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Posillipo neighborhood
Naples tour.
Italy's most
vibrant city.


Grown in the fertile soil of the slopes
of Mount Vesuvius: prime ingredient
in local Neapolitan cuisine.

Eat, Drink and Whistle

At the northern end of the Bay of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea: Ischia, the largest island in the Phlegrean Archipelago.
09012014 In the nineteenth century, people often compared Naples to Paris—“Naples and Paris, the two true capitals!” Stendhal cried - but today Naples feels more like an African or Asian city, and as a result, to my eye and tastes, she has become more beautiful than Paris. Unlike most European cities, Naples has an energy that is disjointed, feral, and madcap; her pleasures are in the street rather than behind closed doors. She is open to atavism and kitsch, to gluttony and wonderful vulgarity. In other words, she’s alive. Exploring Naples, Italy's Most Vibrant City | Conde Nast Traveler
09022014 Looking out over the bay at Naples it was easy to be intoxicated by its beauty. Crumbling churches poke their spires above the red slate rooves of higgledy- piggledy houses that jostle for space on the three hills that make up the ancient Italian city. Naples, where the food is as good as the views | The Daily Star
09032014 Coming to Sorrento and taking a ride in a "wheeled chair" is equivalent to going to Venice and not take a gondola ride. Ever since the Grand Tour, when Sorrento was the destination of the most famous noble families in Europe and overseas, even when traveling in a carriage, everyone left their car and preferred to use local media to make sure you take this' essence of what they were visiting. Italian gondolas? In Sorrento, the Carruzzella is the way to go... | Home To Italy 
09042014 Sorrento is not a beach resort in the accepted sense – the coarse, dark sand at the foot of the mighty cliffs that front up Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples could not compete with Margate or Blackpool, let alone the Caribbean. But it does – admittedly at a price – provide a number of private beaches, primarily along the stretch of water between Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. There are also small patches of public beach scattered along this coastline which are packed by mid-morning with Italian families. Sorrento Scenes | An Englishman's Love Affair with San Francisco
09052014 Longing to dive into the sea we ventured out to Il Capo di Sorrento, where we heard it was possible to bathe amongst the ruins of a Roman villa at Regina Giovanna’s ocean pool. We reached the site easily; after a short bus from Piazza Tasso we followed the clearly marked long and windy cobblestone path to the ruins. Underneath the crumbling remnants of the villa was a large rock pool, framed on all sides by tall rounded walls. A large arched tunnel allows the tide to flow in and out of the pool. The turquoise waters were cool and clear. At the bottom of the pool were thousands of smooth pebbles instead of the sand that I am used to. Sorrento | Kristie and Alex's Big Trip
09062014 The city is known for its goods made of inlaid wood, and you’ll find the largest variety at Gargiulo & Jannuzzi. This 150-year-old emporium hawks all manner of marquetry, from tiny geometric boxes to elaborate framed landscapes, as well as jewelry, textiles and a veritable zoo of life-size ceramic animals. For better bargains, visit the tiny Augusto Lucas Workshop on Via Fuoro. Sorrento sells loads of leather, as well, and the family-run Artigiani Della Pelle, next to Augusto Lucas, stocks unique, colorful handbags and jackets. There’s a tempting selection of handcrafted sandals around the city, too. Check out the glittering assortment at Sandali Corcione.Eat, shop, repeat: Sorrento, Italy | The Dallas Morning News 
09072014 Ischia is the largest island of the Campania region – its velvety slopes green with pine woods and vineyards – hence its nickname Isola Verde (Emerald Isle). Mount Epomeo – the volcano – has long been dormant, but the island shows significant volcanic activity with its many hot springs, mineral waters, and steam and hot mud holes. These are extensively used by the island’s many spas; hence Ischia’s other nickname, Island of Eternal Youth. Ischia ... last destination | BeauBazar
09082014 For a true European indulgence slip inside Manzi Natural Spa, located on the Italian island of Ischia, with its ancient natural springs and menu of treatments that incorporates both hydrotherapy and Asian traditions. You will also find a fitness center, refreshing swimming pool and stretch of pristine beach located nearby. Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa | Luxury Link
09092014 The centerpiece of the hotel remains the old lookout tower, renovated without altering the original design. The tower now houses many suites facing the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, with the prestigious Spa and hot spring treatment centre located on the lower floors. Mezzatorre Resort and Spa, Ischia, and It's Historic Charm | Couture Travel Company
09102014 The dishes are all prepared by Erika with the help and supervision of the expert Mamma Raffaella. They range from classic home made pastas such as 'tagliatelle alla rucola con frutti di mare' to 'ravioli alle melanzane and 'caramelle di aragosta'. Guests with a sweet tooth should try the crusty orange pie, hot chocolate soufflé and a variety of creamy mousses. Papà Vincenzo is the wine expert and has built up a list with great experience and which includes virtually 'unfindable' bottles. Ristorante Donna Rosa, Positano | Delicious Italy
09112014 Taverna Portosalvo in Villammare di Vibonati: very simple looking trattoria with marine decoration and a very passionate patron. The best/freshest fish counter we have ever seen anywhere - the fisherman brought in the catch as we entered the restaurant. We had the mixed antipasto platter with 4 different dishes on it (fried bianchetti-balls, marinated fish (don't remember name anymore, but pieces of a bigger fish), polipetti cooked with tomatoes and a calamari/potato dish), all very fresh and delicious and with distinctly clear flavors. I had a couple of very fresh and delicious raw shrimps. We then had a whole grilled "schianto" which had just come in - i was a bit concerned grilling might make the fish dry, but it was cooked perfectly, with a nutty taste and flakey consistency - very very good. Our wine was a 2010 Fiano San Matteo by Alfonso Rotolo, from Paestum, a very nice, mineral and full wine. Policastro Bay (South Cilento) | 
09122014 For a sophisticated and enlightening gastronomic experience, drive to Don Alfonso 1890 in the nearby town of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. This is one of Italy’s most celebrated and critically acclaimed restaurants (with a cooking school and elegant guest suites for overnight stays) thanks to homegrown products - even the butter is freshly churned here. Alfonso and Livia Iaccarino offer pea soup with ginger and shrimp or orecchiette pasta with broccoli and tartufi di mare. Drive through Amalfi Coast | Family Travel Concierge
09132014 Ischia, a picturesque and inviting little dot out at sea. The late American author Truman Capote, who stayed a while on Ischia with pen and paper in the late 40s, called her, "the timeless island." The largest island in the Phelgrean Archipelago is where about six-million tourists annually come to enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life) – for a week, a month or for a season. Ischia: Eat, Drink and Whistle | Italiannotebook
09142014 In the great room 3 of the Di Lustro Hotel in the center of Forio with the beautiful views of the Marina, Truman lived for ninety-seven days - from March 23 to June 13, 1949 – and Mrs. Giuseppina shows us the old registry with the record of arrival and departure. Capote is at room number 591 of the register and at the number 590 is the name of Jack Dunphy who was a companion of Capote for thirty-eight years occupying the room 2, next to that one of Truman. The Truman room |
09152014 On top of super volcano Mount Epomeo on my home island of Ischia. I didn't know until this trip that my family has been in the business of art, science and commerce since the 15th century. My great-grandparents are from volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and last September I made a quest to get their birth certificates. A Volcanic Time Traveler's Valentine's Day | Time Traveler's Adventure Club Mystery Jars
09162014 Pompeii's newly reopened open-air theater, the scene of a landmark Pink Floyd concert more than 40 years ago, is soon to be the setting for the latest brainchild of the Italian culture ministry, the Pompeii Festival. Performances of Giacomo Puccini's La Boheme and Georges Bizet's Carmen will light up the ancient arena on September 18 and 20 respectively. The festival is a test drive for a possible summer opera series at the famed archaeological site. Pompeii to host opera festival | Ansa
09172014 The exhibition is about Pompeii as a historic site, and as a source of inspiration for 250 years. This is the first time such a large exhibition about Pompeii has been produced and shown in Sweden. The exhibition is on display at Millesgården, where the interiors and gardens were inspired by Pompeii. The Crown Princess opens Pompeii exhibition | Sveriges Kungahuset
09182014 The Swedish Pompeii Project started in 2000 as a fieldwork project initiated at the Swedish Institute in Rome. The aim was to record and analyse an entire Pompeian city-block, Insula V 1. In the recording process large quantities of data and photographs have been amassed and this is the forum we have chosen to share the collected information with those interested in the details of Pompeian houses. Welcome To The Swedish Pompeii Project | The Swedish Pompeii Project 
09192014 Among the hundreds of restaurants celebrating the IDIC all around the world there was “The President”  in Pompeii (Naples), just a few meters away from the famous archaeological area. Pompeii is in the heart of the area where San Marzano Tomatoes PDO  and Piennolo Vine Tomato from Mount Vesuvius PDO are grown. Both are believed to be the best choice of tomato to make Spaghetti al Pomodoro. In addition Pompeii is very close to one of the areas where some of the best spaghetti in the world are produced: the district of Gragnano. The Celebration in the Land of the Best Ingredients to Prepare Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico | International Day of Italian Cuisines
09202014 Grown in the fertile soil of the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the pomodorino del Vesuvio, is known for its elongated oval shape and thick skin which enables it to be harvested in bunches and stored for long periods. Its exceptional flavour makes it a prime ingredient in local Neapolitan cuisine. Tomato Harvest Southern Italy | The Interior Archive
09212014 Farmer Ponsiello Giovanni and his wife Maria Aprea preparing Pomodorino piennolo del Vesuvio for the winter season in their home at Pollena Trocchia. Italy - Campania | Stefano Scatà photographer Grown in the fertile soil of the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the pomodorino del Vesuvio, is known for its elongated oval shape and thick skin which enables it to be harvested in bunches and stored for long periods. Its exceptional flavour makes it a prime ingredient in local Neapolitan cuisine. Tomato Harvest Southern Italy | The Interior Archive
09222014 These lemons from the Amalfi Coast are the size of grapefruits. The white meaty flesh between the rind and the juicy part is meant to be eaten with honey and vinegar. Free Photo Friday - Food | I Must Be Off!
09232014 Recently I enjoyed Falanghina from a highly regarded producer, Feudi di San Gregorio, located in Campania. Feudi di San Gregorio has been in business since 1986 in Campania, in particular Sorbo Serpico in the Irpinia region part of the Avellino province. The terroir here is very unique due to the volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius nearby. A great Falanghina from Feudi di San Gregorio | Vino Travels
09242014 Star winemaker Riccardo Cotarella has teamed up with the ulta super star French Champagne maker Anselme Selosse to create a series of unique and high-end sparkling wines for Feudi di San Gregorio including the Dubl Falanghina, Dubl Rosato di Aglianico (pink bubbles) and most recently the sparkling Dubl Greco. These wines have been highly praised in the specialized wine press and the Dubl Greco in particular is a stunning wine. Feudi di San Gregorio, Falanghina, Sannio Falanghina | Stem Wine Group
09252014 Over my two days in Avellino, I tasted close to 100 Taurasis and Aglianicos, not all of which are available in the US. There are no big outside investors here, buying up vineyards and planting international varieties. In fact, more than a few of the newer wine producers have family histories of grape farming several centuries long – so even brand-new labels may represent a lot of experience with Aglianico. That showed in the tastings, where the level of winemaking seemed impressively high, even judging it from the perspective of wine zones like Barolo and Barbaresco, which are further along the developmental curve than Campania. Campania Stories: Avellino | Tom's Wine Line
09262014 Cover the waterfront: Earlier this year, two waterfront streets, Via Caracciolo and Via Partenope, were closed to traffic, creating a pedestrian thoroughfare along the Naples’ waterfront that has proved popular with joggers, bikers and families out for a stroll. Here you can enjoy great views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius and maybe even get in a little exercise. Italy: Seeing Naples on a budget | Miami Herald
09272014 Visitors may love the new lungomare but Neapolitans are divided about the changes. One of the twentysomething staff quips: “We don’t need the pista in Naples – we make our own rules.” Naples sets off on a pedal passeggiata | Bar Bruno 
09282014 Located between Piano di Sorrento and Sorrento you’ll find this little resort that was popular with Royalty and nobility for centuries. Take a look at the lovely botanical garden, the Parco dei Principi, which was first established in 1792. It’s now part of an hotel that bears the same name, and it offers panoramic views across the Bay of Naples. Sant’Agnello | Airport Connection
09292014 A secret garden with a decorative majolica wall in the courtyard of the Casa Grande Correale, the 18th century Correale Mansion, in Sorrento. Four cathedrals and a missed opportunity for mission in Italy | Patrick Comerford
09302014 Grand Hotel Hermitage lies in a natural setting overlooking Sorrento and the Bay of Naples. Its location in Sant' Agata sui due Golfi offers access to excellent walks and villages around Massa Lubrense. Hotels in Sorrento | Friends of Sorrento

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Strada Statale 163

The 40-kilometer road of the Amalfi Coast runs from Positano to Vietri sul Mare,
and from Ravello up in the Lattari Mountains to Maiori

The Land Where Lemons Grow

A journey to the Gulf of Naples to experience
the mild yet intensely flavoured juice of the
Amalfi lemon.

Along the sandiest beach of Ischia

Bubbling seas just a walk away from Maronti or traffic free town of Sant'Angelo.

082014 Digest 

08012014 Last month Chelsea and I took off for Italy for a wedding is Tuscany and visited a few parts we hadn’t been to and this is by far one of our favorite spots to visit. Amalfi Coast | Tec Petaja
08022014 On the Amalfi Coast of Campania, award-winning journalist Adrian Mourby is taking a gourmet road trip from Naples and enjoying spectacular scenery and fine food along the way. Campania is famed for its seafood, and it tastes even better with the sea in the background! An Amalfi gourmet drive | Italia! magazine
08032014 Via Panoramica is Italian for third gear. From now on, the route to Sorrento will climb, swerve, drop down and get sucked into long tunnels as it attempts to follow a beautiful but deeply crenellated coast. Pine trees flash by, clinging to the cliffs, and whenever the road widens even briefly there will be a Victorian villa facing the sea, painted in Pompeiian red and bright ochre. Our 1963 Alfa Romeo AF Giulia Spider purrs along throatily, but comes from a time before power-assisted steering or disc brakes. On the road: Naples to Praiano | B There Magazine
08042014 Eons of erosion and salty breakers have formed the cliffs along the Amalfi coast. Tourists from around the globe flock to this spot on the Italian map where the mountains dive from precipitous heights like suicide bombers into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Neptune fans the ragged rocks with a glittering saline spay like diamonds from the deep. Rocky small beaches challenge one to find a comfortable spot to lie under the bronze eye of the sun.  The one narrow road from Castellammare di Stabia to Vietri Sul Mare, the Via Mauro Comite is jammed with Vespas, Italian sports cars, and tour buses the size of small yachts. Hairpin turns and blind corners dare drivers to great speed and daring maneuvers. La strada di Gio - Acqua di Gio by Armani | scents memory
08052014 The ferry trip from Salerno to Amalfi was 35mins so once we got there I was ready to jump into the water. This was my first proper time in 5 months since I’ve been too the beach and to experience an Italian beach was pretty cool! Forget the sand, its just all stone which gets so hot! The water was beautiful, a little cold at the start but once you got in it was great! Bella settimana! | Italia | My travels through Italia
08062014 In the small town of Amalfi, once the centre of a vibrant maritime empire (as the grand Moorish-influenced cathedral attests), I eat on successive nights at restaurants perched on either end of the picturesque bay. At Ristorante Eolo, I watch a glorious sunset as I try to choose among the inventive dishes on offer. La Dolce Vita: Fine dining on the Amalfi Coast | Signature Travel and Lifestyle Magazine
08072014  Positano is the most glamorous of the small towns along this coast, and shops and hotels are priced accordingly. Twelve miles east along the coast, Amalfi is a little less chichi and a little more seaside — but it has good shopping. Try the Luna Convento, once a Franciscan convent, with a cloister and a seawater pool. Ibsen and Wagner stayed here, so you’re in exalted company. Amalfi Coast base, exploring Jamaica | The Sunday Times
08082014 After hearing so much about the little town of Positano, they also wanted to visit that town. Amanda discovered a fabulous little sandal shop, Nana Positano, where they craft some beautiful sandals (for only 30 euros!). They two finished their Positano excursion up in the mountains at the incredible restaurant Il Ritrovo (which also does cooking classes!). Amalfi Coast | Ever After Honeymoons
08092014 Authentic Adventures have another UNESCO World Heritage Site in its sights – the beautiful Amalfi coast. One of Europe’s most breathtaking stretches of coastline. The terraced cliffs are famous for their cultivation of lemons – known as sfusato amalfitano – a larger, local kind, grown along the entire coast. Limoncello tasting anyone? New in 2015: The Amalfi Coast | Authentic Adventures
08102014 "Wrapped in scent' … a lemon tree near Positano on the Amalfi coast. Where lemons grow | The Guardian
08122014 The sparkling Mediterranean. The sunlit skies. The brilliantly hued terraced gardens. Let us bring the Amalfi Coast to you. 5-Minute Escape | One Kings Lane
08132014 Rand explained to me that there was a grotto underneath our hotel – one that belonged exclusively to the Hotel Santa Caterina, and I giddily followed him into an elevator, and down several stories. Dusk at Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi, Italy | The Everywhereist
08142014 The Albergo il Monastero is an ancient monastery carved out of a rugged island about 200 metres off the coast of the Italian island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. The whitewashed interiors of the hotel are minimal and elegant. I stayed there with my husband in summer when I was pregnant and we would retreat from the bustling beaches of holidaying Italians to our quiet monastery, which was perfect for a mother-to-be. Frequent flyer: Rachel Perkins | Bendigo Advertiser
08152014 Just north of Ischia is the smallest island in the Flegrean group, Procida. A mere 4kms square, it lacks the thermal springs which attract the lolling tourists to spas on Ischia, and the stunning cliffs, the enormous wealth, and the Blue Grotto which attract everyone from everywhere to Capri. But Procida has charm: pastel houses in pink, white, yellow and blue; the scent of lemons; fishermen mending nets. There are beaches, walks, quaint towns, and a movie-making history which has led to an annual arthouse film festival. Procida | Pamrovia
08162014 We based ourselves at the historic Imperial Tramontano hotel which is just a few minutes stroll from the centre of town, making it easy to get around with a buggy. My usually picky father has referred to Sorrento as possibly his favourite holiday spot of all time, painting a wonderful picture of beautiful architecture, delectable food and a maze of pretty cobbled streets so I have always wanted to come here. Without a doubt though the best aspect of the trip was how welcome we were made to feel even with a toddler in tow. In a hotel as sophisticated as the Tramontano, children are still treated as a joy and greeted with nothing but enthusiasm. It's play time on the Amalfi coast | Daily Express
08172014 Lo Scoglio restaurant provided the gastronomic highlight of the whole trip - a lunch prepared by the third generation of a family who set up the restaurant in 1958, based on locally caught fish and vegetables grown on their own farm. Delicious starters - including crusty bread, broad beans, large tomatoes, aubergine, battered zucchini flowers, mini-calzone, home-made buffalo mozzarella and anchovies - were followed by Sea urchin and Tartufo di Mare (Truffle of the sea); spaghetti and zucchini, with coarsely grated parmesan and basil leaf garnish; and spaghetti with baby clams and tomatoes. A harvest of delights in ‘Campania felix’ | Star Travel Review
08182014 The name of the provolone del Monaco was attributed to this cheese by watching the shepherds, coming from the Lattari Mountains, who brought it. For this reason, the shepherds, to shelter from the humidity of the sea and of the night, covered themselves with a big cloak reminding of the monks’ habit. Besides its legendary aspects, anyway, the provolone del Monaco is considered as inimitable because of its organoleptic characteristics. A typical cheese of Sorrento: the Provolone del Monaco | Fondazione Sorrento 
08192014 Between Baia and Miseno, Bacoli was constructed on the Roman city of Bacoli. On the highest part of the city there is a grand installation of two-story cisterns known as “Cento Camerelle” (1st century BC). The upper cistern, with a rectangular layout, is divided into four naves; the lower one is a complicated network of tunnels dug into the tuff rock. A thin strip of coast separates the sea from a salt lagoon, the lake of Fusaro, creating a formidable ecosystem where fish and mussels are farmed. The Phlegrean Fields | Italian Culture
08202014 The neapolitan flavours, ancient fortresses, the thermal baths as well as the crystal-clear water. Ischia Island, a little treasure in the heart of the mediterranean sea. Ischia |
08212014  At the end of the main street is Piazza del Plebisicito, home of the enormous Palazzo Reale, former palace of the King and Queen of Naples, which dangles over a cliff edge with incredible views across the Bay of Naples to Mount Vesuvius.  The Palazzo Reale is just as opulent inside as out, and in true Italian style, it is a bargain to visit; just 4 euros to wander the marble and gilded halls, the sumptuous state rooms and galleries, and the formal gardens overlooking the sea. Naples and Herculaneum | Book Snob 
08222014 Both Falanghina and Lacryma Christi represent the history of Southern Italian enology, insomuch as they deal with historic vines, dating back to the Roman era, which for centuries have appeared on the tables of our ancestors and which even today are still a valued commodity of our Campanian territory, surely one of the most sought-after regions for the production of great wines from indigenous vines. An interview with Francesco Domini | Pensieri Meridionali
08232014 Lemon granita stand on the way to the Amalfi Coast. A Three-Day Itinerary For Your Trip to the Amalfi Coast (You're Going, Right?) | Bon Appétit Magazine
08242014 She sips a limoncello made by her host, as she does in Amalfi, where the highly prized sfusato amalfitano grows. There in a trattoria, Attlee enjoys a dish of pasta totally new to me, calamarata. The oddly-shaped pasta – which looks like “a giant’s wedding ring,” according to Attlee – is dressed with a julienne of local lemons, garlic, parsley and palourdes (clams) sautéed in olive oil. She finishes her meal with a delizia di limone, “an aptly named sponge baba, moist with limoncello and filled with a glorious chilled lemon cream. We all agreed that there was no better way to spend a day in Amalfi.” The Land Where Lemons Grow by Helena Attlee, review | Telegraph Books
08252014 Another smart lodging choice is Furore, a unique fjord just east of Praiano on the Salerno side. Superbly renovated to keep the fishing hamlet intact, the Furore fjord has remained untouched. Breathtaking Locanda Ripa delle Janare is a lovely place to stay or dine, or both. The cuisine is simple and tasty, with specials that include homemade scialatielli pasta with seafood or mushrooms, freshly caught fish, and fine desserts. Sorrento Confidential | The American | In Italia
08262014 Positano looks like a wedding cake. Once in the city, we walked up the pastel-colored streets to a lovely church at the top of the village. After a gelato (caramel, my favorite flavor), we headed back down to the sea for lunch. We took an elevator up through the rocks to get to San Pietro's magnificent restaurant, which had amazing views of the sea. The decoration was harmonious, the food was delightful, and the service was perfect. A Tween Girl's Dream Birthday: Seaside Lunch on the Amalfi Coast | Fathom
08272014 In southern Italy, pasta al pomodoro is the Alpha dish, the first act of culinary creation, the homecoming comfort food of children and adults alike. Pairing the succulent tomatoes of the Campania region with risotto rice rather than spaghetti or maccheroni is therefore very nearly an act of sacrilege. Whatever the reason, Matteo Temperini, executive chef of Le Sirenuse’s Michelin-starred La Sponda restaurant, has made tomato risotto one of his signature dishes, proving that north and south can not only meet but get along just fine. Recipe: risotto al pomodoro | Sirenuse Journal
08282014 Procida is not interested in mass tourism. They favour cultural tourists, welcoming visitors who want to immerse themselves in their traditions and way of life. You'll still see fishing boats coming in with their catch at the beautiful Marina Chiarella. I could spend an age watching them cleaning out their nets, throwing fish heads to waiting seagulls and neighbourhood cats, a sight that can't have changed much in the last century. Holiday in Italy: A Weekend in the Bay of Naples | Italia! magazine
08292014 The upper garden was created after the death of Sir Walton , in his memory. He is buried right here (and so is Susana – his widow, who died later and who is referred to as the soul of the garden). Clambering up, we saw the Greek theatre , a pool with a bronze crocodile, the Temple of the Sun, the Thai pagoda and a concert hall, where they show a documentary with Lady Walton herself talking about the garden. La Mortella (Ischia) | Adventures of the Azeris in Italy
08302014 We set off from Sant'Angelo harbor late in the morning. We found a few caves to explore... Then in the distance we saw another island...Procida. It didn't look too far so we went a bit closer to have a look.. But possibly the best part of the day was when we arrived back in Sant'Angelo and found a gelateria with strawberry cheesecake gelato! From Ischia to Procida | 
08312014 Maronti Beach was a great location to visit. Hire an umbrella and a chair, have an iced coffee and relax on this beautiful beach. There is also a very good choice of restaurants all with sun-beds and parasols! Try "Spaghetti alle Vongole"! Maronti Beach: Last Day in Ischia Island | The Velvet Passport

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JULY 2014

Alcoholic tipple

In Positano the alcoholic drink with lemon granita L'Albertissimo can only be found at a small stall at the main harbour.
Schematic map

Naples Bay rounds out any trip to Italy from Capri to the
Amalfi Coast, from Pompeii to Paestum. And Sorrento.


Gourmets consider pasta as a specialty of the
Neapolitan cuisine. Some of Italy's best pasta
is made just outside Naples in Gragnano.

072014 Digest

07012014 There is a local drink called ‘’L"Albertissimo", found only in Positano, along the harbour in a small stall named "L'alternativa". Amalfi - things to do | Quality Villas
07022014 There is a new little vehicle to rent in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a mini electric car where you sit one behind the other like a motorbike, but the driver has a steering wheel, rear vision mirrors, seat belt, break pad and accellerator, and a roof! Best trip up the Amalfi Coast! | Amanda Tabberer
07032014 This is one of those trips I would gladly do again. This drive began in Sorrento on a clear sunny day, passing through towns of Positano, Praiano, Atrani, with a boat cruise from Amalfi, and ending in the town of Ravello. A Drive on the Amalfi Coast | travellingflip 
07042014 I’ve shot fashion editorials on the Amalfi coast from Positano to Ravello more times than I care to remember, and usually with some of most well-travelled and successful crews in the industry. But an amazing thing happens every time on the Amalfi coast: everyone is inevitably almost stunned to silence by the beauty. It just so happens that the stunned silence may be broken by the odd Ferrari V8 speeding past, but for once I'm happy just being driven and enjoying the peace and view. David Gandy's top 5 Drives | David James Gandy
07052014 The online pictures and descriptions in guide books did not do the scenery justice. We ended up arriving as the sun was setting, which only amplified the colors bouncing off the cliffs and onto the blue water.  There were not many places to pull off to take pictures so we took mental pictures that will stay in our heads for the rest of our lives. We neared Atrani, the small town on the coast we would be staying at for the night, just as the sun had completely set and darkness was beginning shroud the scenery. Amalfi Coast: Living & Driving the Good Life | 50 Shades of Delicious
07062014 I loved this lemon seller's hoodie. He was such a cheerful chap, assisting his dad in a tiny roadside stall just outside Positano on the Amalfi Coast ( by far the most picturesque drive in the world). Because we will always love her.... | Shobhaa Dé 
07072014 Tomorrow morning we are going to Capri for a night. Really excited, not only because I once analyzed a company called "Isle of Capri" (all you gaming/gambling aficionados out there will know what I am talking about) that now all makes sense, but they have this world famous cave called the Blue Grotto that looks like this I can swim into (illegally and after hours, of course). Finally, driving the Amalfi Coast in a sleek black car made by Fiat. | The world through my lens
07082014 Many areas feature jewel-tones azure seas filled with a variety of sea life that you would not want to miss. While snorkeling along the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Ponza, we have spotted such creatures such as ‘la murena’, a sea-snake; octopus; tuna; rare lavender sea urchins; ‘pommodori di mare’, which are red sea creatures that are attached to the rocks along the shore. The French Riviera vs. Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Glenys Vargas
07092014 On the sweltering streets of Naples at 11 a.m., a man in a three-piece suit stood devouring what appeared to be a cake made of macaroni. In fact, that’s exactly what it was: “Macaroni frittata” is not immediately what comes to mind when one thinks of Neapolitan cuisine but it is as authentic as the more iconic pizza and “spaghetti alle vongole” (spaghetti with shellfish). Italy’s underdog city is a foodie’s paradise | The Daily Star 
07092014 Twenty-five hundred years ago, Naples or Neapolis ("new city") was a thriving Greek commercial center. Two centuries ago, it was the capital of its own kingdom — a "Paris of the south." Then, locals lament, after it joined the newly united Italy, its riches were swallowed up by the new country. As Naples' wealth was used to fund the industrial expansion in the north, it lost its status and glamour. Nevertheless, it remains southern Italy's leading city, offering a fascinating collection of museums, churches, and eclectic architecture. Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast I Rick Steves
07102014 The Baba is a derivation of a traditional German dessert: the Kugelhupf. It is believed that the variant has been introduced at the desire of Stanislas Leszczynski, King of Poland in the eighteenth century. The king, whose greed was legendary, finding Kugelhupf far too rustic and dry him soaked Rhum. The cake took color and flavor, and really liked the king, who called him Baba, as the king of The Thousand and One Nights, Ali Baba. Historically, the recipe was later exported from France by the chefs of the court, when they went to the service of the families of Naples. Here he became a huge success, so as to become the traditional dessert par excellence. The babà is baking a cake, which is typical of Neapolitan | Under Vesuvius 
07112014 We began our journey down the famed Thousand Steps of Positano and stopped for lunch at cliff side café. We munched on tomato and mozzarella sandwiches then continued till reaching sandy shores. With half the day past, we began our way back up the Thousand Steps; and by the way, there really are one thousand, we counted. 22, 345, 689, One Thousand steps | Rachel's Rambles 
07122014 The pasta arraganata from the Amalfi Coast perked my interest so much after I saw it in Casa Alice, a TV program I frequently watch. It was the first time I encountered a recipe using uncooked spaghetti and tomatoes together. As soon as I found some San Marzano tomatoes, I made this pasta immediately. San Marzano tomatoes are the best kind of tomatoes to be used for this dish. Pasta Arraganata (Baked Pasta With San Marzano Tomatoes) and the Amalfi Coast | Apron and Sneakers 
07132014 We planned a diner at Umberto in Chiaia where Genovese is a menu staple.Usually a menu staple that is. My desired dish had just been taken off the menu for the summer season. Instead I enjoyed the antipasta which was plates of polpette in tomato sauce, melanzane parmigiana and the lightest, crispiest fried zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta and anchovies. This historic restaurant is wonderful with colorful modern art and friendly accommodating service. Eating in Naples | Gillian's Lists
07142014 During my kitchen tour, I stopped several times at the appetizer station, where I met Kiama Joel, chef responsible for antipasti. He and his small team were putting together a serious array of summer vegetables that later would make it to my table. I watched as he put together one plate in particular with paper-thin cucumbers surrounded by a vanilla sauce... along with fresh basil mixed with ricotta. Next up, three little packages of summer, each wrapped in a red bell pepper. The packages included zucchini a scapece  (marinated zucchini), melanzane al funghetto ( eggplant with tomato sauce), and fresh green beans. To give the dish a little kick, horseradish ice cream and red beet chips. Summer in a Package - Don Alfonso 1890, Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, (Na) | Andiamotrips 
07152014 The eruption of Vesuvius destroyed some of the best vineyards. Growers replanted everywhere they could, at times even replacing fields sown for grain. Later on in 1647 - during the plague - Scipione di Marzo – who lived in San Paolo Bel Sito, had to leave his land in order to save his life. He took with himself some white grapevines and planted them in the new hometown named Tufo. The story behind “Il Greco di Tufo” | ORienTaL night&day 
07162014 There are few other places in the world like it. From the moment you first catch sight of the sea views from Amalfi Drive, you will have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not merely in a dream. Everything you’ve heard and everything you’ve seen in photographs and movies cannot do the in-person experience justice. Truly unforgettable. Positano Travel Tips | The Wellist
07172014 La dolce vita: The First Lady spent a romantic two-week vacation with Italian auto manufacturer Gianni Agnelli on the Amalfi coast. Four-year-old Caroline was with her mother and when the President got wind of the liaison, he was furious. Jackie Kennedy's secret lovers revealed in new book | Colorado Newsday 
07182014 We thought that the best way to celebrate the beauty, glamour and history of Capri was by reminiscing of all the great personages of the past who strolled on the island, gasped at its beauty, bathed in its crystalline waters and enjoyed a drink in the “piazzetta”. From Liz Taylor accompanied by Richard Burton, to Grace Kelly and Prince Ranieri, Sophia Loren and even Chaplin, we have some very special postcards of Capri. Glamorous postcards of the Capri Dolce Vita | Swide
07192014 “This whole business was against mass prestige,” explains Helen White in the intimate space of Cabana, her newly opened shop on Capri. Many items, from cutlery (bamboo-handled knives emblazoned with the store’s name) to beach bags, are sourced and designed by White and custom-made for the store. On Capri, a Chic New Shop Takes a Stand Against Sameness | T Magazine
07202014 I often get asked where i would get married if i was ever to do so (still waiting for that frog to turn into a prince if you know what i mean). The thing is, i think i would have to have more than one wedding... seriously... because not only would i not be able to pick just one dress, but i also could not live without having a ceremony on the Amalfi Coast in Italy... Positano to be exact! Positano Weddings - Belissimo !! I Chasing Rainbows Kissing Frogs
07212014 Atrani. 28 Towns In Italy You Won’t Believe Are Real Places I BuzzFeed
07222014 Whether you crave a boutique spa nestled in a Mediterranean garden or you require fresco-adorned meeting rooms with sea views, the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento offers all that and more, including a gourmet restaurant, private orange grove, guest list that has included Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren and an esteemed history dating back to 1834. Top 10 Hotels in Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento |
07232014 On the island, the dolomite cliffs hang directly over the blue water in many spots and there are breathtaking views of the coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean. Mr. de Blasio and his family chose to stay at Casa Mariantonia, a family-owned hotel in Anacapri, the more understated (the Brooklyn version) of the two major towns on the island. For de Blasio, Capri Is 'an Incredible Place' | The Wall Street Journal
07242014 You may remember my post from January of this year on the label that winemaker Paola Mustilli created especially for NYC Mayor De Blasio. In Paola’s words, “my dreams came true” when Hizzoner visited Sant’Agata de’ Goti yesterday and enjoyed a meal in the home of the town’s mayor, Carmine Valentino. What Mayor De Blasio ate & drank yesterday in Sant’Agata de’ Goti | Do Bianchi
07252014 Velia, ancient Elea, was happily known for flourishing business relationships salted fish and scented oils and for its good governance as well as being the seat of the Eleatic school of Parmenides and Zeno. Velia | Archeomedsites
07262014 Zucchine alla scapece is a traditional side in Naples. Both the oil and the vinegar come from nearby producers, highlighting the flavors of local vino and regional olives.  Ruled for centuries by the Spanish, Naple's food is also inflected with an Iberian accent.  The name of this dish, in fact, comes from the Spanish "escabeche" -- meaning cured in vinegar. Pickled Zucchine | Povera Cucina 
07272014 The fertile volcanic soil of Campania combines with a perfect climate to produce the best fruit and vegetables in Italy. Dishes like eggplant parmesan, stuffed peppers and pasta e fagioli have been around for hundreds of years. The Cuisine Of Italy – Naples | jovinacooksitalian
07282014 As a chef, he is eager to visit the town of Gragnano, which is world-famous for its pasta. Gino tours this unique place, where a combination of natural elements, sea breezes, hot sunshine and mountain water, have contributed to producing outstanding pasta. Gino can't resist a visit to one of the town’s historic pasta factories, where local ladies teach him the traditional skill of hand-rolling long fusilli. Episode 5: Gragnano | Gino's Italian Escape
07292014 The first thing I noticed is that the geography was decidedly that of a volcanic region. In this, it reminded me a lot of New Zealand. But where New Zealand still has a lot of rawness to it, this is an area which has been settled and worked for thousands of years. The first place we stopped was just the side of the road, not too far from the villa, in order to be able to look down into Lake Avernus (Averno in Italian). Italy, 2012: I’m going to Hell. | Communion Of Dreams
07302014 In Amalfi they have a lemon sorbet stall. This guy sets up in the morning, just opposite the harbour and stands there making fresh lemon sorbet. It was actually very good and we all got given a cup. I ate mine, Ginos' and Stu, the cameramans. Gino and the Amalfi Lemons | Figs & Lemons
07312014 I am staying at the Santa Caterina hotel, which, like Le Sirenuse, is family-owned and run. Built in 1880, it is cut into a cliff. Signora Ninni Gambardella, the present chatelaine, is like a mother-hen to her guests. Worried by my lack of a wedding ring, she takes me to see the honeymoon suite. This is actually a little round house of infinite fancy, set apart from the rest of the hotel. It has a charming round sitting room, a round bed and its own garden with an infinity pool. All I need now is a round man. Even the treadmills in the gym have views. Amalfi: This blessed plot | The Spectator

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JUNE 2014

Beach club
Capri: the sky, the sea and spaghetti con le vongole.
Europe’s first garden
The garden of the House of Venus at Pompeii is
one of the oldest surviving gardens in the world.

Naples' signature dish

Travelers to Naples can expect to see spaghetti alle vongole on restaurant menus.
062014 Digest

06012014 Famous sunbathers like Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Clark Gable have graced the beach at Fontelina, which has seen its share of owners and reconstruction since 1949. The original restaurant, a little wooden hut, continued to grow in size every time it was rebuilt after a violent storm. “Other than this, little has changed. Its ambience goes beyond that created by the sky, the sea and spaghetti con le vongole.” Beach Club La Fontelina | Travel Channel
06022014 In the foreground of this painting is the Church of San Gennaro, located in Praiano, Italy.  I believe it is the  most charming village on the Amalfi Coast.  In the background is the beautiful, storybook village of Positano.   I have seen sunsets here that literally turn the entire landscape an incredible golden hue. Together, these two sea side villages are: "The Heart of the Amalfi Coast". "Il Cuore della Costiera Amalfitana" | Tony Romano's Private Art Studio
06032014 Today’s special events will be again covered all over the city:  there are some very interesting places, where you can enjoy some of the most interesting ideas, creations, cooking and get to know and discover more about the city; this time the Wine and the city celebration will not be running just in the Centre but also at Corso Vittorio Emanuele. A special event will be covered at Sabina Albano’s store. Ain’t it Wine &the city, if it ain’t Napoli | ORienTaL night&day
06042014 Torrecuso a small village in the hills of Campania has produced wine from the grape Falanghina for centuries. The vintners didn’t know how special their region was until relatively recently. A 1980 earthquake and the government assistance that followed helped vintners modernize. The once-forgettable wine was suddenly awesome and developed a cult following. Rocca dei Sanniti 2012 Taburno Falanghina has characteristics of what I guess is kumquat, a common descriptor of falanghina but a fruit with which I have little experience. Rich with lemon and ripe apple notes and a pineapple finish, the wine is so rich and buttery, I thought it may have spent time in a barrel. But the producer says it is all-steel fermented. Italy's diverse whites | The Times-Tribune 
06052014 I say hooray for chef Bugica for building inimitable character into his salumi. Believe me, it’s rare. If you’re going to build “autenticita” (authenticity) into your Italian food, you need some great Italian wine to go with it. Diavola’s wine list includes eight whites and 18 reds, straight off the boat. The 2009 I Favati Irpinia Campi Taurasini “Cretarossa” — 100 percent Aglianico from Cesinali in Campania. Cox: Diavola spices up Geyserville I PD Towns 
06062014 The surprise is that a warm area in Italy’s south can produce whites of such poise and elegance. Generally the key is the cooler temperatures that altitude brings. Here in the hills to the north-east of Naples Falanghina makes zippy, fragrant whites that are ideal to fill the apéritif slot. Wine tasting notes: Italian whites from Campania | The Telegraph 
06072014 Janare – a local word for a friendly witch, and a nod to the region’s famous history of alleged witchcraft – is a range produced and bottled by the co-op itself. It focusses on native grape varieties ideally suited to the region’s volcanic soils, such as falanghina (in fact, the co-op cultivates the vast majority of the world’s falanghina vines), fiano, greco and aglianico. La Guardiense Co-Op (Janare) | The Wine Society
06082014 Mustilli is one of the oldest wineries in the Sannio area that produces wine from indigenous grapes. It is located in the Sant’ Agata del Goti subregion (Goti is Italian for Goth, in this case not necessarily true Goths but really barbarians, a huge influence here after Roman Empire dissolved). Mustilli magicPaola’s and Anna Chiara’s father was singlehandedly responsible for reintroducing Falanghina into the region, and the non-vintage Mustilli Sparkling Falanghina Brut showered me with aromas of pear and peach while dealing loads of lime leaf and ash on a lengthy finish. The Mustilli Fiano Sannio DOC was all about pears at first, both green and yellow. Eventually apricot jam and flint rounded out the impressively long finish. Wine On The Road in Campania Italy Part I | Weinberg’s Wine Notes
06092014 Highly prized, expensive anywhere, but Italy these delicious “red diamonds” deliver the goods. Italy’s Masterpiece – The San Marzano Tomato | How to Tour Italy 
06102014 One of the typical products for excellence made in various parts of Southern Italy, the buffalo mozzarella is a dairy product made exclusively with whole fresh buffalo milk of Italian Mediterranean race, in which animals are raised in accordance with local customs in the semi-free housing open pasture, from a cow originally from Asia. Caserta - Buffalo Mozzarella (Campania, Italy) | Globe Holidays
06112014 Campania is celebrated for the excellence of its tomatoes, the freshness of its fish and seafood,buffalo mozzarella cheese, its lemons, and the limoncello of Sorrento. Because so many Neapolitans emigrated in the last century, it is the best known Italian cuisine outside of Italy. The Cuisine of Naples and Campania | Anna Maria Volpi 
06122014 Flour is the main ingredient in pizza dough, and the type you use can have a big effect on the end result. All-purpose flour will work fine, but if you want a chewier crumb and a better hole structure, you should consider buying yourself some high protein bread flour. I use either King Arthur-brand bread flour, or imported Antimo Caputo bread or pizza flour (which is ground more finely than its American flour counterparts). The Food Lab: 11 Essential Tips for Better Pizza | Serious Eats
06132014  The conference organizers were wise enough to give us blocks of time during the day to explore the hilly, wind-y streets, shops and restaurants of Positano. Le Sirenuse, the magnificent five star hotel, is opened up only to this conference every year in early spring, thanks to the owners and gracious hosts, Carla and Antonio Sersale, because of their strong interests in the arts. Guest Blogger Alison Strack on Attending The Sirenland Writers Conference, in Positano, Italy | Lisa Romeo Writes
06142014 Spaghetti with Clams and Toasted Bread Crumbs takes its inspiration from two dishes - spaghetti alla vongole, a dish of string pasta with clams popular in Naples, Rome, wider Campania and farther north along the Italian coastline; and pasta con il pangrattato, pasta with breadcrumbs, a very basic dish of la cucina povera, the cooking of the poor.  At its most elemental the latter contains no more than pasta, breadcrumbs, oil, salt and a bit of garlic. Spaghetti with Clams and Toasted Breadcrumbs | The Garum Factory
06152014 Sorrento With Rossella Culinary Tour - Join Rossella, of Cooking with Nonna, for a week in a Mediterranean villa on the hills above Sorrento, starting August 30. Tour includes cooking lessons and pizza making at the villa, tours of Pompeii and Amalfi Coast towns, dining in authentic local restaurants, and visits to food markets, an artisan pasta factory, and wineries. 5 Italy Foodie Tours in 2014 | Italy Travel
06162014  They have a saying in Sorrento – ‘visit as a tourist and return as a friend!’ And after 10 days exploring this captivating town and the picturesque surrounding area I can understand why. We spoke to many local people during our stay and there’s a real warmth about this part of the world. Italian dream is just the job | Winsford Guardian 
06172014 While in the Amalfi Coast, how does a boat charter sound? As astounding as this stretch of coastline in Southern Italy is, it’s 100% better from the sea. A private boat totally at your disposal would only be half as fun if you had to waste time trying to figure out where you are going. With a local skipper and guide, you will have the inside scoop about private swimming coves and hidden grottoes that aren’t written in guidebooks. How a Guided Service will Enhance your Vacation | Select Italy
06182014 Every room is a mélange of crisp whites and Mediterranean blues and sun-washed colours, flashes of ’60s-retro, canopied beds, monogrammed cushions, masses of fresh flowers and a curated art collection. At JKitchen, seafood stars on the menu, but it’s breakfast on the panoramic terrace that you must not miss. 20. J.K. Place, Capri, Italy | International Traveller
06192014 La Canzone del Mare has two sea water swimming pools, a white pebbled private beach and jetties. The terraces are prepared with the standard amenities including pergolas for those wanting to take in the glorious Capri sun. The restaurant serves fresh, seasonal Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. But if you're too occupied with relaxing - ordering light snacks, salads, fruits and fresh drinks (amongst many other things) is possible with The American Bar. The Beach Clubs of Capri | A Magazine
06202014 Costiera Amalfitana, as it's known in Italy, has been an "it" destination since Emperors Caligula and Augustus built vacation villas there 2,000 years ago. The magnificent scenery has more recently lured everyone from Liz Taylor to Mark Zuckerberg, and it remains a road-trip dream for many. Road-Trip on Italy's Amalfi Coast | The Wall Street Journal
06212014 Villa Cimbrone is one of Ravello’s top sights.  The gardens and views over the sea are not to be missed.  However, if you are a little bit afraid of heights, don’t look down!  In the gardens you don’t realize how high up you are, but the terraced hillside below will make you dizzy if you stare down at it.  I love the way that Italians have utilized their unique seascapes to create these picturesque views. View from Villa Cimbrone (Ravello, Italy) | Travel Tales and Tips
06222014 Once we finally descend all the way to the beach we find the gelato shop to top all gelato shops. Yes, really. I have found paradise on earth. I have never read or heard of food being described in any way that could compare to the taste that it imparted, so I don’t think I will try here. Just know that the very freshest of fruit was used to create the gelato, which was given in most generous portions. Mine was peach, and I maintain that it was the best. Although each member of the family feels similarly of their own flavour. Amalfi Coast and the Positano Peach Gelato |  Adventures of a Travelin' Family
06232014 Villa Angelina sits on one of Sorrento’s most amazing cape heads. The ancient, private residence, covers more than 50 hectares of land and enjoys one of the most amazing views on the entire Sorrento Coast. The delightful panorama includes Vesuvius, Ischia and Capri & miles and miles of endless blue Mediterranean Sea. In Primo Piano | Joanne Dunn Photographers
06242014 Until a few decades ago, it was customary for many Neapolitans, to go at night near the cemetery gates and wait for the shadows, some souls dispatched from the skull of “Don Francesco“, a Spanish Kabbalist, to reveal the numbers to play the lotto. Don Francesco de Leo | clik & clak
06252014 We went for a glass of wine at “Perditempo”, a place full of books, vinyls and cds, then we met our friends for dinner at “L’etto”, a place where you pay 2,5€ for every hectogram of food you eat. If you ever wondered if is it possible to miss a food orgasm in Naples, the answer is yes, as easy as trying l’Etto’s buffet! Naples in 1 day: the perfect jaunt! |
06262014 Many special wineries produce Taurasi and we will visit several, including world-famous Contadina and Monte Faliese. Saturday we spend in and around the town of Avellino, not far from the Taurasi vineyards. Here we tour and taste at the best, most famous wineries in all of Campania: Terredora di Paolo, Feudi di San Gregorio, and in particular Mastroberardino, which also owns the Radici Resort. Last Chance to Tour Campania, Italy, with Wine On The Road | Wine On The Road
06272014 San Marzano tomatoes are regarded by culinary enthusiasts and chefs alike as the best in the world. They prosper in warm climates, such as Campania because they come from an indeterminate vine. These unique plum tomatoes are truly a gastronomic staple in Campania. So much so that the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana has actually mandated that a pizza can only be considered a true Neapolitan pizza when San Marzano tomatoes are used. Bring Campania to Your Kitchen Table | Select Italy
06282014 Bike Tour Napoli offers both an urban route along the city's UNESCO-protected ancient center and a countryside tour, with organic food tasting included. The tours wind through tiny medieval alleys and past baroque churches, around volcanic lakes of the Pozzuoli area, the Vesuvius volcano and the breathtaking Amalfi coast. The most popular route is a ride past art nouveau villas, parks and up Posillipo hill for a view of Naples and its bay. Naples, green and clean, now bike-friendly | Associated Press 
06292014 Realized in 1819 on the hill Miradois, in the zone of Capodimonte, the construction of the observatorium. From the balcony is possible to admire besides a spectacular panorama of the city. This splendid position increases the charm of the building. Museum of the Astronomical Observatory - Naples | Tredy
06302014 Today the Fincantieri shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia (Naples) saw the launching of the “F.-A.-Gauthier”, the latest generation ferry that Fincantieri is building for Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ), a Québec Government Corporation that operates in maritime passenger transport. High-tech ferry launched by Fincantieri | The MediTelegraph

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MAY 2014

Memento of Capri
Villa Lysis Fersen and the Island of Capri into a natural stage for a return to happy times.

Culinary opportunities in the Bay of Naples, the city has one of the best food cultures in Italy.

The Dream of the Greek
Ravello, Amalfi Coast, May 2012. Dreams are made of stone
jambs, wood, steam, stars, water.

052014 DIGEST

05012014 The video is set entirely in Capri and is accompanied by a song by Peppino di Capri. It was shot in the dead of winter. It rained continuously for a full week before and a full week after the three days of shooting. It started back up the night we finished shooting. During this miraculous period, we enjoyed a warm, almost summery light, which was perfect for our story. Pomellato icon movies |
05022014 Memories, nostalgia, the colour of the sea and of the Mediterranean sky. "Capri" by Filippo Silvestris and Pierluigi Ferrandini for Pomellato. |
05032014 Between the island’s two towns, Anacapri is 30 per cent cheaper than Capri. The latter, situated on a ridge between Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, is the bustling centre of the island. Anacapri, on the western part of the island, is only a 10-minute drive away but feels like another world. Less glamorous and greener, it could be any small Italian town if it didn’t have the beautiful sea views, lemon groves and bright white houses with colourful majolica tiles that are so characteristic of Capri. Rugged exclusivity | Financial Times
05042014 From Ravello, whose exotic formal gardens, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, seem to float ethereally between sea and sky, your route takes you first to Positano's chic pastel houses and enticing volcanic sand beach. It's then on to Marina del Cantone, and hidden shingle coves few foreign visitors ever find. Finally you reach cliff top Sorrento. With balcony views over Vesuvius, it's a great base to visit Pompeii or Herculaneum by train, or Capri by boat. Amalfi to Sorrento Walk | Headwater Holidays
05052014 Last year's Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition at the British Museum caught the pathos perfectly. The structure of the show – a Roman house, with items shown in the rooms they belonged in – reminded us of the domestic scale of the drama. And that is the terrible but compelling draw of Pompeii: it was one of the Museum's most successful exhibitions, visited by almost half a million people. The survival of so many everyday objects lures us into thinking that the citizens of Pompeii were just like us (which, in some ways, they were). Up, up Pompeii! | The Independent 
05062014 This tiny island off of the Amalfi Coast is a jet-set favorite for its luxurious resorts, boutiques, flower-lined paths, and cliff-top restaurants serving two of its famous creations - Caprese salad and Limoncello liqueur. One caveat: beaches here are rocky, meaning you’ll have to brave pebbles to go for a swim. One of the most scenic spots is down a few hundred stairs next to Da Luigi at the base of Il Faraglioni rocks. World's Best Islands | Travel + Leisure
05072014 The old town, rising up the slopes of the hill on the site of the ancient Salernum, still preserves many memories of its great days during the medieval period. It had the oldest medical school in Europe, which flourished from the 11th century until it was closed down by Murat, Napoleon's brother- in-law, in 1812. Along the seafront to the east of the harbor, now used only by local shipping (trips to Capri, Amalfi and Positano), extends the Lungomare Trieste, a fine promenade lined by imposing modern buildings and affording extensive views. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Salerno | PlanetWare
05082014 What more can one ask from life after tasting one of the local DOP Bufalo mozzarellas in the shadow of the imposing Greek temples of Paestum? Pearly white colour, smooth and shinny texture, thin rind and an incomparable taste are the final result of the local mozzarella cheese producers of the Piana di Sele. It is possible to visit one of these small diaries which also propose a selection of tasty ricotta cheese, smoked provola cheese and yogurts. Cilento Gastronomy | Italia Lifestyle
05092014  A  "strange" occupation  - that has been disappearing and that was typical in the city of Naples – is l’acquafrescaio. I can not translate this name because maybe  there is not the corresponding profession in the world. I had seen the acquafrescaio in Naples during one of my many trips in this beautiful city - that I love.  Acquafrescaio, the traditional job in Naples | All4Italy
05102014 Winemakers in Campania uniformly claim that Fiano is the greater of the two grapes, but I don't see it that way. While I appreciate Fiano's distinctiveness, I think Greco is the better wine to drink. The Greatest White Wines of Campania | CHOW
05112014 Campania's producers share a palpable pride in their land and its products. Ilaria Petitto, owner in Donnachiara in Montefalcione, speaks in glowing terms about Irpinia (the historical name given to the province of Avellino), where her vineyards and vinery are located. Campania's Great Whites | Decanter
05122014 With his 30th birthday fast-approaching, Jamie Oliver returns to an area of Italy that he knows and loves. However, this time he decides to go to Minori, where his 'Italian father', Gennaro Contaldo, was born and raised. Following in Gennaro's footsteps Jamie goes mussel-fishing and cooks for Gennaro's father, who was Gennaro’s first inspiration in the kitchen. Amalfi Coast |
05132014 Gennaro Contaldo, chef at Passione in London and mentor to Jamie Oliver, takes us on a tour of his home town of Minori and its neighbours along the rugged and ravishing Amalfi Coast. The moment I hit the madly winding Amalfi corniche – ‘the road of a thousand bends’ – and catch my first glimpse of the plunging cliffs and glittering sea, I feel a crazy thrill of excitement. It also has a reputation for great food. When I’m here, I eat more slowly, savouring the vivid taste of San Marzano tomatoes just off the vine or the enormous and intensely aromatic sfusato di Amalfi lemons. The Amalfi Coast, Italy | delicious. magazine
05142014 I felt sick when I watched A Good Woman – not because the story or acting was so good, but because it was set in Amalfi. Pictures of Amalfi do that to me. I feel literally sick, my stomach ties up to a hard knot and I feel homesick to an extent that I cannot describe. Postcard from Heaven | dove mi porta il cuore
05152014 You can drive part of the way up Vesuvius, but the only way to the top is on foot. Our coach drops us near the entrance and we queue to get in and past the souvenir stand. Just inside the entrance two enterprising young men offer us sticks to help with the climb ‘for a donation’. I decline their offer as I don’t think I need a stick, but later regret it. It’s a cool, sunny April day and we’ve been told that it can get quite cold at the summit but I end up peeling off my jacket as I walk. The eldest, having refused my request to bring a coat, flashes me an ‘I told you so’ look. It’s a steep, dusty climb to the top, but worth it to actually see into the volcano’s crater and for the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and across the Bay of Naples. Climbing Mount Vesuvius | Mums do travel 
05162014 One afternoon, we walked part of the "walk of the gods" track. It starts in the mountains high above Positano and winds its way along the cliffs 750m above the sea. That's the reason for its name and because of its spectacular scenery. Chapter 7 - The Amalfi Coast | The Wandering Wicks of Oz
05172014 Positano is home to just short of 4,000 souls, although in summer thousands more pile in daily from Sorrento, Capri, Ischia and Naples. But in spite of the crowds, Positano remains utterly beguiling. You don't come to Positano to see the sights; there aren't any to speak of. You come to drink in the matchless views along with your Campari, to shop for flowing linen and handmade sandals, or simply to watch the passing parade of tanned women in gold sandals and immaculately groomed men in pastel shades, cashmere sweaters draped over their shoulders. Hidden depths of Amalfi | Conde Nast Traveller 
05182014 Sorrento, 25km from central Naples, is a charming small town with a gorge running through the centre and streets lined with tiny cafés, shaded gardens and hidden cloisters. It’s been home to luminaries such as Maxim Gorky, Ibsen and Wagner over the centuries and makes a great base for delving into Naples and nearby Pompeii and Vesuvius – the only active volcano in mainland Europe. Living la dolce vita in Naples | Daily Express
05192014 Where: Amalfi Coast It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Positano is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This small town on the Amalfi Coast awes visitors with its pastel-colored houses perched on the mountains that rise above the sea. Positano has lived many lives—as part of Amalfi’s maritime republic during the Middle Ages, a major trade route during the Renaissance, a forgotten fishing village, and finally, an idyllic beach town experiencing a modern-day renaissance. 20 Gorgeous Seaside Towns In Italy | HuffPost Travel
05202014 It cannot be denied that to this day a lot of tourists find Praiano a rewarding destination with its crystal clear waters and the fantastic vistas of the sea. The setting is still easygoing, unhurried and relaxing; a great place for holidaymakers who want a break from the stressful pace of the city and of many of the better known resort locations along the Amalfi Coast. Praiano is a place that nature lovers can easily appreciate. Praiano – Heart of the Amalfi Coast | Online Travel Consultant
05212014 Positano, on the Amalfi coast, offers beaches and small village life you won't find in crowded Rome, Florence and Venice. Avoiding The Beaten Path In Italy |
05222014 Hotel San Pietro was established in 1970 by Carlo Cinque. Since that time it became a place for such stars as Barbara Streisand, Sting and Julia Roberts; Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. One more travel destination - Hotel San Pietro di Positano, Amalfi coast | Italian Style in Kuwait
05232014 Mostly black-and-white, some of the images were shot outside on the coast of Capri, while others are more formal, posed in a studio setting. The most charming are of Veruschka in Italy: on a cobbled street, in a field or with a rabbit on a farmyard. Put together, they're an insight into a decade in flux – one moving from the mannered graphic mood to something that represented a burgeoning youth quake. From Vera to Veruschka: the unseen photographs of Johnny Moncada – in pictures | The Guardian 
05242014 Arriving by car from Positano, Santa Caterina appears to be little more than a gleaming white façade at a curve in the road to Amalfi. From the Amalfi side, it looks more like a hotel. A lovely hotel, to be sure, but not nearly as majestic as it is in reality. Hotel Santa Caterina: Amalfi, Italy’s cliffside gem – Kim Kardashian’s first honeymoon choice | Communities Digital News
05252014 Villa Maria's six rooms are charming, with their shabby-chic decor and French doors, although we spend most of our time on the terrace, captivated by the coast below. "Everyone thought I was mad when I started the agriturismo. They said all the hotels and restaurants needed to be by the beach," says Manzo. "Now, people want to stay somewhere quieter and they want to come here to taste real local food." Keeping it sweet | South China Morning Post 
05262014 5 years ago he was in Ravello for the album " La Passione" and he came shortly to visit Mamma Agata ...this year after the filming he rushed to Mamma Agata with his wife Sarah and they spend the Whole day with Gennaro, Chiara and Mamma Agata and at the end of the class he sang and everybody had tears in the eyes !!! The famous singer Alfie Boe after filming in Positano his new album " La Serenata" goes back to Mamma Agata | News-Positano 
05272014 Relais Blu is a Boutique Hotel and Restaurant that won’t disappoint you in terms of uniqueness. Salvatore Acampora, patron of the Relais Blu, is a renowned expert in Campania cusine, has created a restaurant where Mediterranean specialities prepared with the latest techniques tempt any palate. Relais Blu, Amalfi Coast – Best restaurants with a view in Italy | Swide
05282014 Incredible chapels - some dating back to several centuries ago - can be found hidden amongst isolated villages on top of the mountains of the ‘Parco Nazionale del Cilento’. Most churches and chapels had been bricked up, waiting in vein for reconstruction. buona fortuna documents italian chapels abandoned after the irpinia earthquake | designboom
05292014 The trip begins with an early dinner - the first of two - at the brightly colored and lit Pizzeria Elite in Alvignano Caserta, two hours southeast of Rome and set amid the buffalo farms that produce the Campania region's mozzarella di bufala. Our pies immediately show off the signature smart sourcing of the New Old School. The lighter Donna Rita comes topped with pomodorini del Piennolo (a grape-shaped tomato that grows in the hills of Mount Vesuvius), escarole, anchovies, capers and black olives, plus a dusting of fresh Provolone and, surprisingly, bread crumbs. Foodie pilgrimage: 48 hours and 20 pies in and around Naples, the birthplace of pizza | Houston Chronicle
05302014 I am shamelessly obsessed with Naples and, though I have been based in Rome since 2003, I have spent a great deal of time there exploring, writing guide books and filming several episodes of “Cities of the Underworld”. I am completely in love with the place and it saddens me that lots of visitors to Italy skip Naples on their way to the Amalfi Coast, squandering precious culinary and cultural opportunities in the process. Naples has one of the best food cultures in the country and its specialties scratch nearly every imaginable gastronomic itch. My Naples | Parla Food
05312014 Staying in the ancient Spaccanapoli district, Coyne said she mingled with residents and photographed the street life. “There’s so much life on the street and it’s really old-world,” she said. “It gave me the opportunity to encounter people and talk with them, get their photos and get a feel for the inner city.” Streets of Naples through the lens of a Brooklyn-born photojournalist | NYDaily News