium weight makes it versatile with most dishes, especially pasta creations with nuts or basil, both of which are also signature scents in the wine. 6 Amazing Italian Wines To Drink Right Now | Maxim
12152016 On the way, the ferry to Positano only stops in Amalfi, but we had fun trying to identify the villages along the coast from a distance. The first of course being Vietri Sul Mare that shone white in the morning sun just a short distance from the port of Salerno. My 12 euro cruise along the Amalfi Coast | Italian  Notes
12162016 Most people are aware that Vesuvius’s eruption in 79AD. However, every ash-cloud has a silver lining, and such is the miracle of agriculture that, once molten lava has cooled for a couple of hundred years, volcanic soils provide excellent nourishment for vine roots. So destruction becomes transmuted into a rather nicer liquid. Sipping the wines that grew from molten lava | New Statesman
12172016 Put on your most comfortable footwear and go for a jog by belvedere la Migliera along the Via Migliera footpath. Discover the stunning coastal path that winds past Capri's ancient block houses, amidst vineyards and woodlands with views of the sea peeking through at every turn. An Insider's Guide To Capri | HuffPost Travel
12182016 Spaghetti alle vongole is a light and tasty dish of Neapolitan tradition which has long won the hearts of Italians from north to south. It is not a difficult recipe, but to prepare it properly, as they say in Naples, we must unveil its secret. A recipe from the sea: spaghetti alle vongole | Let It Wine
12192016 It covers an area of ​​134 hectares. It looks like a forest interspersed with extensive meadows, valleys dotted with small streams and areas rich in quarries, a typical feature of the hills in Naples. The area adjacent to the Museo di Capodimonte is characterized by wide meadows with different plant species. Parco di Capoldimonte | ViaggiArt
12202016 Luigi Moio’s Quintodecimo is sort of a balance between the old and the new world. If wine is an expression of the land it comes from, then it is certainly also a reflection of the winemaker. In this regard, Moio’s full line of wines, most notably the Exultet (named after Echezeaux, his favorite wine), is amazing. Irpinia is the new Tuscany | Feast on History
12212016 This tiny drinking den in the old working-class “Spanish Quarter” of Naples is as basic as they come, but it’s always packed, and the overspill of students and arty types fills the narrow street outside. Prices are absurdly low: an Aperol spritz – served in a plastic cup – is €1. Naples: what to see, plus the best restaurants, bars and hotels | The Guardian
12222016 “There are 14 stages in the making of a pair of gloves and everything is done by hand”. In Naples we make our way to one factory, located down a steep alleyway off a street near Capodimonte (also famous for porcelain) where Rosaria, a fourth generation artisan runs the business. Glove affair: The journey of luxury leather goods from Naples to Dublin | Irish Times Life & Style
12232016 Painting for the Fondazione Alfonso Gatto which was one of the most important 20th century Italian poets and born in Salerno. The foundation asked Alice Pasquini to create a work inspired by his poetry.  The Italian artist Greenpino painted the words of his poetry on the steps, while she painted the walls of the staircase. Alice Pasquini paints a new piece in Salerno, Italy | StreetArtNews
12242016 Volcanic soils with the unique indigenous varietals and the peculiar climate conditions (over 200 days of rain per year), make Irpinia a wonderful terroir for both white and red wines.  Campania is probably one of the most interesting regions for white wines. Campania Food & Wine Pairing; Mussels with Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina | Vino Travels
12252016 “The book will explore the broad cultural, political and economic currents that link the stories of the three palace built by King Charles of Bourbon ­at Caserta, Capodimonte and Portici” Robin Thomas, specialized in Baroque architectural history,  explained. Art history professor conducts research at Caserta | Penn State
12262016 Furore is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. It’s famous mainly because of the Fjord – a small crack in the rocks, an ancient gorge that was a hidden place for the bandits in the past. Fiordo di Furore | Unusual Places
12272016 Lemons are at the heart of everything on the Amalfi Coast. Lace makers embroider lemon motifs on aprons, artisans mold them into soap, chefs infuse them into antipastos to desserts and the general populace considers them a cure - all for colds, as a well as a natural energy booste. Positano – Lemon Oil (Natural Handcrafted Soap) | Natural Handcrafted Handmade Soap Company
12282016 "Set like an eagle's nest above the dizzying landscape of the coast, Ravello is the most peaceful and charming resort on the Neapolitan Riviera," says Telegraph Travel's Joanna Symons. Escape the tourist hordes: 21 Italian gems you never thought to visit | The Telegraph
12292016 In the 1950s the Attolinis made Neapolitan-style suits for a number of high-profile clients, including such Hollywood celebrities. By that time, word was getting out. For those seeking expertly tailored clothing, Naples was the place to go. An Insider Look at Neapolitan Style - Both Past and Present | Robb Report
12302016 Alongside the giggling teens that head to the main square on Vespas for gelato at sunset are old men with craggy faces adorning the benches, happy to while away the hours watching the evening passeggiata (walk). Welcome to glamorous Sorrento. Step right in and join the throng. Vespas, vistas and villas in Sorrento | Daily Express
12312016 When people think of Italy and romance, most think of the Tuscany region or Rome. But Sorrento and Capri remain for me among the top spots for lovers. Swept off your feet by Sorrento and Capri | Detroit Free Press

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11012016 Ancient Roman aristocrats bathed in these hot springs, and today a few people continue the tradition of cooking in them, bringing eggs and potatoes along on day trips to simmer in the salt water. The water in Ischia’s springs, at about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and beaches where the sand underground is as hot as 350 degrees. In Ischia, Italy, Cooking Is Done in the Sand, Not the Stove | The New York Times
11022016 Sporting Ristorante, the Regina Isabella’s lunch restaurant in Ischia, epitomizes the hotel’s defining ethos of retro glamour. Opt for the buffet, a smorgasbord of specialties including mozzarella di bufala, fritto misto, grilled vegetables galore, and a bounty of fresh seafood. The Best Hotels In Italy: The Hotel Regina Isabella In Ischia | Forbes
11032016 This summer in Italy I walked the trail between Ravello and Pompeii. This trip was between one to three walking hours a day, that includes a climb 400 metres above sea level via hundreds of years old stone stairs to begin. My walk took seven days as I spent a good day in each place along the way. From Ravello To Pompeii: Walking Italy For Beginners | Junkee
11042016 Cassandra suggested we start our day and spend most of the morning in Ravello, since it had a relatively flat pedestrian center we could access and explore. She also suggested visiting the Villa Rufolo. Traveling Italian Style: A Day Trip Through the Amalfi Coast | History in High Heels
11052016 If you ask, Eidos creative director Antonio Ciongoli will tell you that he designs a New York brand. But Eidos is all made-in-Italy, is owned by storied Neapolitan tailoring house Isaia, and has in many ways been defined by its early, excellent lookbooks, shot in soaring spaces elsewhere in Italy. The Season's Coolest Made-in-Italy Collection Features a Writer in Exile and Very Few Suits | GQ Style
11062016 The best context for Naples, which only Paris rivaled for sophistication, is Museo di Capodimonte, the largest museum in Italy. Right now may be the best time to visit Naples since the 1700s, when it was an important stop for artists and writers on the Grand Tour. Why Naples's Museo di Capodimonte Is the Most Underrated Museum in Italy | Condé Nast Traveler
11072016 In Cilento, the most beautiful yet relatively undiscovered southern part of the region, a handful of fine producers are raising the bar for wines of local grapes Fiano, Aglianico and Piedirosso. People like Bruno De Conciliis and Luigi Maffini have inspired a new batch of young producers with wines of character that reflect this land and complement its delicious food. Decanter travel guide: Cilento, Italy | Decanter
11082016 Planted around the house-cellar on an extension of just one hectare and a half, the rows of Fiano di Pietracupa lay on a clay and limestone soil that gives minerality to the great wines produced here. The vinification techniques used is a perfect summary of the expressiveness of the Avellino area. Winemaker Sabrino Loffredo’s Pietracupa Wines | Drinking German Wine in America
11092016 In Naples I heart this famous pizzeria, even though it’s a bit of a trek. They have a very impressive range of fritti, including a delicious Frittatine di Pasta which is a deeply satisfying, deep fried mixture of spaghetti, pork and smoked buffalo mozzarella cheese. Naples – Materdei | The Gannet
11102016 One hundred and fifty meters from the large public square of Piazza del Plebiscito in central Naples is an entrance that descends about thirty meters under the ground. Today, these tunnels with their accumulated debris have been turned into a gallery known as Galleria Borbonica, where the public can see interesting displays of vintage cars and motorbikes, old shelter spots, ancient cisterns and much more. The Forgotten Tunnel Under Naples Filled With Vintage Cars | Amusing Planet
11112016 Overlooking one of Italy’s most picturesque gulfs, Salerno exemplifies how a smart city can develop quite soundly despite the economic woes of its southern location. It is the first Italian city for the amount of generated renewable energy per capita - 160kWh per inhabitant - relates Giancarlo Savino, energy manager at Salerno municipality. Italian cities: not only beautiful, now they want to be smart | CORDIS
11122016 Up the coast and down these parts of the Italian coast were more popular beaches, bigger ones, with loads of people and fancy hotels nearby, and  much more likely to win the popular vote for “best Italian beach.” But we loved our little beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate. Italian Beach in Salerno | The Travel Belles
11132016 Our base in Procida was the sumptuous La Suite Hotel and Spa. Its contemporary design could comfortably grace the pages of a high-class interiors magazine. Worth a mention is the hotel’s evening shuttle service to the island’s main tourist spots of Marina Corricella, Marina Chiaiolella and Marina Grande. Travel: Procida - an undiscovered beauty in the Bay of Naples | Birmingham Mail
11142016 Just a 45 minute drive outside of Amalfi, we began our journey wandering through the vines themselves while Cristian discussed the benefits of pergola cultivation, the weather and seasons dictating the conditions of a great wine, and the requirements for DOCG and DOC wines in Italy. Swirl the Glass – Amalfi Coast Wine Tastings and Tours | GoodTravelerKarma
11152016 Christian Fusco likes to point out that “nature does 80% of the work when it comes to winemaking”. He’s currently leading a group of twenty Sirenuse staff on a tour of some of Italy’s top wineries to help them understand the alchemy of winemaking. A tough job - Le Sirenuse Positano | Sirenuse Journal
11162016 The new architectural design for Michelin-starred Zass restaurant is the most sophisticated in fine dining. After a walk through the organic vegetable garden taking in the aromas of thyme, basil, and cherry tomatoes guests arrive at an ultra-modern culinary museum built on two floors. 5 unique things to do around the Amalfi Coast | A Luxury Travel Blog
11172016 Sapienza is a sprawling maze of narrow streets, punctuated by explorable buildings and dominated by a huge clifftop mansion that boasts its own observatory, crumbling castle ruins and secret underground lab. Why Italy’s Amalfi Coast provides the backdrop for one of Hitman's most memorable levels | GamesRadar+
11182016 Along the coast to our next destination: Amalfi! We stayed at Hotel Santa Caterina, which was everything a hotel should be and so much more. Hanging over the cliff, and steeped in history, it was timeless and perfect in every way. Italy: Amalfi and Ravello | Lauren
11192016 After dinner on Amalfi’s main beach, head to Masaniello Art Cafè, which opened last year, for live music (bands play everything from jazz to classic Canzone Napoletana) and a nightcap. 36 Hours on the Amalfi Coast | The New York Times
11202016 Lisa Hyde stunned in a baby blue bridesmaid gown on Monday as she attended a wedding of a close friend in Ravello. Love is in the air | DailyMail
11212016 I am on the Amalfi Coast intending to cycle between the medieval town of Ravello, which perches up in the clouds at almost 1,200 feet above sea level, and the stunning seaside town of Amalfi. Amalfi Coast: daredevil cycling on Italy's south-west shores | The Independent
11222016 La Pignasecca is a fabulous choice if you need some Neapolitan street food deliciousness in your life. For the highest concentration of street food in the market, stop at Fiorenzano. La Pignasecca Market in Naples: Street Food in Napoli | An American In Rome
11232016 In Naples fefore you do anything else, have a hot sfogliatella (shell-shaped pastry) at Attanasio. Mario Batali's Guide to Naples | Food & Wine
11242016 You don’t need to be physically in Sorrento to experience the heavenly gnocchi of Sorrento. The potato dumplings are tender and mix well with succulent tomato sauce and then sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese, which makes it a lovely vegetarian delight. 6 Must Eat Foods in Naples | Wet Nose Escapades
11252016 A few days ago, the company shop in Naples launched its Archivio collection: a line of ties printed with the patterns that were used between 1930 and 1980. Marinella sees double digit growth by selling ties the  old-fashioned way | ItalyEurope24
11262016 A few Saturdays ago, at 7:30am, I found myself sitting on a Frecciarossa train as it streaked towards Naples. To begin understand the culture of Naples, I reasoned, I had to also understand its food. Streets of food: Naples in a day | Verbalized
11272016 With hairpin turns and narrow lanes that zigzag around the cliffs, with scant safety protection on the coastal side. The homes and churches appear to be carved into the hillside with a picture-perfect landscape dotted with neat gardens and umbrella pines. The views of the sea lapping at jagged boulders and sandy beaches make each corner irresistible for a photo stop. Postcard from the Amalfi Coast | ConsumerAffairs.com
11282016 The ground has been moving upwards over the last decade, raising 38cm in the last 10 years. The movement at Italy's Campi Flegrei has raised concerns of an impending eruption, but scientists have now said this is not necessarily the case. Ground around one of the world's most dangerous volcano systems is raising up | IBTimes
11292016 The first is to promote sales of the excellent wines of her family winery, DonnaChiara, named after her mother. The second is to raise awareness of the wines of her native Campania. In this she has her work cut out for her; although winemaking was bought to Southern Italy by the Greeks more than 2,500 years ago, the concept of quality winemaking. Winning Italian White Wines Shine In New York | Forbes
11302016 Falanghina, the signature white wine of Italy’s southern Campania region is light, crisp and delicately fruity and floral, an eye-opening match for pizza margherita, the classic pie topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Falanghina: A delicately fruity white that's an eye-opening match for pizza margherita | The Globe and Mail

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10012016 In the village of San Leucio there were the silk factories for the Bourbon court. Inside the complex, in fact, you can visit the workshops where silks was produced and  that made San Leucio products famous throughout the whole Europe. Several machines have been expertly restored and are still working. Caserta and the silk production of San Leucio | Viaggi & Delizie - blog di viaggi
10022016 Acciaroli in south west Italy is no ordinary place. It is home to an extraordinarily high number of centenarians. The research team is yet to discover the cause of the phenomenon, but believe it is closely related to diet and exercise.  Scientists ‘find key to longevity’ in Italian village where one in 10 people live beyond 100 years | The Independent
10032016 We detected new points of carbon dioxide emissions in the Gulf of Naples, which is quite common in geothermal and volcanic areas such as Naples. And here we have discovered six volcanic structures (cones and domes) with a diameter of 800 meters, unknown until now. Six new underwater volcanoes discovered just miles from deadly Vesuvius in Italy | Strange Sounds
10042016 Although mountainous Irpinia, inland from Naples, has good looks, great food and three of Italy’s finest DOCGs (the designation for the highest-quality Italian wines), it is remarkably untrammelled by tourists. Sipping the wines that grew from molten lava | New Statesman
10052016 Cult wines such as Mastroberadino, Feudi di San Gregorio, Montevetrano, and Galardi are a feature of this terrific wine region, along with many other labels waiting for you to discover them on this full-day wine tour. Irpinia Wine Tour from Naples | Le Baccanti Tours - Wine, Food and Cultural Tours & Events
10062016 One of the last remaining workshops for the design and production of artistic fabrics. The company was founded in 1985 by the creative genius of an art daughter, Annamaria Alois, heir of a family from Briano, an hamlet overshadowed by the close Caserta’s Royal Palace. Direct line to the Bourbon dinasty | IFDM Il Foglio del Mobile
10072016 The views are breathtaking as you wind down the mountains towards Praiano. As you walk past terraces and vineyards you come across the Convent of St Domenico. We stopped here for a little break to rest our legs and admire the view. Hiking the Path of the Gods on Italy's Beautiful Amalfi Coast | The Aussie Flashpacker
10082016 Stepping onto Capri start with Insalata Caprese (Tomato, Mozzarella, Olive Oil and Basil). Then try Pasta alla Caprese (Ricotta Egg Pasta and Parmesan). For dessert indulge on your own with Torta Caprese (Almond Cake and Chocolate). Capri (Italy) | Explore Mediterranean
10092016 Here is a countryside piece of southern Italy, a hilly sweep that stretches out in the area between Benevento and Avellino. This is Italy or just a glimpse of it. A country defeated by years of indifference and carelessness that still shows off her insolent and gaudy beauty. My Insolent Italy | Food Recipes HQ
10102016 This time, one of our favorite hikes was up to a huge, round hole in the mountain that towers above Positano. There were no other people in sight, and we sat looking down on Positano below, listening to the traffic and boat horn barely echo up from the beach below. Amalfi Coast: Positano, Capri, & Ravello, Italy - Travel Guide | A Couple Cooks
10112016 The Capresi, despite the constant flood of tourists, are remarkably nice. This isn’t life in a fishbowl. It’s life in a sardine can. It’s that crowded. Piazza Umberto I had so many people preening, strolling, eating, diners seemed to swing their forks away from bodies to reach their mouths. Capri lives up to the hype as 10,000 tourists a day can’t all be wrong | Go4TravelBlog
10122016 You shouldn’t leave without a taste of the local specialty, the torta Caprese, a flourless, chocolate-almond torte which originated here on the island, simply sublime. I have a recipe here if you can’t make it to Capri! A day in Capri | Flying Fourchette
10132016 Chef Gianluca D'Agostino serves refined Neapolitan dishes that don't veer too far into contemporary that they lose their sense of territory. Pair dishes, such as cavatelli with beans, broadtail shortfin squid, and cured pork and mullet with braised fennel, with bottles from the local craft beer list. Naples travel guide | Australian Gourmet Traveller
10142016 This week, Apple, the biggest technology company in the world, will open a new academy in Naples – the first of its kind – that will teach 200 mostly southern Italian students how to write code and launch apps on Apple technology by the end of the year. Silicon Valley comes to Naples: Apple prepares to open Italian academy | The Guardian
10152016 Ischia has long been renowned for its volcanically heated springs: islanders claim that the thermal waters can cure all manner of ills. If you’re not in the market for a fancy spa, head for Il Sorgeto, a cove of natural hot springs, where you can lounge in the bubbling water for free; some of the rocky pools are so hot that the locals bring their lunch to heat it up in the water. 58 places to visit from the 58 guides we published this year | Rough Guides
10162016 Ischia holds 103 thermal springs, 69 fumarole aggregations, and more than 300 separate bath establishments. Ischia’s water is rich in noble elements and mineral salts: sodium, one of the basic elements for the vital activity of living beings, potassium, essential for muscle dynamics, sulphur, essential for joint elasticity and calcium, which has a sedative action on the nervous system. Ischia – Healing with Thermal Waters | InLove
10172016 We were seated in a very blue room with a variety of musical instruments on the wall. We ordered the Pizza Vegetariana (without cheese) and the Orange Fennel Salad. Vegan Travel: Capri, Italy- Part 2 | - Keepin' It Kind
10182016 On the beautiful volcanic island of Ischia (pronounced Ees-kee-a). If it’s time for a swim and your morning caffé, look for a sign just before Sant’Angelo that says Cava Grado. This is a small beach with a café run by a mustachioed guy wearing a gold chain over his bushy chest. He’s not too busy either and bides his time playing cards with his pudgy grandson. A Vacation Guide to (some of) the Island of Ischia | blue dot
10192016 It has a peel of a medium thickness, rich in essential oils that makes it very fragrant. Is very used in regional “cuisine”, and is used  to flavour the typical dishes of the Sorrento peninsula: starters, main dishes, side dishes and a lot of  special desserts (lemon baba); we can find even lemon coffee, as is in the case of the Amalfi Coast with its typical “sfusato” lemon. Sorrento Lemons | I Love Italian Food
10202016 “We're delighted the cooking equipment  have finally been put back on display where they were found and we're certain they will be appreciated by modern tourists, eager to learn how people lived in antiquity,” said the  Archaeological Superintendent of Pompeii. Visitors can now marvel at a carbonized loaf of two-millennia-old bread and admire a metal pot containing the fossilized remnants of a bean and vegetable soup. Restored Pompeii kitchens show how Romans cooked | The Local
10212016 The margherita pizza was created for a queen consort, and the royalty of the Italian tomato world is the San Marzano, the sweetest grown in the rich soils of Mt Vesuvius. It is estimated that 200 hectares of true San Marzano fruit is grown today, known by local growers as the capital city of the tomato. Campania, Italy's birthplace of pizza where the tomato is king | Financial Review
10222016 The 19th Mediterranean Bourse of Archaeological Tourism in Paestum will run October 27-30 and will be dedicated to the Syrian city Palmyra. Sponsored by the Campania regional government, it aims to draw attention to the conflicts tearing apart the Middle East. Paestum Tourism Bourse to focus on Palmyra | ANSAmed
10232016 Once at the top, the trail goes around Mount Vesuvius. It doesn’t go the whole circle, but it does go to about 3/4 of the circle. It was a nice hike. Sights of Naples | The Footprint Diary
10242016 Procida is tiny. There are a few beaches, that were not quite open yet, a few stores and restaurants and that is about it. Mark loved being able to walk from end to end of the island in a few hours. A Weekend in Pretty Procida | Gillian's Lists
10252016 The beach has a plenty of colorful houses and this scene would be a symbol of Procida Island. Along the beach line of 4 km, you can see pink, sky blue and lemon yellow buildings. About Procida | amoitaly.com
10262016 Just fior di latte cheese, organic tomatoes and basil. Nothing more. Nothing less. And how much will two of the best pizzas in the world with two waters set you back? Sorbillo: The Best Pizza in Naples | An American in Rome
10272016 This lovely old palazzo, once the residence of the owner’s aristocratic forebears and now a stylish and intimate boutique hotel, offers a central location near the Villa Comunale, a top-class restaurant and the atmosphere of a rather grand private home. Palazzo Marziale Sorrento, Campania, Italy | The Telegraph
10282016 Museo Correale in Sorrento has some of the most precious fine art collections in Italy. As you stroll through the museum you will think that you are in an old mansion as the museum is not limited to just paintings, but also has other types of art such as porcelain, glass, and furniture collections. Top Ten Things to Do in Amalfi Coast | Tripedia
10292016 Zucchini flowers make one of the most delicate and enchanting antipasti during their season. On the Amalfi Coast you will find all sizes  from the small and delicate zucchini ones to the “jumbo” pumpkin flowers! And once they have been stuffed and property cooked they are a culinary delight. My favourite thing to do on the Amalfi Coast… | My Amalfi Coast
10302016 Madre is a top local destination for contemporary art lovers, and one of the best contemporary art museums in all of Italy. The impressive three-storey building that houses the collection is situated in the very heart of Naples’ historical center and was renovated by Portuguese ‘starchitect’ Alvaro Siza. Naples' 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums | Culture Trip
10312016 ROOFTOP TERRACE I make no bones about having a soft spot for Italy’s Bay of Naples and its neighbouring resorts. This is a part of the world we visit annually, but with good reason. The weather’s great. The food’s delicious. There’s an ancient site at every turn and the lush plains and mountainous scenery is as good as anywhere. Travel: I left my heart in Naples | Birmingham Mail

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09012016 Calitrian cuisine is renowned in the area for being very tasty yet with a little bit of spice. From chickpea soups to peppery minced pork patties and sun-ripe tomatoes, the food is hearty and sublime. Under the tutelage of Tania I was introduced to a regional pasta. Making Cinguli with the Locals in Calitri - the Italian Town You Dream Of | more than burnt toast
09022016 Primarily an agricultural city in origin it continues that tradition to this day. Avellino carries its inland beauty well. It sits in the Sabato valley with the Apennines Mountains wrapping its arms around it. Small villages can be seen from the center of town into the hillsides, making this area a potential postcard in each direction. Avellino | Life in Italy
09032016 Sant'Agata de' Goti is a small, friendly and active town. There was also the town's Sunday market where I got some interesting finds. I took home different kinds of peppers, tomatoes, Sorrento lemons and dried oregano. They were organically grown by the farmers who were selling at the market themselves. Cooking & Traveling in Italy and Beyond | Apron and Sneakers
09042016 If you bump into this area at lunchtime or for dinner, you should eat at Da Nennella, a crowded trattoria offering simple and tasty food from the neapolitan tradition, such as friarielli (broccoli rabe), zucchine alla scapece (fried zucchini seasoned with mint, evoo and vinegar), mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella), pasta patate e scamorza (pasta with potatoes and scamorza cheese) and a lot more. Discovering Naples | La Dani Gourmet
09052016 To explore the secret city that spreads below the historic center: underground Naples. Beside being a very interesting visit to learn more about the city's history, the adventure feeling highly appeals to children! The tour begins right in the historic center, from where we went down to 40 meters depth. Naples With Kids (Italy) | Travel with my kids
09062016 Set against the backdrop of seaside Italian cities, “Les Napolitains” embraces the irrepressible sartorial spirit of Naples, renowned worldwide for its boldness and precise tailoring. Christian Louboutin Welcomes ‘Boys Of Summer’ In New Campaign Video | Footwear News
09072016 Dolce & Gabbana put a spin on the jersey of famous retired S.S.C. Napoli player Diego Maradona, rendering number 10’s kit in silk with crystal embellishments. 9 Things to Know About Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Show in Naples | Vogue
09082016 Thanks to an ancient system of artificial terraces cut into the hillside on which Positano sits, the seaside villa may have sprawled across more than 2.25 acres. The quality of the wall paintings is very high, and the triclinium’s decorative program seems unique. Romans on the Bay of Naples | Archaeology Magazine
09092016 The ascent begins behind the Botanical Garden and it goes along the slopes of Capodimonte. Moiariello is a charming hamlet, quite isolated from the rest of the city, though located nearby the centre of Naples. Salita Moiarello | Eventi Napoli
09102016 The horses first took us through a jungle-like deciduous forest, a beautiful nature reserve where vines had taken over the ground and birds were chirping all around us. The highlight of the journey was the moment we reached a place quite high atop the Vesuvius, where we could sit and stare at the stunning view of the Gulf of Naples while the sun was setting. Horseback riding in Naples | Always Abroad
09112016 Pepperoncino reigns king, fresh seafood is abundant and the pizza is the best in the world. In Naples and these coastal areas seafood is the local staple. However, if you head inland in the provinces of Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta, the focus changes from mare (the sea) to terra (the earth). Top 10 regional dishes of Campania | Charming Italy
09122016 This shape of pasta is called "Pacchero" and it has been served with a tomato sauce and basil. Now pasta from Gragnano is the best pasta of the world, can't be compared with all the industrial pasta brands which maybe are very good, but at Gragnano the industry of pasta is just the best. Flavours from Naples | Cristina Polizzi
09132016 The issue really is that a day in Naples is not enough time to explore the full breadth of the city’s art and archaeology, its ridiculously good food and fascinating underground, its vibrance and energy. Should I Take a Day Trip from Rome to Naples? | Revealed Rome
09142016 Giovanna Battaglia may have done Capri best — her blowout wedding. Against a backdrop of gem-toned turquoise waters, picturesque architecture, and seemingly flawless weather year-round, it's the ideal setting for an Instagram. There's a Reason Models and Designers Are All Going to Capri | W Magazine
09152016 I found out it was a favourite spot for a Roman emperor, has inspired artists for hundreds of years, and has become a huge tourist attraction on the Isle of Capri. Enchantedly beautiful blue grotto on isle of Capri | hungryfaces
09162016 In the bay near Baia are ongoing excavations, but parts of the ancient town are underwater due to seismic activity over the centuries.  We had hoped to take a glass-bottom boat to see some of the sites but unfortunately they only do the tours on weekends at this time of year. Exploring the Ruins in Baia | Saltscape
09172016 Nightfall in Positano, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, we were enveloped by the blackness curling around the coastline while inside the restaurant, hundreds of candles glowed, what felt like the safest place to be on Earth that night. At the table next to me, a woman from Texas, a writer stood up, and in her soft Southern drawl, delivered an impromptu speech about the importance of writing, the commitment to the process. Dreaming Of Italy | LocoMotive
09182016 On the one hand, the art collection held and displayed in this museum is, in scope and richness, second only to the Galleria degli Uffizi. On the other hand this is also an important Royal palace that lets visitors learn a lot about the changing role of Naples (former capital of an independent kingdom) within European history. Study Abroad in Italy Blog | Naples Study Liberal Arts | CIEE
09192016 Our afternoon was spent at the sulfur mines of Pozzuoli. Most people couldn’t handle the smell of the sulfur, but lucky me can’t smell anything with my sinuses, and the steam was actually very refreshing to open my sinuses! Amalfi Adventures: Underwater ruins, sulfur mines, thermal baths, and too much Limoncello | Mary Kesinger
09202016 Balance architectural landmarks with the natural beauty of the Isle of Capri's rugged coastline, and the seaside villages and cliffs found along the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast Tours | Tauck World Discovery
09212016 Down by the sea, there are plenty of hidden masterpieces within churches and monasteries, and shady squares serving spritzes. Up in the hills, reached by funicular railway, the note is more cool luxury, with imposing villas looking out over the Bay of Naples. Things to do in Naples: where to stay, eat and drink | London Evening Standard
09222016 We compared like with like, an initial tasting of 21 different types of raw tomato, narrowing it down to the top eight, which I cooked down with olive oil, salt, fresh basil and garlic. Finally, we tried each sauce with a forkful of spaghetti. The clear winner was I Sapori Di Corbara Sua Eccellenza. Top tomatoes: gourmet canned and jarred varieties tested | The Guardian
09232016 The magnificent tall ship Royal Clipper is the biggest head-turner of them all as it nips in and out of ports and harbours during the Mediterranean season. This sleek and elegant sailing ship — whose design is an echo of the trading clippers of the 19th century — calls at Amalfi and Sorrento. The glitziest voyages along Italy's starry Amalfi Coast | DailyMail
09242016 I had flown from Manchester on a grey, drizzly afternoon and landed just a few hours later in the relative paradise of Naples. The hour-long drive to my hotel in Sorrento passed in no time, helped by spectacular views from the coast road – on sheer cliff faces hugged tightly by the blue water of the Mediterranean. Sorrento offers a real taste of 'la dolce vita' - and you'll be left craving a second helping | The Mirror
09252016 Some of the best views of the Amalfi Coast can be found in the 13th century gardens of Ravello's Villa Rufolo. 27 Photos That Prove Italy is Heaven on Earth | Harper's Bazaar
09262016 A true bespoke suit is cut entirely by hand, a process that at Rubinacci requires 54 man-hours and is based on a paper pattern cut specifically for you. Exactly one week after arriving in Naples, I’m standing in the courtyard wearing the final product. “When a gentleman comes to Rubinacci, we try to discover the style he has inside.” Get Suited by the Best Bespoke Tailor on Earth | Bloomberg
09272016 In Cetara, a tiny fishing village on the Amalfi Coast, “sardine culture is a religion,” Bottura says. The town is home to Al Convento, Pasquale Torrente’s casual restaurant and pizzeria serving sardines, anchovies, tuna, and other local delicacies. Massimo Bottura’s 11 Favorite Restaurants in Italy | Robb Report
09282016 Napoli may now be one of Italian football’s major forces, but this has not always been true. One thing that has remained constant through the years of ups and downs has been the city’s relationship with the team. For so long, Napoli have represented the Southern Italian spirit; fight, persistence, and resilience against all odds. Napoli: The siren and her city | Ghanasoccernet.com
09292016 A mantle of woods covers Irpinia, the green heart of Campania, a true paradise for lovers of outdoor life and sports. A spell of colors and scents that invites to walk in an intact environment, along routes that reveal spectacular views, ideal to spend some days away from stress and in contact with nature. Avellino... land of castles and uncontamined nature | Campaniafoodetravel
09302016 Some of the buildings have remnants of their upper floor, which is quite unusual, and Herculaneum had a central bathhouse or thermae with sections for both men and women. The men’s baths had two entrances opening onto the paelestra, which was a recreational area and meeting place. Visit Herculaneum – A Fantastic Alternative to Pompeii | LuxuryColumnist

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08012016 Historic Naples starts the minute you walk off your ship, with the 13th-century Castel Nuovo right in front of you. Cross the road and you will head into the city’s shopping streets, grand avenues that give way to historic narrow streets filled with bars, cafes and churches. The best walks around the beautiful Italian city | Daily Express
08022016 Since I went to Southern Italy with my parents, we did stay at the Hilton in Sorrento which is one of the most stunning properties ever. Located exclusively on a little hill it offers some of the most mind-blowing views of the Coast. Italy in ten: Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri | Melange of Musings
08032016 Notice the population at the base of the volcano? Approximately 3 million people live in the active volcano’s path! Mt Vesuvius is a sight to behold… so large, it took me a few moments to realize what I was seeing. Isle of Capri, Italy | Ann's Entitled Life
08042016 Positano is a city on a hill, so there was lots and lots of walking up through winding streets. After exploring and then grabbing some food (pizza, obviously), I relaxed on the beach while waiting for my ferry to come pick me up. Amalfi Coast Photo Diary | Lush to Blush
08052016 One of the reasons we decided to stay in Praiano was we wanted a relaxing ocean summer escape away from the crowds, and I wanted to be near the ocean without the pressure of having to buy a drink, buy a meal ie. a more local beach. In love with Praiano | tokyokaleidoscope
08062016 Zass Restaurant at Il San Pietro: a top-notch fine-dining experience with a view. A few flights of stairs down from the entrance is a terrace, with colorful tiled benches and a stunning views of the coastline. We arrived early so we could enjoy some Aperol spritz, wine, and the classic Italian bar snack: nuts and olives. Positano: What I Wore, What I Ate, & Where I Stayed On The Amalfi Coast | Champagne for Everyday
08072016 Yet, to really know Naples, one should also experience some of the mundane and sometimes quirky rituals. Leave a “caffé sospeso”: following an old habit, in many coffee shops you can pay for an extra espresso to be offered to those who can't afford it. 29 Things You Must Do In Naples | Italy Magazine
08082016 Perhaps it was a romantic honeymoon, tracing family heritage or maybe a dream vacation. So how did I end up here? I’ll share a little bit about what lured me here and what compelled me to stay. I do hope you’ll share your own story about how you fell in love with the Amalfi Coast in the comments below! Bitten by the Amalfi Coast Bug | Ciao Amalfi
08092016 Procida is an island that will win your heart. The Italian Island That’s Just As Breathtaking As Cinque Terre | The Huffington Post
08102016 At arrival in Pompeii, we started our guided visit with Stefano, a Pompeii local guide. Guided tours in Pompeii are only allowed with one of their official guides, which guarantees they will be absolute experts on the history of the city. Pompeii & Sorrento coast: day trip from Rome | ARW - Travel Blog & Photography
08112016 If you stay in Positano and your hotel doesn’t have a pool, avoid the main beach, and head along the rather-hidden path to the right and after a 5-10 minute walk you’ll get to Fornillo beach, which is busy but more secluded and just more pleasant. Positively Positano | Been There Done It
08122016 I just got back from sailing the Amalfi coast in Italy, and I was reminded how much I like homemade Limoncello. #620...limoncello | Christie Chase
08132016 You might enjoy this recipe at Ristorante Il Convento in Cetara on our tour in the Amalfi Coast, inspired by Chef Pasquale Torrente. Spaghetti con Colatura di Alici (Anchovies Extract) | Food.Stories.Travel
08142016 Jetty and umbrellas, Salerno. Italian Blues, Amalfi Coast Edition | Teapots and Polka Dots
08152016 The Tavern Santa Maria de Domno, dug in a Lombard church will be able to offer an atmosphere of real antiquity: ingredients such as barley, chicory, escarole and tasty buffalo mozzarella. Salerno travel guide | Ecobnb
08162016 One of our favorite places to have lunch is this cute little Casa e Bottega cafe in Positano. They made eating there a wonderful experience, and with fresh, organic ingredients, I’ll say the food was amazing. Italy's southern treasure – the Amalfi Coast. | Dish by Dish
08172016 Positano’s beauty lies in its magical setting. There is no better way to digest this beauty than at a slow pace with a dreamy view of the town, accompanied by a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio, fresh simple cuisine, and of course, a shot of limoncello. Amalfi Coast: Top Positano Restaurants | Forbes
08182016 My favorite beach club in Capri. The location right by the Faraglioni is spectacular. The food at the restaurant is great and I love wiling away the hours there eating a pasta ai frutti di mare. But definitely drink lots of wine before you get the bill, it’s surprisingly pricey. Sailing Capri and the Amalfi Coast | Santosha
08192016 We also spent an entire day getting happily lost in "the real Capri," away from the crowds. We hiked coastline trails and navigated narrow cobblestone streets. At one point, we stumbled upon an old monastery that still houses an amazing art collection. The Amalfi Coast and Capri, Part II | the cul-de-sac
08202016 Salvatore Ferragamo is being feted with an exhibition at his native Bonito, a small town in the Campania region in Southern Italy. The footwear styles served as an inspiration for five up-and-coming artists. Salvatore Ferragamo Honored With Exhibition in His Hometown | WWD
08212016 I love Gragnano for its simple, grapey, happy deliciousness.  This is an inky black wine, native to the area around Napoli, has tiny bubbles and varying levels of residual sugar. Never too sweet, always a little spicy with notes of black pepper to perfectly counterpoint its fruity freshness.  Low in alcohol, served chilled, and perfect in stubby water glasses; this, happily, is not a serious wine. Forza Napoli! | Italian Wine Geek: Joanie Bonfiglio-Karapetian
08222016 On Capri, an island 20 minutes by ferry from Sorrento, the views are spectacular everywhere you look. The water is crystal clear and china blue. Swept off your feet by Sorrento and Capri | Detroit Free Press
08232016 The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of Italy's remarkable architectural structures which gained its fame from being "the swan song of the spectacular art of the Baroque". Reggia di Caserta... Symbol of Italian architecture | Kuwait News Agency
08242016 Naples boasts beautiful scenery which wasendless sources of inspiration for the painting of the nineteenth century school of Posillipo. Thousands of legends and great buildings characterize different periods and breathtaking views as seen from one of our vintage Vespa, guided by our expert. Guided Tour of Naples by Vintage Vespa | TravelAmalfi
08252016 Naples is Italy's third-largest city, and it’s one of the oldest, most artistic and most delicious. “Il Centro Storico” (historic centre) is a Unesco World Heritage Site; add on the archaeological treasures and you are among the world's most impressive and glorious of castles and churches. It makes Rome look so “provincial” (Madonna Mia). Napoli, Italy  | The Suburban Newspaper
08262016 As "fascinating as it is contradictory, ravishingly beautiful yet dilapidated and chaotic", Naples makes a brilliant destination for a weekend break. The Guardian says. Naples: Beauty out of chaos | The Week
08272016 Puffing out clouds of vapor continuously is a volcanic phenomenon not far from Naples. It’s the Phlegraean Fields a sprawling constellation of ancient volcanic centers near the Tyrrhenian Sea and extending under the sapphire-blue waters. The Solfatara Crater, a steaming, smelly reminder of nature’s explosive power, is the star of the bunch. Steamy, dusty volcanic field in Italy shows Earth’s power | azcentral
08282016 We stayed at the Terme Manzi, a thermal pool resort just outside of Ischia’s harbor. It is known for its spa treatments, and each of us was offered a free 30 minute treatment of our choosing. The Islands of Ischia and Capri | Our Tuscan Year
08292016 You can spend the day exploring twelve different types of swimming pools and baths, each heated to a different temperature. The park is located in Lacco Ameno,  a short ride on the bus from Ischia Porto. One of the things I enjoyed most about Negombo was the lovely natural setting, which boasts more than 500 varieties of mediteranean and exotic plants. Ischia: Negombo Thermal Water Park | Become More
08302016 At the centre of the treatment programs found in Ischia, is the use of mud. The mud is created by using a combination of the island’s thermal water and clay which is full of minerals that can be used to treat a wide range of diseases and ailments. Thermal waters and mud from Ischia | Healthy and Nourished
08312016 The pastel cliff-side houses of Sant’Angelo glittered across the small bay. But, I soon came to learn, change comes slowly to Ischia. Its southern coast feels especially removed from the forward march of the rest of the world. Lizards still seem to outnumber houses. Wine at beachside restaurants still goes for $4 a carafe. Touring Ischia, the Italian Island Where Time (Mostly) Stands Still | The Wall Street Journal

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JULY 2016


07012016 Sfogliatella - This piece of heaven was my breakfast every morning when I was in Napoli, Italy. Every morning I would think to myself “I have to take a picture of this incredible…” and then would start eating it before I realized what I was doing!! How can anything be that flaky??? Heaven Sent Breakfast…Napoli, Italy | The Sartorialist
07022016 I love this little spot: a warm and welcoming restaurant in the village of Montepertuso, nestled in a hillside overlooking the coast and Positano below. Very tasty antipasti comes served in a large radicchio leaf: a deep-fried courgette flower, marinated capers, mini buffalo mozzarella and fried courgette. For a main course I recommend the Aqua Pazza. Great little Italian restaurants on the Amalfi Coast | Condé Nast Traveller
07032016 The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria comprises three magnificent connecting mansions dating back to 1834, its most impressive feature a vast terrace that overlooks the Gulf of Naples. There are few better places in all of Italy to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail, and afterwards I make my way to the hotel’s Michelin-­starred restaurant. Discover Pompeii and the Gulf of Naples, a luxury destination in the shadow of Vesuvius | City AM
07042016 History has it that in 1948 the Prior of the Carthusian monastery came across the old secret formulas of certain perfumes. Still today, the scents of Capri are made exclusively from what nature on Capri provides, resulting in perfumes that are as unique as the island that produced them. The perfumes of Capri | The Magazine HUB
07052016 La Conchiglia Villa offers a place from which to savour every aspect of this celebrated pleasure island. It has five en suite bedrooms and benefits from a private solarium, swimming pool, BBQ and wood oven and beautifully landscaped grounds. Sunbathing offers vantage points over quintessentially Caprese white rooftops and blue waters. Capri: island of rare beauty and charm - Passepartout Homes Blog
07062016 The town of Tufo lies about 20 kilometers north of Avellino, more or less on the road to Benevento. Benito Ferrara’s eight hectares of vines are situated high among those hills, between 450 and 600 meters. All the steep vineyards face south – ideal location and ideal exposition for producing great Greco di Tufo. More on Campania’s Golden Triangle | Tom's Wine Line
07072016 Shopping is a unique experience in Capri... from little craftsmen shops to famous brands boutiques... there are so many gorgeous things! You cannot not buy the famous flat sandals so much loved by Jackie Kennedy. Italian Paradises: Capri! | The Travel Book
07082016 Positano is very romantic. A must stop for all our romantic readers. You can find great food, gelato and wine. The hotels and B&Bs have great views. Enjoy! Positano Pictorial | Travel in Italy Blog
07092016 Some of the best views of the Amalfi Coast can be found in the 13th century gardens of Ravello's Villa Rufolo. 27 Photos That Prove Italy is Heaven on Earth | Harper's Bazaar
07102016 Sail along ancient Mediterranean trade routes along the Neapolitan islands of Procida, Capri, Ischia, on to the splendid towns of the Amalfi coast. Amalfi, being the oldest Maritime Republic in Italy, boasts a history as rich and dramatic as the coastal cliffs ascending behind it. Sailing and Savoring the Amalfi Coast | Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures
07112016 View of The Faraglioni Rocks Capri with Sorrento in the distance form peak of Mt Solaro. Trip to Capri Amalfi Coast Italy | Greenwich Village Italian
07122016 A certain peach gelato from our honeymoon stuck out in my mind, which I had bought on our last visit near the main beach in Positano. We went back to the same place and sure enough, they had the gelato. It was just as I remembered, cool and refreshing with little chunks of frozen peaches throughout. Amalfi Coast: Positano, Capri, & Ravello, Italy - Travel Guide | A Couple Cooks
07132016 Ravello. A mountain top town with cathedral and the Villa Rufolo with very nice gardens and great views that enchanted many artists in the early 20th century. Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento. | Garden Diary
07142016 Positano is truly stunning and it’s the perfect place to explore for a day, even for a few hours. We simply had lunch here and it was enough to take in all the beauty it has to offer. We treated ourselves to a yacht for the day as we didn’t have enough time to spend more than a few hours in each place but it is easy for you to jump on a public ferry to arrive here. Postcard Positano | Sabrina Chakici
07152016 Stopped curbside outside the Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel passenger heartbeats return to normal levels, and through the doors the world turns into something off a movie set. A faint salty, lemony scent perfumes the air. The sky is a Van Gogh palette blue, and the sea a glittering mythological aegean blue. Amalfi Coast & Capri | Weston Table
07162016 Cratere degli Astroni is one of the few well-preserved craters of the whole Phlegraean fields.  It represents what in geology is defined as a caldera, i.e. a large depression of the Earth’s surface today occupied by deep a thick and well-preserved woodland and lakes that makes the Phlegraean fields a unique place in the world. Sabrina Luxury Collection's Amalfi Coast - Travel Guide | Sabrina Luxury Collection
07172016 This was my typical breakfast (colazione) at Villa Maria each of my three wonderful  days there. Vincenzo the owner makes all types of different jams from the fruit he grows on his farmer way up in the hill of the beautiful little town of Minori. Vino Vongole & Lemonade in Capri Positano & The Amalfi Coast | Back to Italy
07182016 We had to stop in Naples for pizza. We passed through Naples twice on our trip and could not justify not making a stop to grab a bite of what makes Naples famous - pizza. San Marzano tomatoes are sourced a few miles outside the city on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius and are fresher here than anywhere else in the world. The Vacation: Capri, Positano, Naples, and Rome |  Windsor Kitchen
07192016 I should say that Il Buco in Sorrento was the best meal I had in Italy. It certainly was the most elegant- and most expensive. Beef cheek ravioli, calamari  two ways, beef filet and pork medallions… it was all exquisitely made. But to me, the beauty of being in Italy is that top-notch Italian is de rigor. Dateline: the Amalfi Coast | The Musing Bouche
07202016 The center of Naples is really pretty, the traffic is crazy and there are a ton of cute streets with clotheslines full with colorful clothes. In this post, I will show you my photos of Naples and I’ll also share some tips of things I think were the most fun to do and see in Naples! Travel Diary Italy - Part I – Naples | Retro Sonya
07212016 Stop by Hotel Villa Gabrisa in Positano and sit across by the coast while you have lunch followed by an espresso. Amalfi Coast | Razan Masri
07222016 Every year, the much respected Travel+Leisure magazine invites its readers to vote. "This is a tremendous honor for Ischia," says Giancarlo Carriero, proprietor of the island's iconic Regina Isabella Hotel, which has been welcoming celebrities and the glamorati since it opened in 1956. Sometimes known as Hollywood's Mediterranean home, the Regina Isabella - with its elegant spa. Ischia Voted Best Island in Europe & Third Best Island in the World | Luxury Travel Media
07232016 Road-tripping though Ravello, Sorrento, and finally landing in Capri, the Danish stylist explored the area’s secluded villas and lush gardens in between sips of—what else?—rosé and bites of homemade pasta from a restaurant neighboring Sophia Loren’s former villa. Pernille Teisbaek’s Amalfi Coast Avventura Is As Stylish As You Would Expect | Vogue
07242016 This coastal city is really an island. A beautiful and historical destination where everyday travelers and celebrities alike come to enjoy the amazing sights, culture, and of course, food! At only a little over 4 square miles in size, this island is packed tight with wonders galore. Top 10 Italian Coastal Cities | Earth Porn
07252016 This is probably Capri’s most impressively located hotel. Punta Tragara is, in the words of Le Corbusier, who drew up the 1920s master plan for what was then a private villa, “an extension of the rock”. Punta Tragara Capri, Italy | The Telegraph
07262016 "There’s nothing new about the Amalfi Coast," says Rosati, "but it’s the nicest place to be. The weather is perfect, the people are nice, the food is amazing, and the setting is just gorgeous." Why You Need to Travel to the Amalfi Coast Now | InStyle
07272016 Travel back into the fascinating world of the Romans in Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, including insight from historical novelist Lindsey Davis. Discover the lives of gladiators, slaves, citizens and senators on this exclusive five-day tour. The secrets of Pompeii, with Lindsey Davis | The Telegraph
07282016 The Amalfi Coast is not only a vacation spot, it is a historic resort area dating back centuries. The most recent regal palace is that of King Charles VII of Naples. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the 18th century Caserta Palace includes 5 floors and 1,200 rooms. It is the largest royal palace in the world.  5 unique things to do around the Amalfi Coast | A Luxury Travel Blog
07292016 In Positano, we stayed at Le Agavi Hotel which has beautiful postcard views. Every evening we would drink wine and watch the summer storms roll in from our balcony. The Amalfi Coast, Italy | Our Imaginary Fans
07302016 She's a star of the catwalk, who loves coding when she's not ruling the runway. But Karlie Kloss was taking a break from both modelling and studying at the weekend as she enjoyed a sedate stroll around the Italian island of Capri with a female friend. Picture perfect | DailyMail
07312016 In fact what geology and nature created is a naturally beautiful, authentically Italian island. And despite being just 1.5 miles square, modern Procida has lots of little delights for the visitor. Quayside trattorias and bars offer tasty refreshments, without breaking the bank. Procida, the prettier little sister to Capri and Ischia | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper