Friday, April 29, 2016


What makes Campania special as wine country is a whole package of ecological and environmental blessings – a mild-to-warm climate, the benign influence of the Mediterranean, ranges of hills and mountains that provide a multitude of microclimates and altitudes and exposures for vineyards, and a myriad of soils that mix-and-match decayed volcanic deposits with more recent volcanic ash and tufa, marine sediments from when large parts of the region lay at the bottom of the sea, moraines from ancient glaciers and deposits from modern landslides and river floodings. Campania Stories 4: Old Volcanos and the Eternal Sea | Tom's Wine Line

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Pisciotta is the kind of small, southern Italian coastal town that you have a picture of in your head, but often struggle to match in the real world. The old town sits on a hill just back from its seaside frazione or offshoot, Marina di Pisciotta. It's a place of narrow lanes sandwiched between pastel-painted houses, ancient stepped alleyways leading to hidden chapels, small piazzas with their inevitable external fauna of old men in hats playing cards or simply watching the world go by. 21 places in Italy you never thought to visit (but really should) | The Telegraph

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Black licorice, sandalwood and wild herb aromas from the cork. Dried flower, woodsy nose of medium+ intensity with some herbal and dried red fruit aromas. On the medium-to-full bodied palate it has herbal, cassis, and black cherry flavours with a hint of leather. Terredora Aglianico 2010 (Italy) | Vintages Wine Picks & Reviews

Monday, April 25, 2016


Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is located in the Campania region of southern Italy. The grape vines extend into three small towns: Sant’Angelo all'Esca, Taurasi, and Luogosano. Hazel trees and olive trees also grow on the large estate. Many of its wines earned high-point ratings on Our Signature Wines | Creative Beverages

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Le Ali di Mercurio is a learning strategy for the wine artisans. The main feature of this Academy is to be on-the-job, thanks to tutorial and frequent operations in wine cellar. Le Ali di Mercurio Academy | La Repubblica

Saturday, April 23, 2016


The Lupanar, meaning “wolf den” in Latin, is Pompeii’s most famous brothel. This site contains the famous erotica scenes painted on the walls, which is the source of much of what we know about ancient Roman sexuality.  The Lupanar also has small rooms with built-in beds where the magic would take place. These were once covered with mattresses of straw or composite materials (which still does not sound very comfortable). Highlights from Pompeii | La Historienne

Friday, April 22, 2016


Our first few hours in Sorrento were spent washing off the grime from our travels, and hunting in search of a perfect cocktail with a view. Highlights of the Amalfi Coast: Sorrento & Positano | Charlotte Actually

Thursday, April 21, 2016


But since we are now on the subject of Cantina del Taburno, I will say, if pressed, that this particular falanghina has a pleasantly dry and lemony finish. I am also reminded for some reason of tinned fruit with condensed milk. My nanny used to force me to eat tinned fruit with condensed milk – a desert of which I was never over fond, and of which I am surprised to be reminded today – particularly having parted with around 15 bucks for the bottle. New York, 20 August 2015 | Half an Orange

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This zone of Sannio is particularly favourable for high quality viticulture due to the soils which are mainly clayey-calcareous, the exposure, due to the altitude between 200 and 600 meters above sea level, due to the mild winters and the warm and dry summers, due to the wide day-night temperature range and due to the even rainfall between October and March. Cantina del Taburno: the winery of the sleeping lady | Marc de Grazia Selections

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Another white that I tried was Catalo' produced with autochthonous grape catalanesca grapes. Some ageing in wood. Vineyard Hopping, Boscotrecase (Na), Az. Agricola Sorrentino | andiamotrips

Sunday, April 17, 2016


The young chef chef Eduardo Estatico prepares croquettes with the very tasty copper-coloured onions from Montoro. They can be enjoyed with a glass of Dorè sparkling wine obtained from Caprettone grapes which the young wine maker Benny Sorrentino makes in her winery. Onion croquettes |

The next course was ‘Scialatiello’ which the menu described as being made with ‘fave Avellinesi, cipollotto nocerino, pecorino Carmasciano, fiche secchi cilentani’ or spaghetti with local broad beans, a certain spring onion (with its own DOP), sheep’s cheese and dried white figs from Cilento. Having a good time in Avellino | The Gannet

Saturday, April 16, 2016


In case you hadn't already had your #relationshipgoals summed up in a single moment, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid recently jetted off to Naples with Mario Testino to capture their love on the streets (and in the incredible fashion) of Italy for Vogue. Now we're finally getting a glimpse behind the scenes with this exclusive clip. This Behind-the-Scenes Video of Zayn and Gigi's Naples Shoot Is As Dreamy As They Are | Teen Vogue

Friday, April 15, 2016


Sweet and girlish—but with an unruly rock-'n'-roll history, too—plaids are a winning move for model Gigi Hadid's sojourn to Naples with her real-life boyfriend, pop heartthrob Zayn Malik. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s Wanton Weekend in Naples | Vogue

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The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy. The Amalfi Coast - 5 must see places | Dolce & Gabbana

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Flat out - Saw the first swimmers today, but these young ladies were too busy getting brown... Ischia in spring | Peter Bardwell

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The next morning we set off on the short trip to neighbouring island Ischia. It’s a lot larger and more mountainous than Procida with a lovely coastline of colourful villages and the dramatic Aragonese Castle perched on a volcanic rock. We spent a leisurely lunch break anchored off a beach sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Sailing the Amalfi Coast with Intersailclub | Never Ending Voyage

Monday, April 11, 2016


Yellow flower, Mediterranean herb, cut grass, crisp green apple, juicy citrus and intense mineral are some of the sensations offered by this structured and savory white. It boasts great depth and is impeccably balanced with vibrant acidity. Enjoy through 2021. Villa Raiano 2013 Alimata (Fiano di Avellino) | Wine Enthusiast

Sunday, April 10, 2016


M.t Vesuvius is famous for the destruction that is wreaked upon the unsuspecting Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. But the while the active volcano which made these places famous still casts a long shadow over them, the trek to the top of the smoking crater is an unforgettable experience to say the least. Trekking to the summit of Mt. Vesuvius! The only live volcano on mainland Europe! | The Roaming

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Be aware that Vesuvius is a volcano that should be taken seriously. It has been the location of some of Europe’s most notable volcanic eruptions and is currently the only active volcano in that region. Some consider Vesuvius to be Europe’s time bomb while millions of people happily live in the Naples’ metro area without any fears. Explore Vesuvius National Park: Europe's active volcano site |

Thursday, April 7, 2016


These were the bodies I had seen earlier as a macabre and gruesome display. As I walked among Pompeii's ghosts, I watched Vesuvius, wondering at the panic the people must have felt as ash and rock rained down on them. Although vast, the volcano seemed some distance away. Vesuvius casts a long shadow | Otago Daily Times

Marisa Cuomo Ravello Bianco. It's a Falanghina and Biancolella blend [and] it's great. It's from a little bit of a lower elevation, it's approachable and a bit more plump. It has stone fruit and underripe passion fruit; white peach comes through. Sommelier Talk: Daniel McCullough of Napa's Oenotri | Wine Spectator

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


For more than three decades, uncommonly erudite American-born writer Gore Vidal famously owned a gravity-defying villa in the resort town of Ravello along Italy’s postcard perfect Amalfi Coast. The whitewashed residence, theatrically cleaved to a craggy and precipitous cliff 1,000 feet above the Tyrrhenian Sea, has come up for sale, we first learned from kindly informant I. Talon Toorist, with an asking price of just over $21.1 million. For Sale: Gore Vidal’s Italian Cliffhanger  | Variety

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The Ravello Festival, also known as the "Italian Wagner Festival" is a famous annual summer festival of music and the arts held in the town of Ravello on the Amalfi coast. The new season will kick off on Friday 18th March. It will continue with 29 weeks of concerts, until the 31st October, a sequence of musical events, featuring musicians with undeniable skills. Ravello is getting ready for its famous Festival | We The Italians

Monday, April 4, 2016


Dock your kayak on the Bay of Naples’s shores and drive an hour northeast to the city of Benevento. This is your jumping off point to explore surrounding wine regions like Irpinia, located to the city’s east. The area — mountainous, remote, and cool in climate — offers a marked contrast to the sunny, tourist-populated coastline you have left behind. Irpinia and its neighbor to the northwest, the appellation of Sannio, are home to local grapes including aglianico, fiano, greco, and falanghina. Falanghina is an Italian vacation in your glass | Boston Globe

Sunday, April 3, 2016


The last wine we tasted was a 2008 Taurasi Riserva DOCG. The Taurasi Riserva was a deep garnet in color with an interesting nose of tobacco and spice and a fabulous long and very smooth taste. The Lonardo family makes some of the best Aglianico wine that I have had the pleasure of tasting. Cantine Lonardo – Technology with Tradition |

Saturday, April 2, 2016


A hoard of priceless ancient Greek and Roman scrolls dating back thousands of years could be lost forever unless the library housing them is fully excavated, experts warn. The texts, which is believed to be underneath the Roman town of Herculaneum in Italy, were buried almost 2,000 years ago after being covered in ash and rock from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Academics urge Italian authorities to excavate a library buried by Vesuvius they believe is packed with priceless historic texts | DailyMail 

Friday, April 1, 2016


The winemakers of Campania, in Italy's southwestern "shin", pride themselves on producing wines from ancient varieties, such as Greco, Fiano, Falanghina and Aglianico. Technology in most wineries is modern, but the wines are overwhelmingly the result of tradition. What's the Big Deal About Campania? | Wine-Searcher

MARCH 2016


03012016 At first we thought we were going to Pompeii first to avoid the afternoon sun, and then stop in Positano and Sorrento last. Now we were going to Sorrento first to avoid the morning crowds at Pompeii and get to Positano before the afternoon rush. We would go to Sorrento, then Positano, then Pompeii. Our drive to Sorrento took about 40 minutes with a scenic photo stop along the way. Revisiting Our Honeymoon – Naples, Italy | This Fairy Tale Life
03022016 Director Chiara Clemente and writer Tyler Thompson exchanged vows in Amalfi. “It was where I spent every summer since I was born,” Clemente says. While her dream was always to be married in her family’s home there, “the only way to reach it is up 189 steps, and to carry anything you pretty much need a donkey.” Chiara Clemente and Tyler Thompson’s Wedding on the Amalfi Coast | Vogue
03032016 If you want to rent a kayak, or a paddleboard, or a private boat, just ask Picoletto. To get me a kayak, Piccoletto called a guy who sped up by motorboat an hour later, towing a kayak. Kayaking was a dream. The sea was calm and full of emerald and indigo colors. The Best Way To Avoid the Crowds on the Amalfi Coast | The Huffington Post
03042016 Starting from 1st March 2016, the Archaeological Park of Paestum extends the time to visit it to allow a wider fruition of temples and mainly to answer to the needs of visitors. Moreover extraordinary overtures and night walks are scheduled. News from Archaeological Park of Paestum | Italia Slow Tour
03052016 The art of the Neapolitan pizza-maker is to be Italy's sole contender to join UNESCO's World Heritage List, the national commission for UNESCO decided Friday on a proposal by the agriculture ministry and with the backing of the foreign, university, environment and economy ministries. It has been chosen because "it represents Italy all over the world". Naples pizza aims for UNESCO World Heritage List (2) | Ansa
03062016 Once you’ve reached the main square, it’s obvious that business on the island is very seasonal, and many shops and restaurants are closed. However, I do totally get the desire to be at the heart of the action, surrounded by summer crowds and celebrities. You won’t get that buzz if you turn up in Capri in March, but we could see contented locals and cognoscenti savouring the chance to meander through the narrow streets without jostling and queuing. Why You Should Try Capri Off-Season | Phileas French
03072016 At least 2,000 people gathered outside to uphold the city's centuries-old right to guard the jewels of its patron saint, San Gennaro. The jewels, which were donated by kings and aristocrats after a series of disasters gripped Naples in the 16th Century, are considered one of the world's most valuable collections. The city of Naples retained control of the treasure because the chapel inside the cathedral dedicated to the saint was built with city funds, not Church money. Italy Church: Naples up in arms over San Gennaro jewels | BBC
03082016 'Naples has a richness, a complex heritage and those that come from Naples have a tendency towards the arts. If you have a slight inclination for any sort of art, whether that be musical, theatrical or fine arts, Naples helps you, supports you and takes you there.' Serena Autieri - actress, singer, presenter | An Affair With Italy
03092016 Choose between hiking around the crater with a certified Mt. Vesuvius guide to tell you the geologic history of the volcano or kick back at the visitors’ cafe and enjoy stunning views of the Bay of Naples over a coffee or glass of wine. Vesuvius Summit Tour with Special Access Crater Hike | Walks of Italy
03102016 Pasta al gratin or – as they call it in Naples – Maccheroni al gratté. It is basically a baked pasta seasoned with béchamel sauce and enriched with few extra ingredients. One of the beauty of the dish is the flexibility in the choice of ingredients. Mozzarella is usually the cheese of choice. Maccheroni al gratte` . . . a Neapolitan dish. | Sharing My Italy
03112016 Italy was formed by the collision of two tectonic plates that pressed together to form the Appenine Mountains, which run like a rocky backbone through the peninsula, dividing regions and creating, in human history, isolated pockets for peoples to develop cultures adapted to specific, local conditions. We experienced Italy’s topography at its most dramatic on the day of arrival. As we made our way to our hotel in in the seaside town of Maiori, we wound our way along the precipitous cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Penn Alumni Travel: Portrait of Italy 2014 | Frank Penn
03122016 According to a Harper’s Bazaar poll, the Amalfi Coast is one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations worldwide – and it’s not hard to see why. Famed for its rugged elegance, hidden beaches and crystalline waters, this stunning stretch of coastline is one of the most beautiful and romantic spots on earth. Amalfi Coast villas are the perfect romantic retreat, with gorgeous coastal views and easy access to the local sights, beaches and restaurants. Romantic Vacation Ideas to Treat Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s| Top Villas
03132016 So what’s the best way to visit this breathtaking part of the world? Book early! The one thing I have come to realise after working with rental properties, both hotels, guest houses, apts and villas on the Amalfi Coast is that the happiest campers are the ones who get in nice and early to book their accommodation!  What's the best way to see the Amalfi Coast? | My Amalfi Coast
03142016 "I had the vacation of a lifetime" I just wanted to thank you everything. I had the vacation of a lifetime. It was an absolute dream and I am really happy I chose Tour italy now. Everything worked out great with the hotels, transfers, and services. Capri was my favorite place. Thanks again for everything. I plan on visiting Italy... Annalise Henry (Queens, NY) Rome to Amalfi Tour, August 2013 Important Tips for Appreciating Italian Architecture | Tour Italy Now
03152016 We woke up that morning and made our way down to Positano beach and over to the little deck, where the Bagni d’Arienzo private boat (and handsome Captain!) would come to pick us up at 10.30am. We’d packed nothing but swimwear and empty stomachs. It’s about a 10-15 minute leisurely boat ride along the coast and then you see it, the most idyllic little cove with orange parasols, beckoning you in like a siren of the sea. Bagni d'Arienzo Positano | Holly Goes Lightly
03162016 Before you could swim to the edge of the Amalfi cliffs in the infinity pool, Hotel Santa Rosa was a convent where a nun quietly invented one of Italy's most beloved pastries. Santa Rosa Sfogliatelle | Feast on History
03172016 The Ancient Velia has a truly incredible history. Founded by the exiled Phocaeans from Turkey, it became soon a very important place, where the philosopher Parmenide founded his revolutionary Eleatic school. The ancient city of Velia | Italia Slow Tour
03182016 A new itinerary in Pompeii with five domus including their restored, ancient gardens and a hall with over 100 archaeological finds at the Naples Archeological Museum opened on Wednesday as part of the ''Myths and Nature: from Greece to Pompeii'' exhibit. Pompeii and Naples museum team up for 'Myths and Nature' | ANSAmed
03192016 Inside here you can also visit the church’s 12th century cloister, which has to be the most beautiful cloister I have ever seen. I spent ages looking at the different capitals on the top of each column. They all portrayed mythological or biblical characters, including hunting and banquet scenes, and strange animals and faces. Benevento’s jewels: The Holy Wisdom Church and its cloister | Italian Gems
03202016 The luxurious Il San Pietro di Positano hotel, built on a rock in Amalfi coast of Italy, a few kilometers away from Naples and Capri rightfully claims the title of "best hotel in the world for tennis enthusiasts". Il San Pietro di Positano: World's best hotel for tennis enthusiasts |
03212016 Remember, as they say in Naples, the sauce must “pippiare”. Half way through, don’t forget to dip a piece of bread into the sauce and have your first taste of heaven! The Recipe of the Neapolitan Ragu` . . . Dedicated to my Father. | Sharing My Italy...The Blog
03222016 The Amalfi Coast with its rugged landscape is one of Italy’s beautiful vacation destinations. Certainly it’s a favorite of mine, as you know by now. I find myself wondering how homes, hotels and restaurants were built on  these cliffs and hillsides which  seem almost impossible to reach. Amalfi Coast – Rugged and Beautiful | margieinitaly
03232016 Along Via San Giovanni a Carbonara there is the church, which has a huge staircase and is an authentic masterpiece for the urban development of the Renaissance. With its light marbles, the complex of San Giovanni a Carbonara is one of the most suggestive churches of the city of Naples. Visit Naples - unexpected Naples an unusual itinerary of the city | Travel Naples
03242016 Make sure to walk around the centre of Anacapri and visit the tiny Neapolitan tailor shops and artisan shoemakers. The star attraction of the island is the summit of Mount Solaro, which is accessed via a chair lift from Anacapri.  The Amalfi Coast: Europe’s Playground for the Rich and Famous | The World Around us
03252016 A family run-restaurant surrounded by lush nature, situated on the south-western side of the island. Most of the dishes on the menu are prepared with homemade products, with the vegetables grown in the family’s garden and the wine prepared in-house Gourmet Guide to Capri's 10 Must-Try Restaurants and Trattorias | The Culture Trip
03262016 Located in the heart of the village of Capri, Aurora is the oldest restaurant on the island and the place to see and be seen. Thin crust pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella is a must! Perfect for dinner. Where to eat in Capri? | Luxeat
03272016 The excitement and glamour permeating 50 Kalò reflects the freshly elevated status of pizza in Naples. When not pressed into posing for selfies, pizzaiolo Ciro Salvo can be seen stretching the dough. The pizzeria offers sophisticated, well-sourced toppings but to appreciate Salvo’s incomparably light crust at its best, he recommends the simple margherita or marinara. Five of the best: pizzerias in Naples |  Financial Times
03282016 The MADRE museum in Naples this Easter will apply the local tradition of the ''suspended coffee'' to contemporary art. This local tradition consists in paying for an extra coffee for a stranger to enjoy at a bar. Now the all-Neapolitan practice - which has been recognized worldwide and implemented in several countries and other sectors - will be implemented at the regional contemporary art museum. Tickets at Naples MADRE Museum paid like 'suspended coffee' | ANSAmed
03292016 Today the town, built up around the church of Santa Maria Assunta (10th century) and its ceramic dome that reflects the light of the Mediterranean with a Photoshop effect, has decidedly more sophisticated tourist facilities. Because here you can really do everything, from snooze in the sun and swimming until you’re ready to drop to climbing rock faces, since the Positano area (with over 200 itineraries) is the most important sport-climbing hub of southern Italy. Positano Is The Destination Of Your Wildest Dreams | The Huffington Post
03302016 About 30% of the vines in Campania (in southern Italy) are grown to the red grape Aglianico. Campania is about a quarter of the way up the front of the Italian “boot.” It has considerable frontage on the Tyrehennian Sea (think Amalfi Coast). The best place in Campania to grow Aglianico is Taurasi. This is on the inland side of the region – about 1300 feet above sea level. It has the rich, free-draining, volcanic soils that seem to best agree with the grape. Aglianico: Campania’s favorite grape |
03312016 "There aren’t many of us, but we’re defending bespoke tailoring in Anacapri," says Nicola Caso, spreading his arms. A native of Anacapri, he’s known as Nicolino and is proudly upholding the spirit of craftsmanship. Anacapri |

Thursday, March 31, 2016


"There aren’t many of us, but we’re defending bespoke tailoring in Anacapri," says Nicola Caso, spreading his arms. A native of Anacapri, he’s known as Nicolino and is proudly upholding the spirit of craftsmanship. Anacapri |

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Looking for wines that would be easier to drink young, I chose Irpinia aglianicos, which have the same relationship to Taurasi and Taburno as Langhe nebbiolos have to Barolo and Barbaresco. They are from the same general area but tend to be softer and more accessible. Aglianico, a Red With a Sense of Place | The New York Times

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


About 30% of the vines in Campania (in southern Italy) are grown to the red grape Aglianico. Campania is about a quarter of the way up the front of the Italian “boot.” It has considerable frontage on the Tyrehennian Sea (think Amalfi Coast). The best place in Campania to grow Aglianico is Taurasi. This is on the inland side of the region – about 1300 feet above sea level. It has the rich, free-draining, volcanic soils that seem to best agree with the grape. Aglianico: Campania’s favorite grape |